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Enough Propaganda about how Obamacare is leading to Political meltdown for Democrats!

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In America’s Political experience, the word ‘meltdown’ as a consequence for passing a bill designed to restructure the delivery of health care and accommodate the challenges of having too many citizens without health insurance and care, is better reserved for those faint at heart and for politicians perceived as weak, legislatively unproductive, and or, personally or behaviorally flawed. It is hardly a word anyone would attach to ground breaking legislation in health care, despite its teething problem at launching. Despite current acrimonious statements regarding how badly the launching of the first phase of Affordable Care Act of 2011 has been, recall the same acrimonious statements beclouded the passing of the law, there are certainly some hope for the law and its future; and, if we all give the la…

Sequestration: watching the uninvited change to middle-income earners quality of life?

Sequestering: To set aside or remove; to take temporary possession of as security against claim – Webster English Dictionary

When a Republican bemoans sequestration cuts, you probably assume that his/her party leadership also empathizes with him/her regarding the set aside. It is also likely that you are thinking when this budget set aside going to hit you, your children and or parents. Very few of us ever think law making in American Congress will deteriorate to a level that our lawmakers cannot take the initiative to save the economy from another possible free fall, because of the choice of allowing sequestration cuts. And for those of you who are thinking, no one should be concerned, since this new terminology for austerity, or temporary possession of part of budget allocation, is just another way of slowing down federal government expenditure, I’ll say: think again!

In the past two years, some say throughout President Obama’s stewardship of the White house, Republicans in congress…

In case you missed it: State of the Union Address and Progressives!

"Social Progress makes the well-being of all more and more the business of each; it binds all closer and closer together in bonds from which none can escape" -- Henry George.

This is really red meat for Progressives! President Obama's Second State of the Union Address is peppered with the type of lingo liberals like to open champagne(s) to! Full of collective substance and probably a repeat of many of his past proposals, with a torch of some new ideas. The speech is impressive, considering how calm and collected the President was in his delivery. The Oratory superb and the emotions close to the end of the speech when he made a case for a vote on assault weapon ban, vivid or livid, make your choice!

However, if you are conservative, if you are the Tea Party type, this one will probably run you off the wall. I enjoyed every bit of it; not because I completely agree with everything in the speech, but because I know the President has a conviction and he has stood by it: "…

OBAMA 2.0: the second inaugural speech and transformative affirmation of the power of we, the people!

“America’s possibilities are limitless, for we possess all the qualities that this world without boundaries demands: youth and drive; diversity and openness; an endless capacity for risk and a gift for reinvention.” – President Obama – 2nd Inaugural Speech

In a nutshell, here is the transformation coming to America courtesy of Obama 2.0. In case you missed it, the 44th President of the United States of America second inaugural address could be summed up in the following points: We, the People…seek: 1) National Unity and Unity of Purpose; 2) Gun Safety Control; 3) Reduction of Health and Medicare Cost; 4) Action on Climate Change; 5) Comprehensive Immigration Reform; 6) Better Budget Process; 7) Security & Dignity of all People; and 9) Total Rejection of notion that we cannot invest in our elders while still building a better future for our children! But by seeking these objectives, the President called for the involvement of everyone, not only the blogger-sphere. – a very laudable …