Monday, November 26, 2012

A Pro and Cons Debate of Extending the Bush Tax-Era Relief for the Middle Class: Why Congress must Act Now!

Keyword or Terms: Sequestration; $1.2 trillion Spending Cuts; Fiscal Cliff; Disparate Taxation; America’s taxation System; Defense Spending; State and Local Government Administration; Social Security and Medicare Programs; Health and Education Industries; 2012 national Election Results; Domestic Spending

Like most American Homes making below a quarter of a million dollar gross a year, the foot dragging by Congress regarding the extension of the Bush Era Tax relief for this particular group is an amazement. Many Congressional lawmakers fall in this category of income earners; that is, if we consider income earned as a lawmaker in the United States Congress as the sole source of income for these men and women. As we begin to hear the rumblings from the US House of Representatives, we are astonished that some of our lawmakers would rather not act in support of this initiative, because it puts earners beyond this household income threshold at a taxation disadvantage.  Those foot-dragging Congressional Lawmakers probably think all income earners must be on the same taxation plane; an argument that is readily debunked by the progressive taxation regime already in place in America’s Taxation System.  Today, the blog discusses what may be at stake in the long fight to address the issue of fiscal cliff default for the economy.

If Current Congress fails to meet the requirements initially discussed two years ago on the fiscal cliff resolution, it is very likely that the automatic $1.2 trillion spending cuts along with a tax hike, will default.  No alternative course to the Sequestration is readily available for failure to act; and some pressure groups are already taking out a stake, insisting that there is not going to be room or support for cutting social welfare programs like Social Security and Medicare. Others insist that if the fiscal cliff is defaulted to, or Sequestration commences, many minority groups in government jobs will suffer disproportionately; a situation that will not speak well for the economy and the welfare of these groups.

Sequestration, will not only cost millions in jobs; it will likely hurt the health and education industries, supplemental support programs in many other industries,  and, the State and Local Government Administrations in the next decade. The year-end fiscal cliff seems a douser for the President; he could either push a bipartisan position, giving in to some compromises, or he could remain fastidious, insisting that a bargain is a bargain; if the Congress is unable to put its house in order regarding the negotiation, then the automatic tax cuts must proceed. A few economists insist the consequence of Sequestration is not really bad for the economy, considering it is an austerity measure that could actually restructure spending in the hitherto sacred cow industry: the Defense Industry!

No millionaire that I know addresses the Sequestration or the disparate taxation issue impassively. Many in this category can hardly suppress the feeling of disgust for a taxation regime better associated; or, back to the Clinton Era Administration. Further, many in this group do not like Sequestration; neither are they in favor of disparate taxation.  If Sequestration is out of the question and disparate taxation is defaulted upon, millionaires are asking these questions: where are the opportunities for building wealth; an essential ingredient for expanding growth in the economy? How can investors and industrialists create employment when taxation eats up more than its share of their income? Is Sequestration necessarily that bad?

Obama’s Administration continues to argue that the continuation of the Bush Era Tax Cut for earners below a quarter of a million is critical to the successful recovery of economy; noting that an average middle-income household may end up with over $ 2,200.00 tax bill, if Congress fails to act. Contrarily, affording this same treatment for those in income group beyond a quarter of a million is an unnecessary burden on the nation’s purse. For the Obama’s Administration, to avert Sequestration, Americans with better incomes in higher threshold, must be ready and willing to sacrifice, because that is one step that could really make a difference in shoring up our economy.

Incidentally, with the most unrealistic argument in favor of allowing millionaires to continue to take advantage of the Bush-Tax Era relief, the current debate may cut into the Obama’s Administration signature domestic policy on the economy. The Bush Tax cuts had allowed for billions of dollars to be written-off as investment income; billions that could have helped reduce the nation’s deficit. Calibration of IRS tax take between the Clinton’s and Bush II Era administration would show that the US treasury lost more money to the richest segment of the American population, with some in this group, virtually, not paying taxes because their income are classified as investment income. For its part, Obama’s Administration is seeking to rectify this anomaly among others, in order to rectify the short-fall in the taxman intake since the advent of the Bush II era Tax cut.

The two opposing positions in the debate have torched some new nerves; and a wave of activists are working the phones to Congressional Lawmakers, insisting on their relative positions. Efforts on behalf of the extension of Bush-era Tax cut for the middle income group, have led to a late release statement from the White House, insisting that the Obama’s Administration is very concerned that, if Congress fails to act quickly and the nation experiences a fall off the cliff, more Americans will lose so much in income that will readily torpedo the hard fought recovery effort since the great collapse of the last quarter of 2008 and early 2009. Critics of Obama’s position however maintain that the administration is more concerned with preserving the plight of the middle income earners at the expense of many job creators.  Critics are arguing for greater flexibility, adding that the Bush era tax cut does not need a total overhaul or partial overhaul, depending on what end of the fence of the argument you are sitting, to be able to take care of our economic deficit issues.

The fiscal cliff issue has become entangled with the dynamics of 2012 National elections result: Obama’s Administration is protecting its political capital, insisting that its argument won over many American voters and this is why a second term is achieved for the current White House. To protect its legacy and political capital, it seems the administration is not tolerating any misgivings from Congressional Republicans, who would like to negotiate the condition over which the Bush Tax Era cut is going to be extended for income earners at or lower than $250,000. The results of the 2012 elections notwithstanding, the Republican Lawmakers are prepared to test the patience of the current Administration or put to question, why the Bush Tax Cut is not extended for everyone in America. To shed light on what Republican lawmakers are not considering, the extension of the Bush Tax Cut for earners beyond a quarter of a million is too expensive for an economy running at three trillion deficit This argument is better articulated with the dictum: Election Results Have implications!

