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Primaries and Caucuses' Victories in Iowa, Nevada and South Carolina: are these indicators of a female or political outsider US Presidency?

Keywords or Terms: Hillary Clinton; Bernie Sanders; Donald Trump; Runaway Victories; American National Politics; Iowa, Nevada and South Carolina; Republican Party Spectrum; US Congressional Power-brokers; Political Acumen; Political pressure Groups; Political vs Non-Political experience; Politico-economic-socio variables; Conventional forces in Europe and Asia; Ready on the first day
The campaign strategy of Hillary Rodham Clinton must have changed several times since the onset of the 2016 primaries and caucuses. But it has also had some consistency when it comes to victories and accumulation of delegates after the close call at the Iowa caucuses, driven by three major factors: reflective and resonating campaign messaging that minority groups can identify with, especially in the States of Nevada and South Carolina; the redirection of campaign messaging that a growing number millennial can consider as speaking to their concerns and welfare, a group suspected as having been cornered by h…

Bernie Versus Hillary at the Sixth Democratic Party Debate: When the gloves came-off at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee?

Keywords or Terms: South Carolina and Nevada Primaries; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukie; Bernie Sanders; Hillary Clinton; Foreign Policy; Madeleine Albright; US Criminal Justice System; Campaign Contributions With the race for Democratic Party nomination tied up, Hillary Clinton winning the Iowa caucuses and Bernie Sanders winning the New Hampshire Primary, there were firecrackers on Thursday night at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukie. Facing off each other as if both of their lives depended on it, Hillary Clinton would not back down as she reminded viewers of the clear differences between her campaign for the White House and that of Bernie Sanders’. The upcoming South Carolina and Nevada primaries were not to be taken lying down; and, the former US Secretary of State wanted Democrats to know that her landslide loss in New Hampshire was just a bump in the road. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, in his usual straight talk and close to being a fact machine, spewed so many information…

First National Primary Results: is establishment politics in trouble in America in 2016 race for the White House?

Keywords or Terms: Bernie Sander; Donald Trump; Hillary Clinton; John Kasich; Conventional Establishment Politics; Socials; Reality Show host; New Hampshire Primary; Ideological Infused Vision; Tea party; President Barack Obama; President Ronald Reagan; K-Street Lobby; Wall Street bankers and Financiers; US Congress.
If Hillary Clinton won a complicated process of caucuses with a rather slim margin in Iowa, the victory for Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire gave a sense of a new urgency for establishment politics. Preliminary results on the Democratic side show Bernie Sanders upsetting Hillary Clinton with a sixty to thirty-nine percent margin with ninety-five percentage precincts’ reporting. The question of: ‘who-can-do-the-job-that-needs-to-be-done-in- America-Come-January- 2017’ as touted by the former US Secretary of State, either fell on deaf ears, remains mute, or appears not to be catching much fire. The close to landslide victory for Bernie Sanders, was accentuated with an allegat…

Four days to New Hampshire Presidential derby: What Republican Candidates promised America on their eighth GOP debate?

Keywords or Terms: ABC NEWS; Eighth 2016 Republican Presidential Debate; White House; Waterboarding; Muslims; Christians; International Treaties;  Guantanamo Base, Cuba; Marco Rubio; Ted Cruz; Donald Trumps; America’s Enemies; North Korea; United Nations; Affordable Care Act  If you missed ABC News televised eighth GOP presidential candidates’ debate on Saturday relax, nothing much has changed in their usual rhetoric.  Excellent examples of violation of international laws and decorum spiced up many of the presidential candidates’ claims; with good old Donald Trump alleging so much has been done to Christians that he is ready to do more than waterboarding people, to correct for disenfranchisement. For all the allegations against the last Republican Administration in the White House, none was so significant or reminiscent of a need for change in the way America handles her enemies, as the one now being proposed. Left to the Republican front runner, real estate mogul Donald Trump, relatio…

One weekend before the New Hampshire Primary: what the Iowa Caucuses Result Can Teach us about political campaigns and messaging?

Keywords or terms: Iowa caucus; New Hampshire primary; Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders; Ted Cruz; Donald Trump; Marco Rubio’ Republican Party; Democratic Party; Quinnipiac University; Box of Chocolate; Forest Gump; and 2016 White House Race If you were listening to Public Radio and Cable News Network announcements of the result of the first 2016 Iowa Caucuses, it is more than likely that you felt a sense of dismay regarding what polls’ predictions had been and what the actual results of candidates’ performance and nomination process were revealing. Since the beginning of   2016 White House campaign, Americans had been exposed to a lot of polls' predictions that were either over-zealously over-inflated or under-inflated depending on your choice of preference among slate of political party candidates, Republican or Democrats, seeking to occupy the White house oval office come January, 2017. Some polls’ predictions had distorted the level of support for particular aspirants, while othe…