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Keeping you informed: Scientific Research Investigation Standard in completing federally funded researches into BP pollution of the Gulf of Mexico

British Petroleum (BP) wants to get you informed? Yes they do, but would probably not share information on the level of environmental pollution, chemically, biologically and genetically, of the Gulf Coast ecology, since its huge oil spill in April. BP would want to get you informed, but has the first right of refusal to information and results of investigation into the level of chemical, biological and physiological damage to the star fish, shrimps and other marine wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico. Most scientists, who are working on BP funded research effort into the repercussion of the oil spill in the Gulf, are more likely to share their results and findings with the management of BP than with the general public. This is not that all these investigators would not want to share their findings, but the researchers and investigators are not required to swear before the courts that their results and findings are the truth and nothing but the truth.

In fact, scientists with funded researc…