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Pat Summitt, Hillary Clinton and the future of Women in America Democracy: What 2016 American Voters must realize?

Keywords or Terms: Pat Summitt; University of Tennessee Women'sBasketball program; Alzheimer; Excellence; American Democracy; Great Women; Trailblazer; Hillary Clinton; Indira Gandhi; Golda Meir; Sirimavo Bandaranaike; Margaret Thatcher;Ellen Johnson Sirleaf; Angela Merkel, India, Israel, Sri Lanka, Liberia, Britain, Germany, US; Character; Leadership; International Terror; Turkey Airport Explosion
Pat Summitt, the winningest coach in Women University Basketball League, went home to be with the Lord this morning, after a long battle with early dementia and Alzheimer. She was 64 years-old. This made me realize the true end of a heroine, fieriest coach in American Sport history, a female trail blazer, just four years older than me; but so accomplished, so appreciated, a 2012 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, one so unique in NCAA Division I basketball coaching that you wonder, why great ones like her hardly come around every so often. Human Legends that tread the earth, change…

Brexit, Political and Economic Nationalism: Implication for 2016 US Presidential Campaign

KEYWORDS OR TERMS: Brexit; Britain; European Union (EU); EU Parliament; Brussels; Japan (NIKKEI 225) and US (DOW JONES) Stock Exchanges; Prime Minister Cameron; Jeremy Corbyn; Hilary Benn International Economies; Political Nationalism; Economic Nationalism; NAFTA and TPP; Conference of US Mayors
On June 23, 2016, British Voters decided it was time to ditch European Union membership. For the first time since 1973 membership, and 1975 national reaffirmation referendum, United Kingdom's membership of the European Union was tested and the Brexit (Leave EU) campaign triumphed. Stock exchanges across the globe from Japan (NIKKEI 225) to US (DOW JONES) went into a tailspin, despite the fact that these two economic powers and nations are not part of the European Union. The success of ‘Brexit’ campaign in Britain led to another compelling domino effect, taking with it other nation’s economies and stock exchanges, (DAX 30; CAC 40: BOVESPA; FTSE MIB; SENSEX; SHCOMP; MICEX; S&P/ASX; KOSPI)…


Keywords or Terms: Economic Policy; National Security; Chapter 11; TWEETS and EMAILS; Clinton’s five-point economic plan; Income Inequality; US House of Representative Seat-ins; Economic Tailspin; Tax Returns; Associated Press; Hillary Clinton’ Donald Trump; Democratic White House; Republican White House; Michael Caputo; and, Cory Lewandoswki
Under the probable auspices that grandma knows better on household’s economy, and based on past credited statements to the former US Secretary of State in December, 2015, that America’s Economy has always done better under Democratic White House rather than Republican White House, Ms. Clinton went on the offensive against Donald Trump in a scheduled economic speech on Monday in Columbus, Ohio, citing probable ineptitude on economic policy advancements of Donald Trump, contrary to what circumstantially obtains in the public psyche, that Republicans are better stewards of America’s Economy than Democrats. Undermining the credibility of Donald Trump …

Donald Trump’s Presidency: Are the stakes low enough that a gamble makes sense?

Keywords or Terms: US Presidency; Executive; Judiciary; Legislative Powers; Republican schism; American Democracy; Russian Roulette; Nationalistic or Fascist Government; US press; Elitist Groups; Donald Trump’s Candidacy; Hillary Clinton’s Candidacy; Campaign Manager Cory Lewandoswki; and Washington Post/ABC News polls
With Donald Trump parting ways with his long time campaign manager, one year probably, and barely one month to the republican convention, should America be asking herself a variation of the topic of the day question: Are the odds too long and stakes too great to afford a Donald Trump’s Presidency? A few of us, outsiders to Donald Trump’s campaign effort for US Presidency, find it quite unrealistic to continue to support a candidacy that puts the welfare and unity of the nation in jeopardy; and believe, his Presidency, an exorbitant cost that most Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike, cannot afford. Though roughly fourteen million supporters of Donald Trump’s campai…

Politics of Extremism and Orlando Florida Nightclub Mishap: Contentious Campaign for 2016 White House

KEYWORDS OR TERMS: Orlando, Florida; LGBT; Transgender; Lone Shooter; Hate Crime; Terrorism; Mental and Lunatic mind; Radical Islam; Political Distractions; Gays and Transgender groups; Republican Party; Omar Mateen; FBI; ISIS; Home grown terrorism; President Barack Obama; Hillary Clinton; and, Donald Trump
It is depressing to hear the deaths of innocent Americans in an Orlando, Florida night club through an act of violence from a lone shooter, who probably does not share our dream as a United America. An American, born in the City of New York, a first generation American with Afghanistan roots, who swore allegiance to ISIS and other terrorist groups across the globe, took an assault weapon and mow down innocent souls like grass in the early hours of June 12, 2016. An American, whom a distraught family member of the Orlando massacre says, did not kill two birds with one stone, hate of gay and transgender groups, but killed forty-nine innocent souls with one stone.
It is rather hard to c…