Monday, April 13, 2009

Budget Savings Vs. Clean Air, Clean Water, Less Toxicity

This year, all manner of lawmakers in Olympia, eagerly began tossing opinions back and forth regarding the possibility of HB 1614 and SB5518 passing; and, the potential consequences to Washington State businesses and or residents, if these bills actually passes. While opinions vary considerably, legislatures from the opposing aisle know that cutting deeply into environmental protection budget would only create other problems in our state: environmental pollution and Health issues, among others. The continued tail spin of environmental quality, including water and air quality, says a lot about the status of the resident's health. Cutting state's budget that will ultimately lower air and water quality, is not the right way to go. Washingtonians want our waters to be clean, we want them to be safe and we request by the confidence we have in voting for our legislatures, that they will do all in their power to keep or water, air and environment safe. The little money that is probably expected to be saved by cutting the environmental budget is not going to help anyone. We all understand that times are tough, however as regards our health and environment, we will not compromise. This is because we know better!
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