As this issue is resolved in the House of Representatives, it is probably safe to assume that many lawmakers, especially, the Democrats, will do all in their power to ensure that the position of the White House is upheld. With the most recalcitrant Congressional Republican Group ever known in the history of US Congress, there are going to be some unmet requirements from this group, which may actually delay the actualization of the Obama’s Administration on the rapid resolution of the nation’s fiscal cliff issue. However, if this ever becomes the case, no one must be surprised, if a larger progeny from the supporters of President Obama second term springs up to defend the administration promise during the election debate.

But there are other worries if the whole process becomes too long drawn out and we default to a Sequestration. For the first time in a decade, the nation would be looking at a slowdown recovery that may make the unemployment problem a double whammy. Despite the slight improvement in the unemployment problem, there is a likelihood that we may go back to double recession, as slow government spending will exacerbate the already confusing growth in the labor market. Recovery of the world market may be daunted, since when America sneezes, the world gets phenomena.  Unemployment problem in countries of Europe that is already causing some national strife may spread into America as more people get back to the unemployment line. The issue of Sequestration is not only unhealthy for the America’s labor market; it is very unwholesome for the global markets.

Further, the idea of having a further cut to local and state government administrations, in situations where many are already running at a deficit, may spell greater doom for some states in the long run. Who would be responsible for public safety, or who would take the slacks, when first responders, police, fire-fighters, and nurses are cut in state and local government public health centers? Some people currently believe that government pay roll is necessarily high because of the employment of first responders. However many local government currently clinging to lie, will readily tell you, that without first responders, public safety and quality of life is toast. Even if those who believe we can do without the number of current level of first responders prevail, the likely consequence of loss of life, because there were not enough people in this capacity to act quickly during emergency, is another food for thoughts.

Finally, party politics in a long drawn out debate over the fiscal cliff may look worthy to some lawmakers. Playing to the gallery may still look as an option to some hardliners. However, the Obama’s Administration seems to be resolute, if a deal is not agreed by the end of December, 2012, then Sequestration. Whatever comes behind Sequestration is anyone’s guesses; however, many people will like to remind Congress that Americans are tired of recalcitrance and non-compromising stance from any quarter; we do not want another crisis that would put public safety in jeopardy.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

BP Oil Spill: Retribution for the Lost Souls, Public and Environmental Health Issues?

Keywords or terms: BP Settlement; US Department of Justice; clean water Act; Macondo Well; Public Health; Civil and criminal Penalties; Deep water Horizon Rig; 12 Felonies; and, Workplace Safety.

On April 20, 2010, BP committed eleven felonies by failing to handle the pressure test readings on Deep Water Horizon Oil Rig, before the blowout. The catastrophic consequence of this failure led to the deaths of Karl Kleppinger, Stephen Curtis , Shane Roshto, Dale Burkeen, Dewey Revette, Jason Anderson, Donald Clark, Gordon Jones, Blair Manuel, Alan Weise and Roy Kemp. Today, excluding the financial repercussions of this failure under parts of the Clean Water Act, 33 U.S.C. §1251 et seq. (1972), the executives at the multinational energy corporation, accepted responsibility for the failure of the blow out to the tune of four and a half billion dollars; and, pled guilty to eleven felonies for being negligent in the deaths of eleven workers. The company was also found to have obstructed Congress in the aftermath investigation of the blowout, a felony on its own. In all, British Petroleum was found to have committed twelve felonies for the human tragedy and environmental disaster.

BP’s Deep water oil and gas drilling activities that led to deaths of eleven Americans, is now being addressed or confronted by the Company, with a United States Department of Justice Settlement. With the announced settlement this morning, BP’s executives agreed to huge settlement and fines, as compared to other industrial accident in the history of the country. Two supervisors on that rig before and during the accidental explosion, Robert Kaluza and Don Virdrine, are facing criminal charges; and, David Rainey, BP’s vice president of exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, is going to be held responsible for a confusing estimation of the flow rate after the Macondo well went kaput!

That BP has finally accepted close to complete responsibility for the mayhem of that accidental explosion, is encouraging; however, it is not the panacea to the problem of poor workplace safety regime. BP’s felonies and fines settlement are not necessarily adequate to change behavior fully; however, it is setting a good example to the industry. The new understanding or realization is this: if any oil and gas explorer fails to cross all its t’s and dot all its “i’s”, while drilling for oil and gas, it will be held both civilly and criminally responsible. For oil and gas explorers and drillers, who have not met similar faith to British Petroleum or who have refused to pay attention to issues of safety on those huge drilling activities, this is a reality check and a good instrument of change.

According to Attorney General Eric Holder’s pronouncement at a Conference in New Orleans, this marks the largest single criminal fine and the largest total criminal resolution in the history of the United States. Most of the fines have been designated to be spent on restoring the Gulf of Mexico; and one more thing, the restoration of the Gulf Coast is a healthy indication that British Petroleum is going to live up to its promise in those public relations advertisement that followed the disaster! The fact that BP reached a settlement with DOJ before the case goes to full trial is probably a good indicator that the company realizes it has much to loose from a long winded out trials in the court of law. Essentially, the multinational energy corporation is doubly realizing that, it has lost the fight in the manner of public opinion regarding the accident. Waiting longer by a drawn out litigation with the federal government would have spelt out more ill will.

The proactive nature of US Justice Department on this case, quickly holding British Petroleum responsible for this accident, is probably one reason why the corporation stood down from its rostrum of we are doing everything in the gulf to make it right! These settlement and fines with BP, though not complete with respect to other impacting laws of the land, defines a new direction for handling huge environmental pollution and disaster from lackadaisical attitude of corporations regarding exploration activities. As the nation and company tackle the threat to the environmental infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico with this fines and penalties, efforts mitigating further damage to the environment must now be explored. For example, the company misled the country regarding the rate of oil and gas leaks; and, went on the air advertising that all is well in the Gulf waters. Pending the final approval of the US District Court Judge blessing of the settlement, it is safe to say, there will be about $7.8 dollars available to deal with the huge problems that have begrudge property owners, commercial fishermen, environmental groups, hotels, and tourism groups. These groups have been at the receiving end of this mayhem.

