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Insanity in the Market Place: How our Delusion over Second Amendment Rights is Killing our Future!

Keywords or Terms: Second Amendment Rights; Malady; Insanity; Mental illness; Sandy Hook; Our children; Elementary School; Adam Lanza; Nancy Lanza; Future of America, President Obama, Newport High School

I am going to get flak for this one; but I am truly prepared to deal with whatever comes my way. I have been away from blogging over three weeks because I lost a very beloved mother last month in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Ms. Wanda Jones (1929 - 2012) was a saint with ivory and velvety voice; a mother of very few words, but candid and helpful advice. A rose among thorns; cherished, caring and compassionate classroom teacher, who would not have believed the mayhem that took place in Sandy Hook, Connecticut this past week.
Her former elementary school students, children and I loved her so much; but the good Lord loved her better, so she went home to be with him/her. When she left, she said some few words that kept me away from blogging for a while: she says I should reflect over what is tr…