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Bernie’s Victories in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii: A weekend to cherish for a possible comeback?

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Now as you dig deeper into Bernie Sanders’ weekend of triplecaucuses’ victories, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii, you find yourself wondering with the proverbial bone in your teeth, how come this is happening to a campaign some Democrats are refusing to acknowledge its phenomena. Beyond any questionable metaphor, there are big things happening for the Vermont Independent Senator on the campaign trail for the White House that marvels even the ardent establishment Democrat. How about capacity venue overflows of supporters and potential supporters ditching expensive luxury desig…

Primaries and Caucuses' Results from Idaho, Utah and Arizona: reflecting in the shadows of Belgian Terrorist Attack?

Keywords or Terms: Belgium Apartment; NATO Country; Salah Abdeslam; Western Civilization; Paris and Brussels mayhem; American Muslim neighborhoods; ISIS or ISIL; Jihadists; New York Police Commissioner; Cuban American Canadian-born refugee child; Utah; Idaho; Arizona; Ted Cruz; Donald Trump; Bernie Sanders; and, Hillary Clinton
We are probably all familiar with the five remaining aspirants for 2016 race for the White House oval Office: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich. We spent most of our Tuesday, March 22, 2016 digesting the horrible news or contemplating what might have been at Brussels, if the security agencies at that Western European City had not dropped the ball, leading to deaths of thirty-one and about two hundred and seventy injured. The deadly explosion resonated far loud and clear that it not only caused mayhem in the country, Belgium, it obliterate any national news on the primaries’ and caucuses’ results from the States of Idaho, Uta…

EXIT OF MARCO RUBIO FROM 2016 WHITE HOUSE RACE: the reward of disloyalty or what?

Keywords or Terms: Establishment Republican Leaders; Marco Rubio; Jeb Bush; Donald Trump; Novice Politician; Flawed candidacy; First White House Floridian Republican Hispanic; Establishment Candidacy; Neophyte; Small fish Republican Aspirants; Mentor Vs. protégé; Social Media Fights; and Outside Challenger
By the time Macro Rubio was talking at Atlantic University in Palm Beach, Florida on Monday, March 14, 2016, he probably wasn’t expecting a bomb-shell landslide loss to one of the angriest and loathsome aspirant for the 2016 White House, Reality Show host, Donald Trump. His inability to adjust to the twist and turns of the ever changing and gravitating electorate was probably one of the reasons he lost in his home state to a New Yorker, tonight. Were his premises of what works best in Republican primaries or caucuses in 2016 White House race flawed? Was his estimation of genuine support from Floridian Republicans after the exit of Jeb Bush from the race subject to a second guess? In …

REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE AFTER ELEVEN ADVERSARIAL SHOUTING MATCHES: Bringing back civility and fine decorum to political discuss?

Keyword or Terms: Civility; CNN; Governor Kasich; Senator Marco Rubio; Senator Ted Cruz; and Billionaire Donald Trump; Cuba; Transpacific trade; Climate Change; Whitehouse; Mundane and Docile response; Substantive and Elegant debate; unconventional coup d’etat; American Political Party; North Carolina, Illinois and Florida
Contrary to what has obtained in eleven Republican Presidential campaign debates, the twelfth one, was a water shed from the past. Even the Republican polls’ leader and chief provocateur in the shouting matches of the debates past, Donald Trump, agreed that this CNN moderated debate was the most substantive and elegant of all the debates. There were no snipers or name calling; neither were there candidates talking over each other like kindergartners. Concurrently, not only did Governor Kasich of Ohio agreed that this last one was good and congenial, he acknowledged how far the Republican aspirants have come on the debate rostrum to an after-debate rendezvous with one…

M and M Duo Victories and the Miami Florida Experience: Debating the last Democratic National Committee Sanctioned Encounter!

Keywords or Terms: Democratic national Committee (DNC); Clinton’s campaign; Sander’s Campaign; Delegate Counts; Regional Performance; Michigan; Minnesota; Florida, Ohio; March 15th; ‘H→’ Brand; ‘Feel the Bern’ Brand; “Queen of the South’; President Barack Obama; President Bill Clinton; President George W. Bush; Univision/CNN; Latino Youths; and, Mr. or Mrs. President
In the past week, I had contemplated the possible stiff and heated contest for delegates between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders as the Democratic National Committee sanctioned debate for party nomination moves from south to middle and or, rust belt states. Tuesday’s primary or caucuses results from Michigan State bore out part of my contemplation; and, the outcome from the State of Mississippi, re-affirmed that Hillary Clinton is still the Queen of the South. Frankly, by now, the Clinton’s campaign team realizes that Bernie Sanders is giving them a run for their money across multiple regions of the country.
The preponde…