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Tentative Exit of Republican Aspirant Gov. John Kasich: Are Donald Trump’s Polls leadership over?

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Ohio’s Governor John Kasich's brief bid for 2016 White House appears to have abruptly come to an end. While it lasted, the governor caught  a glimpse of attention from about three percent of Republican voters, rendering his enthusiasm for the race and Office of US Presidency a second time around, remarkably dampened and hopelessly perplexing. This unfortunate experience probably drove the governor to release what is now considered in some quarters, an implosio…

Republican Party’s Poll leadership after the fourth Party Primary Debate

Keywords or Terms: Ben Carson; Donald Trump; Jeb Bush; Marco Rubio; Republican party Flag Bearer; Minority Groups; Religion; Race; Immigration; International Terrorism; Florida Politics; Floridian Republicans; Ultra-conservative; Ultra-Nationalistic; American Party; and, American Independent Party

Contrary to establishment Republican Party expectations, and probably a generality of predictions by presidential campaign polls watchers, Mr. Donald Trump’s precipitous rise during the summer months and polls’ leadership during the fall months have not abruptly ended. Republicans, as well as presidential campaign polls watchers, are becoming accustomed to Mr. Trump’s campaign shenanigans and are living with an uncomfortable reality that it is very unlikely the real estate mogul is going to suffer a meltdown that may scuttle his chances of being the Republican Party flag bearer come next year. A few pollsters, who predicted Mr. Trump is unlikely to escape the wrought or criticisms of the disa…