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Crusade against Union Bargaining Rights in Republican Led State Capitols: the new challenge for American Middle-class?

Keywords or Terms: Union Bargaining Rights; Crusade; Republican Governors; State Assemblies; Workers' Rights; Union Power; Budget Deficits; Wisconsin; Ohio; November 2012 Elections;

Are Budgets in Republican led State Capitols necessarily more on the edge than those in Democratic Party led states? Are State workers in Republican led governor’s offices necessarily worse-off in terms of budget deficits than those in States with Democratic Party governors? What is it about the new movement and changes in Wisconsin and Ohio, and probably other Republican states, regarding restriction on Union bargaining rights or power? Will this new crusade set union member rights or power backwards, or will it enhance Republican Party chances come the next election cycle? These questions came out of the mouth of a bewildered union leader. For all the underpinnings in state budget deficits, why are Republicans so committed to turning back the clock of progress in about half a century in public emplo…

PPACA: Right not Priviledge Vs. Worst Law Ever made?

Keywords or Terms: Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), Youths & Parents' Health Insurance Policy; Elderly & Medicare Advantage Donut Hole; Health Insurance Premiums; Assumptions; Foundations; Republicans; Democrats.

When asked the above question in a quiet country club discussion session, I laughed and looked out through the window, assessed the gathering of the somewhat upper crust of the affluent in the country club and replied: You've got to be a wizard to know what is to come!

There is a certain hunger in America to find out what the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) actually means. It has been a year since President Obama signed the act into the law of the land, and the worlds of many middle income earners and the poor, who have suffered disproportionately under the former healthcare system, has shifted on their axis. The American healthcare system landscape would never be the same again; and, the health care opportunities avail…

Of Earthquakes and Nuclear Plants: learning from the Japanese Experience

Keywords or Terms: Earthquakes; Nuclear Radiation Contamination; Secondary Emergency Plan; Radio-Active Waste; Burning Nuclear Plants; Japan; Germany; Switzerland; Finland; Russia; Chernobyl; Three-man Island; Northwest, USA; Epidemiological damage; Public policy

In response to the recent earthquakes in Japan, many countries have begun to look over their plans regarding their nuclear plants. Because residents close to a nuclear plant may be exposed to radiation in the event of an earthquake and the failure of a nuclear plant's secondary emergency plan to activate, residents living in proximity of a nuclear plant may be exposed to nuclear radiation contamination.

Radiation contamination has been associated with health issues, including cancer and radioactive iodide poisoning. Although there are variations in the extent of epidemiological damage to the body chemistry and surface, people who have encountered radioactive poisoning have been determined to show initial disorders and i…

Public Employees’ Union Concerns: Was there a lost translation in Wisconsin State?

Keywords or Terms: State Budget balancing, Union Bursting; Public Employees Union; Lost translation; Republican Governors; Employees’ Right; Salaries and Benefits

An enormous number of public employees have lost or about to loose their breadwinner to unemployment. As a result, children in the many households of public employees have lost or about to loose their health care insurance. As if that wasn’t bad enough, some American households who depend on public employment and who are facing some Republican Governors’ assault on union protected rights are being told whatever negotiation they once had under the umbrella of a union is no longer relevant; and, these people are wondering what is next.

Wisconsin Governor Walker won the distinction over recent weeks for yanking public employee unions’ rights to negotiation on salary, benefits and more. Many Labor Union experts expect other states with Republican governors to follow suit, with more heads of households in public sector employ…

What about that Apology from British Petroleum CEO Robert Dudley?

