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Food Court XMAS Carol Celebration

Ladies and Gentlemen:

This is probably a befitting way to end the blog for the year. Enjoy every minute of it and see you next year!

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Christopher Adekoya

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Extension of the Bush Tax Cut: Why measurement is important on the trade-offs with the Republicans

Many Republicans and their rich friends are celebrating the loot from the taxpayers from the extension of the Bush Era Tax Cut; with one of their rich friends thanking Republicans for the opportunity to fly first class, rather than second class, on vacation trips. Many Democrats who were apprehensive of the huge trade-off when the Whitehouse was informing us of the need to compromise for the sake of the middle class and the economy, are asking: what next? As one of the rich friends of Republicans indicated, the extension of the tax cut offers numerous opportunities to enjoy my wealth and play around with some entertainment dollars, courtesy of Uncle Sam!

Since the windfall for the rich, Republicans have agreed to a number of bills that have once languished in congressional committees for months with one or two of them considered initially moribund. Three of such bills have now been signed into the law of the land by President Obama, in a matter of three weeks; that is an average of on…

Acting up: When Democrats go AWOL on their Leader in the bid to stop Republicans’ Aggression

In politics, a leader is better feared than loved. Democrats challenged the President’s choice of using hard power to move compliance on his negotiated arrangement with the Republicans. Incidentally, the Democrats are fighting back. Democratic lawmakers were all on the talk show circuits this weekend, CBS face the nation, ABC this week and others, trying to place their position in proper context with respect to the extension of Bush’s tax cut and the difficulty of accepting that the President’s negotiated arrangement is the best deal out there for Americans. A few Democratic lawmakers insist they would be making some significant changes, if ever the bill is brought before congress. Late Friday, a group of Democrats had attempted to railroad the arrangement or bill with the Republican from coming to the floor for consideration. While Republicans were busy supporting their negotiations with the President and the President seeking the support and receiving the blessing of probably the mo…

Inconvenient Compromise on the Millionaire's Tax Relief: Negotiating out of perceived weakness of Democrats?

Someone is about to give taxpayers' money to the millionaires among us and well meaning Democrats and patriots of this nation are saying: H*ll No! Democrats are raising hell because it is absolutely necessary. If the President does not know how to negotiate with bullies, how to deconstruct aggression, and how to hold tight against all odds, some well meaning Democrats are ready to stand up and be counted.

It is not enough to assume that Americans are unwilling to allow the Bush’s Tax cut to elapse at the end of the year because they do not want to take home a smaller check. If taking home a smaller check will make us be classified as purist, idealist or boneheads, so be it. Many of us in the poor and middle classes are hardly taking home anything as of now; by my last count, close to fifteen million Americans, except you consider the pittance unemployment insurance compensation, a huge check! Notice I used the term, compensation, not transfer payments. The huge tax break that the …

Petitioning the left and Obama’s Threshold for Change in the face of Republican aggressions: Is there a compromise?

One crucial aspect of the embodiment of Republican’s aggression and the disaffection with President Obama’s decision to negotiate away the extension of the Bush Tax cuts from the left is the lack of the actualization of the power of the Presidency. The frustration of the left with President Obama is deeper and broader than is actualized by today’s Press Conference. Over the past two years, Republicans have stood in the way of this presidency, some of their positions being construed in the context of race, although they vehemently deny this. The President's announcement of the new tax cuts for Americans is associated with some undue chastisement of the left; a decision that hardly sits well with majority in the left. The challenge of borrowing money to feed our fiscal recklessness is what is making the left say, wait a minute Mr. President, is this what we need to be doing to prevent further humiliation of the poor and middle classes?

President Obama has pushed a foray of bills, pa…

Tough Choices: Working with a new Republican Congressional Majority Come 2011?

While it seems unreasonable to assume that the Republican Congressional Majority would be amendable to the goals of a Democratic President come January, the lame dock experience, including issues as the Extension of the Bush Era Tax Cut, START II Treaty, Extension of Unemployment Insurance Payment, and Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell legislation, bears this position out. The experience of the current negotiations and voting on one of these important goals of governance and bills of importance to this presidency over the weekend, have shown that the President is up for an uphill battle when the new congress is sworn in January. Our blog today discusses how to work with the Republican majority to achieve the objective of the Obama’s Presidency. The faith of important issues and bills that look moribund because of the results of the November elections can very much been impacted by astute Political brinkmanship and accuracy of understanding of congressional behavior. This essentially is …

New Environment for Offshore Drilling: What the new Obama Administration Plan does not mean?

The blog today takes on the debate that the new plan ushered in by the Obama’s administration, denying off-shore drilling in the eastern gulf, will lead to America’s dependence on foreign oil or energy sources. It is almost an aberration that America’s Energy Source debate takes on a new turn every time the government makes a conscious effort to correct for failures of participants in the energy industry. And, in many cases than not, the politicization of the process of reform often comes from those who know better; but, are determined to fool the public or downgrade honest effort by this administration. Off-shore oil drilling reform has explicitly begged to be attended to after the British Petroleum oil spill.

Many oil industry experts and insiders knew a change was coming after the beleaguered multinational corporation poured over 178 million gallons of oil into the Gulf Coast waters. Had the present administration not examined the status of the nation’s demand for oil from offshor…