Further, the environmental impact and damage from the oil and gas leaks had destabilized the ecological and biological systems in the Gulf of Mexico. Some Ocean and Marine scientists had presented evidence that the systems are healing; however, the people in the Gulf still have a long way to go because of the hugeness or extent of environmental impact of the disaster. Environmental and Public Health professionals now have opportunity to look into the issue of public health due to the impact of the explosion and pollution. Existing efforts at mitigating the extent of damage may have played down the issue of public health; with this money, objective and consistent investigation must now be lounged, to correct for possible damage in this realm. It is imperative that public health studies look into the following: 1) monitoring of the health status of residents in the Gulf Coast States that were directly impacted by the spill; 2) track diagnostic health problem due to the health hazards of the oil spill; 3) inform and educate the public in the Gulf, how to manage risks associated with the fall out of huge oil and gas spills; 4) mobilize oil industry and public partnership panel to make recommendation on how to deal with similar disasters in the future; 5) develop new penalty laws at the State level to hold oil and gas companies responsible for environmental damage, with respect to public health; 6) link public health officials to services needed in an emergency so that impacted communities are not left wanting or waiting, until an offending corporations take responsibility for their negligent actions in the process of drilling for oil and gas; and, 7) evaluate the effectiveness of existing state laws and penalties for corrective action for environmental pollution from oil and gas drilling activities.

The Settlement with the US Department of Justice is a ray of hope for many families of workers and residents of the Gulf, who have sued British Petroleum. There are others, local government, businesses and financial institutions who have cases pending. There may end up being a class action suit of somewhat; however, it is now certain that the evaluation criteria for reaching a monetary settlement with the Federal Government may be applicable in several litigation going on or in the pipe line. The metrics of monetary liability or compensation can now be available to any of the interested party, who or which, have suffered from BP negligence in the Gulf of Mexico.

There is a reported BP settlement with US Justice Department involving three government agencies benefiting from the payout, $500 – Security and Exchange Commission; $350 million – National Academy of Sciences; and, $2.4 billion - National Fish and Wild Life Foundation. There was no settlement with the State or Local government agencies. It is very possible that state and local government’s litigation against British Petroleum will bring the liabilities to more billions. The impacted States probably have not offered the size of their claims; and if any of them have done, there is a likelihood that some adjustments may be in the offing due to the settlements with the Justice Department.

In addition, the settlement structure with the US Justice Department may become a prototype or useful deliberation point of settlement, in relevant or related civil litigation. The specific claims or consequential settlements may be mirrored in other remaining litigation before judges. Gulf Coast State governments may want to consider the issue of resident vulnerability to accidents of this nature in the future; and take cue from what is currently being learnt regarding this accident and settlement. States or Local governments may want to require operating corporations in their water, to carry additional insurance specific to the geography of their waters and land. The settlement with the federal government is an initial step in a possible expanding litigation; and, the implications of this settlement may provide a barometer for individual civil cases.

The efforts of the US Justice Department with respect to drawing out a settlement with British Petroleum demonstrates the importance of government when corporations run afoul of the law; or get heavy handed with respect to their drilling activities on state and federal waters and lands. Environmental Pollution from oil and gas spill as the one in the Gulf of Mexico has simultaneous public health issues. As more research is conducted into the long range public health impact of the British Petroleum oil and gas spills, it is more likely that new findings will point us to the health status consequence of the BP Oil spills in the adjoining states in the Gulf of Mexico.

In light of this settlement, a case may be made for retribution regarding public health dissonance. Most of the oil sludge that has ended up in marine life and are probably in the sea foods of the region, indicate that environment and public health have suffered; or, are suffering from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Further public health research findings may open up a new trove of information regarding the epidemiological impact of the oil spill. Several tourists have been swimming in the water where the oil and gas were spilled. It is not impossible to find that some of these tourists suffer skin diseases as a result of the residue; not withstanding past claims that all the oil has been eaten up by bacteria. It is possible that oil eating bacteria and organism were able to dissolve or eat up some of the oil; however, it is very unlikely that all the oil that were spilled are now completely gone.

Conclusively, the announced settlement with the US Department of Justice is a good first step that may have implication for future oil and gas exploration; environmental pollution abatement; possible future settlements under individual and state claims by British petroleum; and, establishing corrective behavior in the oil and gas drilling activities. With regard to public health, it is probably going to take a while, before we start finding the consequence of that spill; however, we are finally getting a grip of the first baby step to exploring the implication of the oil spill for public health in the Gulf Coast Sates. For now, we have a settlement and probably rule book for future settlements, where oil and gas exploration may go aerie. BP has taken ownership of fault and probably guilt for the greatest environmental pollution activity and accident in the Gulf of Mexico!

Monday, November 12, 2012

2012 National Election Results and the Celebration of our Veterans, on their Day!

Keywords or Terms: Veteran’s day; Appreciations; Thank You; Women Power; Paris, France; Saigon, Vietnam; Crazy Stuff; Karl Rove; and, Republican loonies and Wackos.

Since November 6, 2012, most Regional or National debates have centered on why Republicans lost their fight for the White House. Some of the debates have taken the form of recrimination, denial, discontent, disillusionment, acceptance; and, probably rebirth. The debates have obscured what truly happened on that election night. The Democrats won, they won real BIG; and moderation, modernity and common sense prevailed. President Obama’s Campaign team trashed the Opponent’s hands down, winning 332 Electoral College Votes as against 206 for Republicans. A twenty-first century campaign outfit outclassed and out maneuvered the 20th century campaign strategy. Oops!