Keywords or Terms: Bob Dudley; BP; Apology; Energy Conference; Ownership of mistakes; Disappointment; Organization and leadership failures

“You know, you never can expect remorse from arrogant and spineless executives of big corporations,” that was my observation after hearing the comments from British Petroleum CEO Robert Dudley. As I read his apology before the industry group at the energy conference holding Tuesday in Houston, Texas, I got this airy feeling that British Petroleum has not owned up to the responsibility for the Deep-water Horizon disaster. Not that I expected more from Bob Dudley, I once blogged that he was part of the problem and not the answer to British Petroleum's disjointed organizational failures immediately after the worst offshore oil spill in the history of the United States. However, I was mystified and angry when I realized that Mr. Dudley’s apology before the energy conference wasn’t meant for the thousands of Gulf Coast residents that suffered dispr…

Defying Republican Assault on Women Health and Children Programs?

Keywords or Terms: Women Rights; Head Start; Peace Corp; Planned Parenthood; Budget Deficit; Union Boss; Wisconsin; Fallacious Advertisements, Corporate Greed and Welfare

For more than twenty decades in America, women have empowered themselves, fought decisively to gain the right to vote, challenged the glass ceiling to enter corporate board rooms, triumphed in academics and business with equal footing and held fort in the storm of political dynamics, but today, their dream to assert their right to their body is still in question. Due to aggression from self-styled conservatives who have been able to work themselves into main stream Republican Party stalwarts and occupy legislative positions and power in U.S. House of Representatives, these latter-day fiscal and social conservatives have not only laid ambush against federal and states’ budgets, but also, against safety net social programs that are meant to help establish somewhat of an equal footing for all children as they lounge in…

Women Concerns: Impact of Cutting Government Spending on the Health of Women and Children?

Keywords or Terms: Women and Children’s Programs; Political Privilege; Strategic Decisions; Corporate Greed; US Budgets; Social Security; Medicare

How destructive is the new maître of downsizing government and cutting government spending to the health of women and children? Very.

The current Republican led House of Representatives is re-defining women’s relationship to the state. The new choice of legislation in the U.S. House of Representative, is hardly job creation for the teaming millions of Americans out of a job; but : 1) denying funding for planned parenthood, the nation’s largest provider of health and reproductive services to women; 2) cutting nearly $800 million from the women, Infant, and Children (WIC) program, which provides life-saving nutrition program for low-income families; and 3) slashing nearly one billion dollars from Head Start program that effectually eliminates pre-school program for more than 200,000 low income children and about 50,000 women teachers and …

Good Times Are Here Again: When the Federal Government issues the first permit to drill off-shore since the BP oil Spill?

Keywords or terms: Off-shore permits; Noble Energy; BP oil spill; Off-shore Drilling Moratorium; Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement

Full scale federal permitting system for off-shore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico may be few months down the road, but off-shore drilling in the Gulf is here as Noble Energy was given the first approval to drill in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This is the first off-shore oil drilling permit that was issued to anyone or organization to drill in the Gulf of Mexico since the BP explosion at the Macondo well. Oil companies contemplating approval or who have submitted applications for permit to commence off-shore drilling in the Gulf can be rest assured that their day is here or is very close. State and municipal governments which have suffered adverse impact from the moratorium on off-shore drilling since the Deep-water Horizon disaster, can now rest easy as it’s most likely their lost royalties is about to be a thing of the pa…

Political Compromise and the Impending Presidential Election of 2012: whither negotiation on PPACA?

Keywords of Terms: Politicking; PPACA; Health Insurance law; Republicans; 2012 Presidential elections; Compromise; Fiscal Budget; Budget Gap;

Compromise is an important part of politicking. Until recently, after a legislation is signed into law, compromises were unimaginable in American politics. Yesterday, some of us were taken aback when President Obama offered to back legislation that would enable states to request federal permission to withdraw from some of the Patient’s Protection and Affordable Care Act's (PPACA) mandates schedule for 2017 in 2014. Many of the central provisions of the law were expected to take effect in 2014, at which time most Americans are expected to obtain health insurance coverage; and, many employers of certain size, expected to offer coverage to workers or pay a penalty. As New York Times frames it, this august flair from the Whitehouse is meant to appease disgruntled governors! Today’s blog looks at the implication of this pronouncement on the Presi…