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Political Demagogue or what: Romney sees America as a Company?

Keywords or Terms: CEO; Lies and Fallacies; Propaganda; Profit-loss End Game; Mitt Romney; Medicare; Medicaid; Osama-bin-Laden; National Institute of Health; Four Pinocchio’s
Having a CEO as a the President of a country may not be the worst thing that ever happened; however, having a mindset of a CEO in the running of a country, may end up being the worst blunder that a nation can do to itself. Mitt Romney once said Corporations or organizations are people; today, he refers to America as a company. Running the United States of America as a company would leave the country dangerously vulnerable to other competitive countries that are attempting to make profit just like the country is, as a corporation! The odds are that Governor Mitt Romney, the Republican flag bearer for the 2012 general elections, just has made a gaffe; however, the good book says: from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh! The unmistaken failure of Mitt Romney to understand that the office of the Presidency …

Mitt Romney: Does America really want him as President?

Keywords or Terms: Republican Convention; Transparency; Ann Romney’s and Chris Christi speeches; Paul Ryan; European-Styled Economy; Swiss Bank Account; Romney’s Taxes; White House.

The Economist Magazine this week did an exposés on a book written about Mrs. Markel, the German Chancellor, saying value is dangerous, and to be vague, advisable. We cannot but mull over that statement, in light of the tax issues that the Republican Party flag bearer has. Many Americans continue to see Mitt Romney’s hold back on tax information as an attempt to remain vague, rather than espouse value that could make Americans proud of his candidacy: TRANSPARENCY. That is why many Americans find it very difficult to accept the pronouncement in Mrs. Romney’s speech at the Republican Convention last night that what America needs is Mitt Romney as their President in 2013.
First, for all the credit of Mrs. Romney’s speech, many Americans see her husband as a wealthy man, who is hard to fall in love with as a Pres…

Next Step: Hurricane Isaac and the Republican Convention in Tampa Florida?

Keywords or Terms: Hurricane Isaac; Tampa, Florida; Republican Convention; Romney-Ryan ticket; Huge Storms; Winds; Republican leadership; Ill-Omen; and, Oil Rigs.
What lessons can we learn from the upcoming Republican Party Convention in Tampa Florida? First, if anything can go wrong, yes, it will! The Republican Party leadership probably was not concerned about the possibility of vagaries in weather impacting the party’s convention in the first few days of the last week in the month of August, 2012. However, tonight, that is actually the case. The weather man has reported the possibility of hurricanes and storms in the neighborhood of the convention. The planning committee for the Republican Party would have factored out the potential of Hurricane Isaacs and dissociated the disaster and the potential risks from the organization of the convention. Wild Winds, heavy rains and hurricanes in the last few hours indicate that the storms may be heading towards Louisiana, three years to Hurri…

Of Birthers, Mitt Romney and the Republican Extremists: when the Republican Presumptive Nominee runs afoul of decency in his campaign at Michigan?

Keywords or Terms: Birthers; Racism; Bigotry;Irony; Tampa, Florida; Mitt Romney; Sherriff Agrippa; Donald Trump; State of Michigan; Republican Convention; Off-color Jokes and humor
"No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised." - Mitt Romney
Several months ago, the ‘birthers’ community in the Republican Party led by Donald Trump – a loose group of controversial extremists-rejuvenated their call for the President of the United States to prove his birth place. A common explanation for the destructive call and probably an unusual prosecution of the man occupying the highest office in the land was that, the President could not authenticate his birth within continental United States; and that, the long form birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama II, is essentially untenable as proof of birth within United Sates of America. Many Americans were taken aback and some felt disgusted with this group and their claims,…

Why Romney-Ryan Ticket must release more than two year’s tax filing: lessons for the troubled Republican Ticket?

Keywords or Terms: Tea-Party Ticket; Governor Mitt Romney; Congressman Paul Ryan; Monks; Burma; Pope; Vatican; Grand Khadi; Mecca; Leader of the Free World; Uncle Sam; 2008 McCain Ticket; Romney-Ryan Ticket; Out of pocket ticket for Seniors; Florida; Paul Ryan’s Budget; Medicare and Social Security Reform
The past weeks have witnessed heated debates over the presumptive Republican Party Nominee tax filings and the consummated nomination of Congressman Paul Ryan for the Vice-Presidential ticket of the Republican Party. Questions abound regarding the effective tax rate paid by either candidate on the Republican Party ticket, with Paul Ryan’s effective tax rate being higher than his expected boss, if their ticket ever wins in November, 2012. Paul Ryan, the presumptive Republican Party Vice-Presidential candidate, is said to have significantly paid effective tax rate greater than Mitt Romney. The controversy over Romney’s secrecy over his taxes has made many voters wonder, if Mitt Romney h…

Romney-Ryan Ticket: the illusion of looking on to extremism to win an election in the absence of a tax filing disclosure?

Keywords: Vice Presidential Candidate; Paul Ryan; Mitt Romney; Budget and Budgeting; Statements from Paul Ryan; Illusion and Games; Controversies; Attack Dog

Romney’s touted visionary failed him as he went about choosing a running mate for the 2012 general elections. No one should be surprised that Governor Romney chose Congressman Paul Ryan, this week. The presumptive Republican Nominee had been going through some rough waters regarding his failure to release more than one year’s tax filing. Under the horror of loosing grounds in the voter support barometer, no one must understate the essence of the presumptive Republican Nominee rushing to name Congressman Paul Ryan as the Vice Presidential candidate of the Republican ticket.
When it comes to politics, perception is everything. A political strategy and campaign that is loosing grounds under a recalcitrance not to be transparent, a candidacy that is bemoaned by failure to project astute foreign policy vision and a dogged conviction of…

The Death of truth in American Politics: When the Presumptive Republican Nominee Refuses to Release Tax Filings?

Keywords or Terms: Romney’s Tax Plan; Tax Papers; Foreign Accounts; Tax Policy Center; Mitt Romney: Cayman Island and Swiss Bank Account; American Corporation
“Bain Capital is one of the world's leading private, alternative asset management firms whose affiliates manage approximately $65 billion. Our principals are the largest single investor in each of Bain Capital's funds, which aligns the interests of the firm with our investors and the long-term objectives of the management teams.” This is a direct quote from the home page of a company once managed by the presumptive Republican Nominee, Mitt Romney. No one is begrudging the wealth of this company and hardly anyone, is interested in another American Corporation falling through the cracks; rather, we will all like the private equity firm to continue to do what many American Corporations do: make gazillion dollars! Interestingly, the wealth of Mr. Romney, which is probably in a blind trust by now, is intricately tied to the fu…