Few Republicans have started appreciating; you may not depend on the spin room or your own media outlet as the most objective source of your performance; and you may not depend on a voter base that is monolingual rather than pluralistic, in a gradually multicultural society, with increasing population of minority groups expanding as far as eyes can see. Further, you may not continue to offend women, half of the national voting electorate, and expect them to turn out in large numbers in support of your candidates. You cannot continue to see women as only good for fixing dinner and submitting to your sexual inappropriateness, and expect them not to stand up for their hard fought and won rights. In addition, you cannot completely depend on miscalculated millions to buy you the people’s vote. It just does not work like that, anymore. Hopefully, Republicans learned their lesson from the voting and polling results.

Could this be news for Republican? Our military men and women, go wherever they are needed nationally and across the globe. They commit selflessly with honesty, integrity and conviction that our motherland is worth dying for. On accepting Republican Party nomination as the flag bearer, their head of the Republican ticket failed to thank or appreciate the service of our veterans or men and women in uniform. These are the people who preserve the lives of everyone in this nation, who make America what it is; they protect us from attacks from enemies, foreign or domestic. When politicians boggle facts and called on the military to move, they all moved without complaining or grumbling.  When the war was in far away Iraq or Afghanistan, men and women in uniform were at the beck and call of the whole nation. When the storms of Sandy came through, State Governors of affected States cried for help; and guess that showed up? Yet, these men and women in uniform were hardly mentioned in the acceptance speech of the Republican ticket. Oversight, Unconscionable, maybe we need to ask those Republicans what it all meant?

Why on earth the Republicans are reported as shell-shocked they lost the election? Like grandpa said: “take care and appreciate those people who work for you; and, you will never surfer huge discontents, disloyalty or disapproval!” Discountenancing our veterans and men and women in uniform, in a National Party Candidate’s acceptance speech was not only unconscionable, that single act alone, had become very unpopular, even among those of us who are not in uniform or served. Unthinkable in past Presidential Candidate’s Acceptance Speech, the Republicans failed to give unto Caesar, what was rightly Caesar’s. They forgot to thank the hand that protected them from ilks like Osama Bin Laden!

In an election cycle, the efforts and sacrifices of those serving our country may seem minuscule, however people pay attention; and, any discountenance like we saw from the Republican Party ticket, no matter how unimportant people may tell you it is, is hardly forgiven. Especially, from those who had deferred recall letters only to go junketing in France, under the pretext of serving their religious mission. Can anyone imagine the brutal war in Vietnam on the day Saigon fell, to a missionary work on the streets of Paris? That was what the Republicans were betting on; and yet, they are shell-shocked?

Despite the “swelling popularity” of the Republican ticket at the tail of the campaign – including those misinformation taught as reality by the right-wing propaganda television outlet – the failure of the top of the Republican ticket to mention an appreciation of the selfless service of our men and women in uniform, was a misjudgment and probably a travesty. And much as Republicans had recues themselves of this missed opportunity, the commensurate denial of their candidate at the polls must not now be a subject of debate. Many Americans would not blame men and women in uniform who failed to enthusiastically support the top of the Republican ticket; neither would they accommodate this type of behavior in any candidate seeking to be the President and Commander-In-Chief of this great Democracy.

That said and done, the Republican campaign had ran it’s normal course when the ticket ran a dastardly dishonest and unforgivable advert on General Motors and Chrysler moving American jobs to China. The generalization of a very obscure and untruthful statistics had done the Republican ticket in; and, no matter how republicans or their strategists would like to spin it, the Republican ticket was just an ungrateful, wish-washy, unreliable, unlikeable and unappreciative team that deserves to loose. As a Democrat, please Republicans take the following recommendations with a grain of salt: “It is about time that the Republican Party put together, a truth commission to find out, why a candidate professing so much lies and inconsistency was allowed to become the top of the Republican ticket. The Commission must investigate, why it took the party so long a time to know that the American voters had left them at the train station; or, where all the 800 million campaign dollars went? Why Karl Rove is still acceptable as a kingmaker or significant voice in the Republican Party? Why archaic minded, common-sense deficient strategist, with an insider-trading mind-set, was allowed to be an adjudicator of results on their right-wing television outlet, when they knew, he is an “has been”?

The lack of credibility of any person who was part of the former Republican Administration would have sufficed, to discredit anyone in that administration playing any prominent roll in the 2012 Republican Party’s fight for the White House. Not only would one of the discredited members of the last Republican administration like Karl Rove serve as a lightening rod for supporters and critics of the Republican ticket, his abuses of power and inability to accept simple math, were good enough indicators to have excluded him from the whole process. However, Republicans, being not so much foresighted, chose not to distance themselves from the controversial Karl Rove. Shamelessly, given the choice to make a difference in their campaign effort for the White House, the 2012 Republican ticket accepted support through his PACs, spending unaccountable million of dollars to achieve nothing. The ticket accepted support from those ready and willing to politicize the process by manipulating the truth, and ended up suffering the humiliation and failure. This at least, is one major reason why the Republican candidacy for the 2012 National Elections was a no show in many battle ground states.

Some of the outcry, criticism and schism in the Republican Party from the fall out of the 2012 National Elections, are probably predictable. Who could argue or make a good case for huge donors spending close to three quarter’s of a million and getting no single victory out of it. Who could emanate from a struggle for national party nomination as flag bearer, only to be derailed by unfathomable and uncomfortable comments from congressional wannabees who were hell bent on restricting women reproductive freedom? Who could articulate why the top of the Republican ticket would not acknowledge the contributions of our veterans, or men and women in uniform, when America is fighting a foreign war? Even if such a discountenance was recommended to the top of the Republican Party, shouldn’t he have seen the egregiousness in that decision? The results of the 2012 National Elections have now proven the Republican ticket as deficient in its foresight; and the voters convincingly put a nail in their political ambition and coffin.

