Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Washington State HB 1614 on this Earth Day.

On this earth day, we hope someone out there is not opposing the clean water act. It is essential that we have in place an act that is helpful enough to save our waters. There is no other time as important as today, the earth day, to discuss the benefits of having in place an instrument that shows the political and human will to change the cause of action on our waterways, air and the environment. HB 1614 is an instrument of hope for many. It helps set aside a support fund, call it taxes or clean up fund that helps us curb further pollution of our water ways. We cannot continue to have massive fish kills and billions of water contamination around the Puget Sound. We need to herald our efforts to bring a new day, where we can all say we did our best to make sure that we cleaned our waters of chemical compound, independent carcinogens that affect human and animal life. The organic pollutants made from oil and petroleum industries by-products, deodorants, household products, synthetics, herbicides and other compounds that pollute our waters, is making our environment sick. We cannot continue to expose ourselves to slow risks of water contamination, industrial pollution and waterways degradation. We deserve to live our lives healthily, showing some responsibilities for a sustainable environment.

Our failures to curb the excessive level of PCB contamination of our waterways in the past has continued to lead to the gradual destruction of a gorgeous natural playground, a treasure house of fish and wildlife, that we may not regain, if we don’t stay engaged. HB 1614 is the first step in staying engaged. We need to help the Puget Sound breath better so that fishes and whales in our waters can be safe from industrial pollution. Making those who contribute to the deplorable state of our waterways pay for its clean up is a responsible thing to do on this earth day. We can’t continue to live in denial, failing to appreciate that our Stormwater runoff pollution is impacting the marine habitat. The bottom of the Duwamish River is excessively contaminated by industrial pollution. We need to support a bill that will help us move forward in correcting our negligence. We need to support the clean water bill in Washington State. We can’t have an end to the greatest most fascinating, most vulnerable Orcas whales, Seals and King Salmons in the Puget Sound.
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