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Events and Narratives in American Presidential Campaigns: Are Americans listening to either of the Presidential candidate for 2016 White House?

KEYWORDS OR TERMS: Campaigns; Hillary Clinton; Donald Trump; Undocumented Immigrants; Conflict of Interest; Clinton Foundation; America Voters’ Priorities; Gun Violence; Safe Borders; Safe Communities; Job Creation; Illusory; Marginalized; US Congress; President of the United States; America Life; Nationhood; Race and Economic Divisions; Mudslinging; and, Harmonious Society
Are American voters listening to 2016 Presidential Candidates – are they paying particular attention to statistics, mudslinging and or narratives coming out of either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton campaigns regarding issues of unemployment, immigration, race relations, globalization and reckless gun violence in America? Does Donald Trump sound credible with the message of deportation of “millions” of undocumented immigrants in the first hypothetical hundred days of his administration; or, his two-pronged message on what he intends to do with undocumented immigrants if he had his choice? Are Americans now forgiving…

Comparison of Acceptance Speeches of the two major political party nominees for 2016 White House

Keywords or Terms: RNC; DNC; Lincoln’s Party; Donald Trump; Cleveland Ohio Convention Venue; Hillary Clinton, Philadelphia, PA Convention Center; Bigotry; Apocalyptic; Inspiring; Smart, Tender and inclusive; Bernie Sanders Championing Voter’s cause; American Political Campaign Observers; Lincoln party; Islamic Religion; Immigration; Police Violence; Collective Efforts; and Party Nomination Process
For about eighteen months Americans have been exposed to a lot of campaign messaging for 2016 White House oval office. The campaigning messaging reached a crescendo on July 21, 2016, when Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump, gave an acceptance speech at the Republican National Committee (RNC) Convention in Cleveland, Ohio; declaring close to what is now perceived in some quarters, as the worst demagoguery coming from a major political party presidential nominee in about half a century. Donald Trump, 2016 Republican nominee for White House, had declared an apocalyptic state of Americ…