Our men and women in uniform deserve all our respect and appreciation, always! They deserve to be our heroes and good ambassadors that must be cuddled. The good book said: No other love can a man have as to lay down his life for another person. Some of our veterans, many in our National Cemeteries today, laid down their lives, so that we may enjoy a better life. The least we can offer them is a thank you or some appreciations during national events. And like Mama said: Thank you goes a long way!

Republicans may think the inability of our veterans to register their displeasure immediately at the Republican Convention means their ticket’s choice was creative, permissible and actually popular. In fact, it has represented the worst in the Republican ticket. After all, the failure of the ticket seems to be adequate punishment; however, many men and women in uniform, and the public at large still, consider this Republican ticket’s choice as an abomination that must never repeat itself. The political class must understand the important place that our military plays in sustaining our Democracy. And even, if some party leaves the White House, another one set to replace it, still owes the military a debt of gratitude for ensuring the stability in the transition. This makes practical sense, since a new democratically elected Presidency, at least the way we know it today in America, can hardly execute its foreign wars without the selfless help of men and women in uniforms. And trust me; the wars will come, with how unstable some parts of the world are. Who then are you going to call? People like you know whom; whose parents will buy them a couple of deferment so they can go junketing in those other beautiful Cities of the World?

Finally, Republicans question the reason for their loss in the 2012 National Elections. Here is another exactitude for their thoughts: once a party’s version of the events leading to its loss is muddled up in confusion, denials, recrimination, disillusionment, then the party is in a huge mess. and in big trouble. When all the Party’s candidates for elected offices are perceived as loonies and wackos, even by Republican members themselves, then, things are really problematic in the Republican Hood! A heartless corporate tycoon that refuses to thank our veterans needs to loose and loose big time!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama’s Victory in 2012 National Elections: the way forward on Unemployment, Immigration and other National Issues?

Keywords and Terms: President Obama Election Night’s Speech; 303 -206 Electoral College Votes Spread; Obama’s Victory, Romney’s loss; 2012 National Elections; Voting Machines and Long Lines; Unemployment Problem; Minority Votes and the Republican Party.

Several months ago, some say couple of years, the unemployment problem had become a bane of contention for the political candidates seeking to be President-Elect of the United States of America in 2012. Voters noticed some great explanations from the sitting President why unemployment problem had not receded fast enough; and, the candidate with the business experience from the alternative party was being seriously considered by some Americans as probably the person to lead America out of its woe(s). All the more surprising, then, that President Obama is returned as the best person to lead the country out of this long standing pain or wilderness for more than 15 million unemployed Americans. Some political pundits say the reason for this, was the failure of Governor Mitt Romney to articulate his political message; others insist President Obama was a steadier, truthful and more reliable leader; and for this reason, it was inevitable that the country would return him to his office as the President of this great democracy. No indictment. No wavering. The nation saw the first African-American candidate to win the White House, the second Democrat to win a second term as President since WWII, as a clearer choice, for whatever reason in 2012.

After waiting endlessly for the election results from all the fifty states, especially that of Florida's, several pundits had moved along. Most news outlets declared victory for the incumbent after receiving results from 49 states and Obama had triumphed in two-thirds of the battle ground states. The battle ground states' contest provided fodder for arguments between the supporters of President Obama and Governor Romney. The highly contested states, euphemistically refereed to as the battle ground states, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin, were the determinant of the victory for the President. Notwithstanding the late results from the State of Florida, Americans were convinced on the night of November 6th 2012, that Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States, must remain in the Office to see the nation through these troubling times, or clean out the mess the Republican Party left behind in 2008. You saw how frantic the campaigns intensified in those nine swing states between the two contestants; political wisdom had taught the candidates, except you win a couple of these states in addition to your regular support bastion, the road to the White House Oval Office is rather blurry. 

Maybe that was why we saw, to some degree, that polling from those battle ground states were neck-in-neck for the two political candidates toward the end of the campaign. Only in North Carolina, did the President lose support for his agenda at the end of the day. Further, the loss for the Republican Party had been rather painful, as they saw an opening to unseat the current President out of the unemployment problem that had besieged the country; but were unable to exploit that weakness, after spending over three quarters of a billion dollar. Republican victory was not to be, because the President had the better campaign message and a greater strategic campaign team, who fought back the Republican Party's challenge. Out of this frustration, some Republican stalwarts attempted to de-legitimize the early results of the re-election of President Obama, once the winner of Ohio State was announced. However, that was a little too late, as Democrats celebrated their already convincing victories in other states that had given them enough electoral college to declare victory in the 2012 Nation Elections.

Throughout the contest, the flag bearers of the two major political parties, had offered opposing views regarding where they will like to take the country. Obama’s message was growing the economy out from the inside, working along some public options or policies that gave some relief to the middle class; and, “reasonable” taxation of the wealthy. Obama had insisted in his campaign message that for America to remain the leader of the free world, it must re-focus itself, it must wean itself off the Republican diet of over-deregulation, over-dependence on carbon-based energy source, under-taxation of the rich and extended involvement in two foreign wars.

Romney’s campaign message was as business friendly as it could get; and, probably was going to marginalize more Americans than what President Obama was offering. Few Americans believed in trickle down economics after the 2008 financial melt down. Romney was selling a product that was tarnished or discredited under former Republican Presidencies. Democrats and their flag bearer revealed their anti-Romney's message at every stop and the Republican Party candidate did not make a good case for himself as he continued to stumble at every front, from first being in support of women’s right to reproductive freedom to his anti-abortion message; again, first from being centrist in his political message during the Republican Party primary, to the “severely conservative” stance after being pronounced the party's flag bearer. Mitt Romney's candidacy was not helped by the unfortunate pronouncements of his numerous surrogates, including some running for highly contested congressional seats in their various state.

