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US Court of Appeals of the Sixth District: PPACA is constitutionally legit!

Keywords or Terms: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA); US Court of Appeal; Constitutionality of law; Florida Attorney General; National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), Standard of non-severability; rationality Principle

You may wonder, like many Republicans, if the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is Constitutional. Or perhaps you already wonder if the intrusive nature of some of the provisions in the law make it unconstitutional or undermine the constitutionality of the whole law. Either way, the US Court of Appeals in the sixth district, has resoundingly answered those questions or reservations. Yesterday, the Cincinnati-based court of appeal, chaired by one of the most respected conservative republican judges and one known for ultra respect and preservation of state’s rights, handed down a ruling in support of the constitutionality of the law. Jeffery Sutton, an appointee of President George W. Bush, who once persuaded the Supreme Cou…

Struggling against Violent Extremism: A word or two on Google’s sponsored conference in Ireland?

Keywords or terms: Violent extremism; Information Dissemination; Cradle of Violence; Europe; North America; Middle East; Africa; Russia; Civil and Political Rights; Al'Quran; Jihad-ism; Social-political-religious issues; Terrorism; Civility; Intense Passion; and Dastardly Acts

The idea of a global conference on violent extremism is, on one level, an admission by Google’s idea that violent extremism is probably an issue that must be considered by Google’s audience and or customers. Yet, it is also an aberration of Google’s position as a global leader in information sharing or dissemination. How about the responsibility of sharing thoughts that are civil rather than radical; or, those that provide permanent solutions to many past dastardly acts of many extremist groups across the globe?

Google’s idea’s initiative to sponsor a conference, where past and present terrorist groups share banter and discuss their past and probably current conquests, of innocent governments and peoples, m…

PPACA: A thumps up democratic vote for the health insurance mandate from the American Medical Association?

Keywords or Terms: American Medical Association (AMA); Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA); Health Insurance; Health Care System; Guaranteed Reimbursement; Questions and Answers on PPACA; ERISA; Republicans; Comparative Effectiveness; Democrats; President Barack Obama

With all the shaky criticisms and innuendos from the right leaning public, the American Medical Association (AMA), debated and took a vote on the mandate provision of the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), defaulting on the side of momentous history. Not being one to splurge in his own conviction, I took a look at the democratic voting results of the membership of the AMA, and came out with the result or conclusion: two-thirds of our doctors believe that the mandatory provisions of the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Law of 2010 was good, not only for the practice of medicine but also, for the opportunity it affords health care consumers. Doctors and patients for the first time…

When two Mormons seek the highest Political Office in the United States?

Keywords or Terms: Mormons; Mitt Romney; John Huntsman; GOP Nomination; Religious bigotry; Polygamy; Theological Commitments; Unemployed; Mockery; Ambition and Dreams

In an expose on the nation’s religion, Newsweek wrote the following words in an excerpt on Mormons Taking the Stage:

Taken to the extreme, the peculiarities of Mormon history and belief can lead to the anti-government conspiracy theorizing of Glen Beck and the John Birch Society, which enjoyed support in Mormon circles during the 1950s and ‘60s. But the same constellation of views can lead toward consensus-building moderation. Think of Mitt Romney’s stint as governor of liberal Massachusetts, when he championed health-care reform. John Huntsman showed similar instincts when he accepted President Obama’s nomination to serve as U.S. Ambassador to China. In the words of Kirk Jowers, director of the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics and a practicing Mormon, Romney and Huntsman are typical of what happens whe…

Electronic Technology and our Democracy: When Congressmen misbehave in the public eye and attempt to hold on to their offices?

Keywords or Terms: Underhanded behavior; Electron Communication; Congressman Weiner (D-NY); Cyber-relationship; Infidelity; MSNBC-ED Show; Web-of-lies; Selfish and Self-absorption; Culture of Deceit

In my doctoral dissertation, a quarter century ago, I recognized the potential of electronic technology in affording the user to communicate in numerous ways to ubiquitous places. At that time, my attention was focused on the potential that the technology had, in allowing farmers communicate, including moving files and data over satellite and video-conference lines. What I missed or hardly could imagine was that an astute liberal leaning politician would someday use this technology to transfer half naked or full picture of himself to places and people he has never met; or, familiarized himself with their character.

In the past months or years, Congressman Weiner, Democrat from New York, did what was unimagined and probably considered lewd and unacceptable behavior, by sending picture of h…

Health Data and Outpatient Care Forum: What about having your medical records on doctor’s blackberry or Smart phones?

Keywords or Terms: Health Data; Tools and applications; Medical Records Mobility; U.S. Department of Health; WebMD; Visualization Science Group; BMJ Group; Definiens Tissue Studio; IN/US Systems; Genedata; ICD group; Pharmacology and Biotechnology; Pathology image analysis; Patient’s Care

A second historic forum on health data is scheduled for June 9th, 2011, where it is expected that over five hundred participants are going to showcase how tools and applications can be created to help Americans make informed decisions as health consumers and patients. The issue of access to health data in the delivery of health services in the past has been a challenge. Many physicians and patients have complained about the absence of portability and transparency in health data sharing and an interoperable nationwide electronic health system that support responsive health care decisions. Access to patient’s medical record has been restrained to many physicians’ desktop or physical record, making mobi…

Rethinking the debate on Abortion: What if life begins at fertilization?

Keywords or Terms: Anti-Abortion; Pro-Abortion; Embryo; Sperm; Ovum; Zygote; Fetus; Beginning of life; Women's Health; Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; Emotions, Religious Preferences; Violence; Compromise; Sacrilegious; The Unending Debate

Pro-abortion and Anti-abortion groups need to be careful in their definition of when life begins. The pro-abortion groups have taken the position that a zygote can not be a child, but a one-cell fusion of a sperm and ovum; while the anti-abortion groups feel so contrary. To the anti-abortion group, life begins at the union of male and female gametes. The pro-abortion group appears to be saying a zygote can hardly vote, inherit a bequest from a will or sit in a womb and be considered a person in a higher occupancy vehicle; therefore, there is hardly any news that the first stage of the development of an embryo is legally denied equality to a human being. The courts have been plain and direct in their definition of life; however, the a…