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Business of Selling Donald Trump’s Presidential Ambition in fifteen minutes!

Keywords or Terms: CBS 60 Minutes program; Aspirant Donald Trump; Tax Plan; Immigration plan; Job Creation Plan;Corporate taxes; Simple tax code; Reagan-Era trickle down economy; Undocumented Immigrant; Huge Southern Border Walls; China, North Korea; NAFTA; Power of the Presidency; Republican fiscal Policies; Checks and Balances; United Nations; Arab Spring; Latin America; Checks and Balances; and, the Separation of Powers

On Sunday, Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes interviewed Donald Trump, the front-runner for Republican Party nomination in the 2016 Presidential Contest. CBS 60 Minute’s program gave Aspirant Donald Trump a platform to tell the nation about his tax plan; immigration plan; and, jobs' creation plan. In the fifteen minute broadcast, part of  an extended interview, shown on Sunday, September 27, 2015, you came out with either an absurd or unrealistic expectation of the powers of the Office of US Presidency, the place of checks and balances of the three arms of government, a…

Exit of Scott Walker from 2016 Republican Party Nomination Process: Why Labor Union Bursting is not good for National Politics?

Keywords or Terms: GOP debates; AFL-CIO; Union Power; State Labor Unions; Wisconsinites; Public Sector Unions; State of Wisconsin; Rigged Booby Traps; Shifting answers to questions on immigration and foreign policy; Conservative Candidates; FOX-News; CNN; BBC; Failed Attempt of Governor Scott Walker; Wisconsin Act 10; and, Republican Governors
Executives at AFL-CIO and labor leaders were probably relieved and pleased when Scott Walker announced he was jettisoning his plan to run for the White House in 2016. American Federation of Labor Union and Congress’s agenda for 2016 Presidential race and candidates probably stand in contrast with the Governor of Wisconsin’s touted record of conservative reform for his state, including balancing the budget of his state on the backs of his state’s labor union; and, deliberate attempt to undermine the successes of Labor Union Achievements across America. At 47, the college drop-out, had mortally wounded the Labor Congresses in the State of Wisconsin…