Why was it difficult for the Republicans to unseat President Obama despite a faulty economic climate? Well, if you ask Americans: Obama is doing all he could in spite of the Congressional Republican recalcitrance, to ensure that the dithering American Economy comes back alive. Throughout the campaign, Obama's Campaign strategy team had delivered a consistent message: Romney is a risky choice because he is very inconsistent in virtually all his positions or proposals. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on what political party or person you voted for, Mitt Romney proved the Obama campaign team RIGHT! How about the litany of Governor Romney’s flip flops: from self-described “progressive” running for the White House oval office to “severely conservative” after receiving the nomination of his party as the flag bearer? Romney was not only inconsistent in his campaign message, some conservative pollsters were deceiving him; while all other objective and consistent pollsters were reporting Romney loosing in many of the battle ground states, the conservative Republican pollsters were reassuring Romney that he was going to win by a landslide. What a grand Deception?

Fortunately, the Obama’s campaign message had permeated enough voters to return him back to office. With the discredit of Romney’s campaign message, many voters in the swing states – had it settled in their minds that Romney was too risky, he was a threat to their livelihood - they could not rely on the Etch-A-Sketch message of his campaign. Meanwhile, the Obama’s campaign team had accelerated its message of painting Mitt Romney as a flip-flopper, an unreliable candidate, who is more of a fair weather friend, ready to change his position to suit his audience at any time. Worse more, the underlying suspicion of Romney being a possible tax dodger and one who has disdain for the poor and under privileged, did not help matters either. Mitt Romney was so damaged or inconsistent towards the end of his campaign, some say throughout his campaign, to the extent that he became a late night host butt of joke; with David Letter pronouncing on one of his funny skits: "Hookers in Central Park, NY; God Bless their heart, would change sides like Mitt Romney for an extra tip of $20! Obama's Campaign strategists set out very earlier to Paint Romney into a hole, immediately he won his party’s nomination after a fiercely fought Republican primary. The results of the 2102 National Elections, bear their efforts out; it extended President Obama stay in the White House for another four years.

What other reasons made the Presidency of Barack Obama survive the Republican Assault? American Stock market had done rather well during his Presidency or first term; the economy had been rebounding from many quarters, and job creation in the private sector has been improving; what President Obama needed was time for his policies to start to yield the positive results that were anticipated in the coming years. Further, Obama's campaign team was going out to register younger voters who had never participated in the process and asked them to be part of the political process by voting for the first time. This was a pot of gold that ended up being advantageous for the President re-election effort. Apart from these, Obama had signed into law some landmark bills: the Affordable Cara Act, the Lilly Ledbetter Equal Pay Act, Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Law and some others, that draw back on most of the excesses that preceded his presidency. The radical entitlement reform proposal for social welfare programs by the bottom-half of the Republican ticket had become so unpopular, even among main stream Republicans, the everyone were wondering if it was a good idea at all.

Worse more, that adopted Ryan’s budget by Mitt Romney's campaign, had become so toxic, you wonder if Romney is truly a turn around business executive as he professed, who could recognize a fluke from a far off. The fear of blocking Medicaid and voucher-izing Medicare not only scared America's senior citizens, it baffled the Union workers to an extent that they dispatched lawyers and voting booth observers to all the possible trouble spots in the  swing states on election day, to keep eyes on things. Men and women in alternative lifestyles, who were interested in protecting their civil rights and interests, worked tirelessly to ensure that Romney never won. Single women did not want Roe v. Wade overturned; nor rights to reproductive freedom abrogated by Republican Party voyeurism. The possibility of reversing Roe V. Wade were very unsettling for many American women, the single ones among them went in throngs to vote in support of President Obama. The chances that the next President was going to be able to nominate at least two Justices to the US Supreme Court, was a gamble that that many supporters of President Obama weren't ready to take; they all realized the implication of Mitt Romney's victory.

The 2012 Presidential Election has come and gone. President Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States of America, won hands down with 303 Electoral College Votes as against the 206 for his opponent, with the State of Florida still outstanding. The President won the overwhelming support of Asians, Blacks, Latinos and Single women. Political pundits lay the spread of support for Obama and a break down of the 57 million votes in a realm of: 39% Whites, 95% Blacks, 90% Latinos and Asians. In terms of the 119 million Americans who exercised their right to vote in the 2012 National Elections, the President carried only 39% of White Americans; but a handome support from single women and all the minority groups in the country. In most of the battle grounds States, President Obama won over 70% of Latinos. This issue must give the Republicans a lot to chew on. America’s demography is changing real fast; and, no party, Republican or Democrats, can ignore the presence and impact of the minority groups, especially the growing population of the Latinos and Peuto-Ricans.

The President has been acclaimed for running a good ground game and giving a beautiful closing argument during his campaign for re-election, which many Americans welcomed or were endeared. President Obama made a lot of in-road with white and minority educated single women; the Latinos voted for President Obama and largely ignored the Republican Party. The Republican Party had a bad night, with the ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan moribund, Karl Rove, one of the acclaimed strategists for President W. Bush 2004 election, went into a denial mode on FOXNEWS, denying the real time election results from the State of Ohio. It was just a mess! For the loyal Republican conservatives, here are some good news: 1) The party was able to squeak in a few more Republican Governorship positions; 2) While Democrats now have twenty governors in office, Republicans have thirty. Now, the bad news: 1) Republicans lost some of the extreme Tea Party members vying for Congress in the 2012 general elections; 2) There are more women senators in congress from the Democratic Party than has ever been in the history of that chamber; 3) A number of Republicans seeking re-election back into congress shot themselves in the foot with horrendous comments; a few of them lost because they were not just good enough of disciplined for the seat.

