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Reflecting on recent primary results in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island: America’s new reality in major political party flag bearer?

Keywords or Terms: Misogynistic; Alpha-Male Persona; Donald Trump; Pay-to-Play; Super PACs; Ted Cruz; Hillary Clinton; Bernie Sanders; Former US Speaker, John Boehner; Citizens United; Campaign Finance Reform; Income Inequality; National Politic Office; RNC Party Rules; Expanding Support Base; and, Building Coalition of Supporters
This past Tuesday, April 26, 2016, Hillary Clinton emerged victorious in Democratic Party primaries in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. These victories not only solidify her front runner’s status for party nomination, but also the endurance of a remarkable campaign apparatus funded by huge campaign contributions from Wall Street donors and other richer contributors, when compared with her opponent’s benefactors. Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s main rival, was only able to muster a squeaky victory in the State of Rhode Island with an obvious discouragement; asking his campaign strategists, where do we go from here? In most respect, Americans should …

PUTTING VICTORY FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY FIRST: implication of Bernie’s loss to Hillary in New York?

KEYWORDS or TERMS: Hillary Clinton; Bernie Sanders; Godfathers; Democratic Part; White House; Brilliant Campaigner; Chicago Area girl; Jewish Brooklyn Kid; Feel-the-Bern; Opposition Candidate; General Elections; Devolution; Dis-investments; Establishment Democrats; Establishment Republicans; and, “Democracy by co-option, compulsion, annihilation, abrogation, devaluation, or derogation of the best of ideals”
In light of a significant delegate haul for the former US Secretary of State in New York State Democratic Party Primary and the very difficult choice of knowing that there is no path ahead for Senator Sanders in the 2016 Party Nomination Exercise, many Democrats are coming to terms with the new reality; knowing that Senator Sanders’ chances in the upcoming exercise on Tuesday, April 26, 2016, in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island, or being the ultimate Democratic Party nominee, may just be a lost cause or a grim and dreary hyperbola for the Jewish bred Br…

Bernie Sanders’ and Ted Cruz’s victories in Wisconsin: A world of magical Cheeses!

Keywords or Terms: Badger State; Land of Fifteen thousand lakes; Sun-Dapple fields of Wonder; European Newspapers: Die Welt; London Times; Le-Soir; Le Figaro; Tribune de Genève; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; New Hampshire; New York; Pennsylvania; Dodd-Franks; Bernie Sanders; Ted Cruz; immigration; Social Justices; Global Security; Xenophobia
Battling for votes in the badger state can be a complex-endeavor – but it doesn’t have to be, if you kick back and let your campaign message speak for itself in that deep wonderful hiking and horseback riding country. Unfortunately, Donald Trump like Hillary Clinton probably do not see it that way; neither does Ted Cruz, John Kasich or Bernie Sanders satisfied with that assertion and or assumption regarding the race for 2016 White House oval office. Republican like Democratic party aspirants have sworn to make things more complex for their rivals for party nomination.
For some eye-popping predictions, Ted Cruz on the Republican side was projected with a ten…