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Romney Out, Lindsey Graham in, bringing back the Republican Hawks into the Mix

Keywords or Terms: Mitt Romney; Senator Lindsey Olin Graham, Military Hawk; Military Industrial Complex; South Carolina; Los Angeles Times; CNN; Senate Judiciary Committee; Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act; Immigration Reform; Militarization of America’s foreign policy;Security through Strength; ISIS, Al Qaida in Arabia and Boko Haram; and, White House’s action
Early spring of 2015 is getting unusually hot among Republican Presidential hopefuls – not counting the dropping out of Mitt Romney from spade of candidates gunning for 2016 Party Nomination – the Republican Party is experiencing some schism due to infighting for campaign strategists, fund raisers, bundlers and message brokers. Republican aspirants have been jostling to recruit competent persons into their campaign teams; and the few with prior experience with the exercise are scarce, pretty scarce. Though unconfirmed, there was speculation that Romney’s Iowa political strategist for the 2012 exercise was hired away by J…

Of Marco Rubio and the Republican Party: Coping with the minority gap in Reagan’s Party?

Keywords or Terms: Reaganomics Sympathizers; Luxury Yachts and Homes; Minorities; Earned Income Credits; Cuban American Marco Rubio; Anna Rogers, Conservative group American Crossroads; Karl Rove; immigration Reform; Poverty Eradication; President Ronald Reagan; Godfather of Republican Conservative Values; Right-wing Movement; Tea Party Group; President Barack Obama; Travels to Cuba; America’s Political Experience; Narcissistic Culture; NAACP; 1964 Civil Rights Act; Barry Goldwater; President Lyndon B. Johnson.
Republican leadership – especially the Reaganomics sympathizers – laments the dart of minorities in their party. Each holds views that the free market system needs no invisible hand to correct for the excesses of the market place or the short-comings of their doctrine. In consequence they declare, “Minorities” are welcomed in the party, as long as they are willing to work, even for meager wages that put them always below the poverty line. They introduce policies and programs tha…

Between O’Malley and Warren: trying to visualize an unthinkable in 2016 Democratic Party Nomination?

Keywords or Terms: 2016 Democratic Party Nomination; Martin O’Malley; Elizabeth Warren; Secretary Clinton; Unknown Variables; Doug Duncan;Bob Ehelich; Roger Freeman; Jack Dovey;  Perceptions; Wage Stagnation; Income Inequality; Middle Class Earnings; Immigration; Social Welfare Programs
Would political contest for 2016 Democratic Party Nomination boil down to a contest between Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts? Does that possibility require us [Democrats] to subordinate the ambition of the former US Secretary of State and to dismiss the front-runner status of the former first lady of the United States – or at least, believe that this scenario is a possibility? Anyone whose memory stretches back to the early sixties, can tell you there have been a couple of political heavy weights who were initially projected as front runners for party nomination, who eventually chose not to run for reason of health or the demands of a national campaign a…

Why America has Republican Party turned-off: Sarah Palin and Chris Christie?

Keywords or Term: Iowa Republican Freedom Summit; Field of Dreams; Republican Hopefuls; Lampoon or incoherent speech of Governor Sarah Palin, Governor Chris Christie; Eloquence, Leadership, Congressional Republican Leadership, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, US House Speaker John Boehner, Dick Cheney; Donald Rumsfeld, Communication, and Immigration.
The Republican Party had a freedom summit in Des Moines, Iowa this weekend; probably with the intention of preparing for 2016 general elections. Considering the number of hopefuls on the speaker’s list of the local organizing committee: Jim DeMint, former U.S. senator from South Carolina; Newt Gingrich, former US House Speaker; Donald Trump, real estate mogul and TV personality; Sarah Palin former 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee and former governor of Alaska; Steve King, Seventh term Congressman from Iowa and host to the summit;, Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin; Rick Santorum, former US Senator from Pennsylvania and Republican …

Religion and American Presidential Campaigns: What is Reverend Mike Huckabee unto?

Keywords or Term: Republican Party; Bill Kristol; Constitutional Principles; Healthcare Law; Huckabee; Control their libidos; Reproductive Rights, Civil Liberties; Civil Rights, Affordable Care Act; Presidential Campaigns; Separation of Church and State; Fundamental Christians; Religious Bigotry; Supreme Court ruling in Torcaso v. Watkins; and, Article VI of the U.S. Constitution
In a heartfelt memo sent to the Republican Party leaders in 1992, Bill Kristol warned that excessive criticisms of precursor to OBAMACARE, the Clinton Healthcare initiative, has the potential of turning voters away from the party. Today, I have the temerity to suggest that religion as used by conservative Republicans like Reverend Mike Huckabee has the potential of turning voters away from the party.
Instead of pushing some arbitrary, fundamentalist Christian agenda in party political discuss, Republicans have the obligation to ensure that thoughtful conversation about issue of civil liberties, even on instanc…

The Business of American Presidential Campaigns: Welcome Jeb Bush to the Family Enterprise?

Keywords or Term: Political Heritage; America’s Presidency; Central Intelligence Agency, Order of Skull & Bones; Prescott Bush; George H.W Bush; George H. Bush; Jeb Bush; from Females, Gays, Lesbians, Asians, Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, gentiles; brown skinned Hawaiian-bred man; President Barack Obama; Hillary Rodham Clinton; Elizabeth Warren
Recently my wife suggested that the Bush family has the business of campaigning for the US presidency cornered. At first I thought the comment was absurd, since no specific family or person(s) can claim to have cornered a business as ephemeral as running for a political office. After all, the constitution opens the door for every free-born and willing American to run for any political office of choice, from city council to the Speaker of the House or majority whips in US Senate. To orchestrate my wife’s concern to the level of attention of American voters, I said I’ll visit the candidacy of Jeb Bush in this posting. To be sure that other Americans…

Run, Elizabeth Warren run, Betty Run: A Reflection

Keywords and Terms: Media Ecosystem; Elizabeth Warren for 2016; Moveon.Org; bespectacled Bankruptcy Law Professor; Equal Employment for All Act, HR 645; Des Moines, Iowa; Des Moines Register; Sick Burn; Liberals and Progressives; Embarrasses Bank Regulators; and White House Oval Office.
The advent of the internet has changed everything in politics; yet, some politicians are ignoring the very obvious. The media ecosystem is now diversified; and, drives so many unknowns in the political arena. Politicians must now be circumspect of this dynamics as they campaign or refuse to campaign; complement past conquests or curry support for their candidacy; and, probably yield to pressure to get into a real life and death political fight. According to twitter, the 2015 State of the Union Address of President Obama generated more than 2.6 million tweets per minute! No one may deny the relations between instant populism comments and social media response; and, in some cases, the inventor or speaker …