Fortunately, President Obama and the Democrats had a very rich and resourceful election results as the Republicans were largely unable to make a very good and convincing argument, as to who could channel America to a better future. Maybe, that was why President Obama’s victory speech was not only rich, futuristic and soulful; but was also telling of the aspiration of the people who supported him for a second term. Here is the body of President’s Obama Election Night Speech as released by the Federal News Service:

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. (Sustained cheers, applause.) 

Tonight, more than 200 years after a former colony won the right to determine its own destiny, the task of perfecting our union moves forward. (Cheers, applause.) 

It moves forward because of you. It moves forward because you reaffirmed the spirit that has triumphed over war and depression, the spirit that has lifted this country from the depths of despair to the great heights of hope, the belief that while each of us will pursue our own individual dreams, we are an American family, and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people. (Cheers, applause.) 

Tonight, in this election, you, the American people, reminded us that while our road has been hard, while our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up, we have fought our way back, and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America, the best is yet to come.

(Cheers, applause.) 

I want to thank every American who participated in this election. (Cheers, applause.) Whether you voted for the very first time -- (cheers) -- or waited in line for a very long time -- (cheers) -- by the way, we have to fix that. (Cheers, applause.) Whether you pounded the pavement or picked up the phone -- (cheers, applause) -- whether you held an Obama sign or a Romney sign, you made your voice heard and you made a difference. (Cheers, applause.)

I just spoke with Governor Romney and I congratulated him and Paul Ryan on a hard-fought campaign. (Cheers, applause.) We may have battled fiercely, but it’s only because we love this country deeply and we care so strongly about its future. From George to Lenore to their son Mitt, the Romney family has chosen to give back to America through public service. And that is a legacy that we honor and applaud tonight. (Cheers, applause.) In the weeks ahead, I also look forward to sitting down with Governor Romney to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward.
(Cheers, applause.) 

I want to thank my friend and partner of the last four years, America’s happy warrior, the best vice president anybody could ever hope for, Joe Biden. (Cheers, applause.) 

And I wouldn’t be the man I am today without the woman who agreed to marry me 20 years ago. (Cheers, applause.) Let me say this publicly. Michelle, I have never loved you more. (Cheers, applause.) I have never been prouder to watch the rest of America fall in love with you too as our nation’s first lady. (Cheers, applause.) 

Sasha and Malia -- (cheers, applause) -- before our very eyes, you’re growing up to become two strong, smart, beautiful young women, just like your mom. (Cheers, applause.) And I am so proud of you guys. But I will say that for now, one dog’s probably enough. (Laughter.) 

To the best campaign team and volunteers in the history of politics -- (cheers, applause) -- the best -- the best ever -- (cheers, applause) -- some of you were new this time around, and some of you have been at my side since the very beginning. 

(Cheers, applause.) But all of you are family. No matter what you do or where you go from here, you will carry the memory of the history we made together. (Cheers, applause.) And you will have the lifelong appreciation of a grateful president. Thank you for believing all the way -- (cheers, applause) -- to every hill, to every valley. (Cheers, applause.) You lifted me up the whole day, and I will always be grateful for everything that you’ve done and all the incredible work that you’ve put in. (Cheers, applause.) 

I know that political campaigns can sometimes seem small, even silly. And that provides plenty of fodder for the cynics who tell us that politics is nothing more than a contest of egos or the domain of special interests. But if you ever get the chance to talk to folks who turned out at our rallies and crowded along a rope line in a high school gym or -- or saw folks working late at a campaign office in some tiny county far away from home, you’ll discover something else. 

You’ll hear the determination in the voice of a young field organizer who’s working his way through college and wants to make sure every child has that same opportunity. (Cheers, applause.) You’ll hear the pride in the voice of a volunteer who’s going door to door because her brother was finally hired when the local auto plant added another shift. (Cheers, applause.) 

You’ll hear the deep patriotism in the voice of a military spouse who’s working the phones late at night to make sure that no one who fights for this country ever has to fight for a job or a roof over their head when they come home. (Cheers, applause.)

That’s why we do this. That’s what politics can be. That’s why elections matter. It’s not small, it’s big. It’s important. Democracy in a nation of 300 million can be noisy and messy and complicated. We have our own opinions. Each of us has deeply held beliefs. And when we go through tough times, when we make big decisions as a country, it necessarily stirs passions, stirs up controversy. That won’t change after tonight. And it shouldn’t. These arguments we have are a mark of our liberty, and we can never forget that as we speak, people in distant nations are risking their lives right now just for a chance to argue about the issues that matter -- (cheers, applause) -- the chance to cast their ballots like we did today. 

But despite all our differences, most of us share certain hopes for America’s future.
We want our kids to grow up in a country where they have access to the best schools and the best teachers -- (cheers, applause) -- a country that lives up to its legacy as the global leader in technology and discovery and innovation -- (scattered cheers, applause) -- with all of the good jobs and new businesses that follow.

We want our children to live in an America that isn’t burdened by debt, that isn’t weakened up by inequality, that isn’t threatened by the destructive power of a warming planet. (Cheers, applause.) 

We want to pass on a country that’s safe and respected and admired around the world, a nation that is defended by the strongest military on earth and the best troops this -- this world has ever known -- (cheers, applause) -- but also a country that moves with confidence beyond this time of war to shape a peace that is built on the promise of freedom and dignity for every human being. 

We believe in a generous America, in a compassionate America, in a tolerant America open to the dreams of an immigrant’s daughter who studies in our schools and pledges to our flag -- (cheers, applause) -- to the young boy on the south side of Chicago who sees a life beyond the nearest street corner -- (cheers, applause) -- to the furniture worker’s child in North Carolina who wants to become a doctor or a scientist, an engineer or an entrepreneur, a diplomat or even a president.

That’s the -- (cheers, applause) -- that’s the future we hope for.
(Cheers, applause.) That’s the vision we share. That’s where we need to go -- forward. (Cheers, applause.) That’s where we need to go. (Cheers, applause.) 

Now, we will disagree, sometimes fiercely, about how to get there. As it has for more than two centuries, progress will come in fits and starts. It’s not always a straight line. It’s not always a smooth path. By itself, the recognition that we have common hopes and dreams won’t end all the gridlock, resolve all our problems or substitute for the painstaking work of building consensus and making the difficult compromises needed to move this country forward. 

But that common bond is where we must begin. Our economy is recovering. A decade of war is ending. (Cheers, applause.) A long campaign is now over. (Cheers, applause.) And whether I earned your vote or not, I have listened to you. I have learned from you. And you’ve made me a better president. And with your stories and your struggles, I return to the White House more determined and more inspired than ever about the work there is to do and the future that lies ahead. (Cheers, applause.) 

Tonight you voted for action, not politics as usual. (Cheers, applause.) You elected us to focus on your jobs, not ours. 

And in the coming weeks and months, I am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together -- reducing our deficit, reforming out tax code, fixing our immigration system, freeing ourselves from foreign oil. We’ve got more work to do. (Cheers, applause.) 

But that doesn’t mean your work is done. The role of citizens in our democracy does not end with your vote. America’s never been about what can be done for us; it’s about what can be done by us together, through the hard and frustrating but necessary work of self- government. (Cheers, applause.) That’s the principle we were founded on.

This country has more wealth than any nation, but that’s not what makes us rich. We have the most powerful military in history, but that’s not what makes us strong. Our university, our culture are all the envy of the world, but that’s not what keeps the world coming to our shores. What makes America exceptional are the bonds that hold together the most diverse nation on Earth, the belief that our destiny is shared -- (cheers, applause) -- that this country only works when we accept certain obligations to one another and to future generations, so that the freedom which so many Americans have fought for and died for come with responsibilities as well as rights, and among those are love and charity and duty and patriotism. That’s what makes America great. (Cheers, applause.)

I am hopeful tonight because I have seen this spirit at work in America. I’ve seen it in the family business whose owners would rather cut their own pay than lay off their neighbors and in the workers who would rather cut back their hours than see a friend lose a job. I’ve seen it in the soldiers who re-enlist after losing a limb and in those Seals who charged up the stairs into darkness and danger because they knew there was a buddy behind them watching their back. (Cheers, applause.) I’ve seen it on the shores of New Jersey and New York, where leaders from every party and level of government have swept aside their differences to help a community rebuild from the wreckage of a terrible storm. (Cheers, applause.) 

And I saw it just the other day in Mentor, Ohio, where a father told the story of his 8-year-old daughter whose long battle with leukemia nearly cost their family everything had it not been for health care reform passing just a few months before the insurance company was about to stop paying for her care. (Cheers, applause.) I had an opportunity to not just talk to the father but meet this incredible daughter of his. And when he spoke to the crowd, listening to that father’s story, every parent in that room had tears in their eyes because we knew that little girl could be our own.
And I know that every American wants her future to be just as bright. That’s who we are. That’s the country I’m so proud to lead as your president. (Cheers, applause.) 

And tonight, despite all the hardship we’ve been through, despite all the frustrations of Washington, I’ve never been more hopeful about our future. (Cheers, applause.) I have never been more hopeful about America. And I ask you to sustain that hope. 

AUDIENCE MEMBER: We got your back, Mr. President! 

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I’m not talking about blind optimism, the kind of hope that just ignores the enormity of the tasks ahead or the road blocks that stand in our path. I’m not talking about the wishful idealism that allows us to just sit on the sidelines or shirk from a fight. I have always believed that hope is that stubborn thing inside us that insists, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that something better awaits us so long as we have the courage to keep reaching, to keep working, to keep fighting. (Cheers, applause.)

America, I believe we can build on the progress we’ve made and continue to fight for new jobs and new opportunities and new security for the middle class. I believe we can keep the promise of our founding, the idea that if you’re willing to work hard, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from or what you look like or where you love (ph). It doesn’t matter whether you’re black or white or Hispanic or Asian or Native American or young or old or rich or poor, able, disabled, gay or straight. (Cheers, applause.) You can make it here in America if you’re willing to try.
(Cheers, applause.) 

I believe we can seize this future together because we are not as divided as our politics suggests. We’re not as cynical as the pundits believe. We are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions and we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. We are, and forever will be, the United States of America. (Cheers, applause.) 

And together, with your help and God’s grace, we will continue our journey forward and remind the world just why it is that we live in the greatest nation on earth. (Cheers, applause.) Thank you, America. (Cheers, applause.) God bless you. God bless these United States. (Cheers, applause.) 

The President’s Victory speech mentions among other things, the rigor of the long waiting lines voters had to endure to exercise their rights to vote. President Obama believe the country could work to fix this problem; no more waiting endlessly just to cast a vote. There are many national issues that have to be addressed now, Unemployment, credit cliff or deficit reduction, immigration tax code reforms, and energy independence. As urgent as these issues are, there is a need for lawmakers from all the parties in congress work together. The unfortunate size of the unemployed or underemployed across America, 15 million people, a population greater than some European Countries, demands an immediate action by congress and the President. Barring all those Republican bravado, we only hope that the Republican lawmakers in congress will set aside their egos; and apart from working to resolve the fiscal cliff automatic budget cut and immigration issues, they will work with the President to create opportunity for better job creation climate.