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Eastern Coastal Storms, Hurricane Sandy and the Aftermath Destructions: What will Mitt Romney Do?

Keywords or Terms: Hurricane Sandy; Deaths, Floods, Train Tracks Collapse; FEMA; Privatization; Profits; Heartlessness; and, the Republican Party Flag Bearer
Is the battle for the hearts and souls of the American voters bringing the worst in the Republican Party Flag bearer? Is Mitt Romney’s obsession for making money clouding his sense of compassion and reasoning when he re-affirmed that he wanted FEMA privatized? Can anyone explain to me, since I went to late night school, how a politician would like to make money from severe super storms, likened to an explosion of a 500 thousand tons bomb coming off at the same time, by eminent climatologists? Is there really anything that people wouldn’t try to make money off? I learn some people are making money off disposal of you know what, could that happen to disaster from the fury of nature and emergency management? Can some people make money from the miseries and misfortunes that have consumed lives, properties and displaced thousands, if n…

Political Demagogue V: The Iconic language of a Smart President?

“Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military’s changed. We have these things called aircraft carriers, where planes land on them. We have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines.” - -President Obama.
Language is everything in Politics and life! Was the response to Governor Romney’s delusion about the US Navy status, the final sword that shredded into pieces his dream for the White House? Governor Romney had just intoned that we have always had a strategy to fight two wars at once since FDR; and, under Obama that strategy was changing. For Romney, the highest responsibility for the President of the United States is to maintain safety of the people; and, cutting of our military budget would only make the nation’s future less certain and secure. An apprehension that President Obama replied to with: “… Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military’s changed. We have these things called ai…

Why the Conspiracy Theorists on US Embassy Benghazi, Libya Misfortune have to be Answered or Nailed?

Keywords or Terms: FOXNEWS Special Report; Bret Baier; Credibility; Hatchet Job; Yellow Journalism; Incoherent pictures and events time line; Americans Heroes; FCC Rule

The Conspiracy theory around the United States Embassy Attack in Benghazi, Libya, has not been immortalized yet on FOXNEWS-TV; but Bret Baier’s Special Report on Friday night jeopardizes any empirical evidence that we may all rely on as the gospel truth regarding the event(s) of that night. The program, FOXNEWS-TV Special Report fails to empower any of its viewers to think or access any other position as credible as to the fact in this case. Worse more, Mr. Baier’s report fell far short of objective journalism; some would even term the report as yellow journalism. Why are we taking exceptions to the report?
Without going into the details of FOXNEWS-TV presentations, the poor quality of Mr. Baier’s story line on the Benghazi, Libya Embassy’s misfortune and the less than crystal assessment and jumbled together pictures of …

Political Demagogue IV: Autopsy of the Second Presidential Debate for 2012

Keywords or Terms: Obama; Romney; Candy Crowley; CNN Journalist; Second Debate; Risks in Choice; Rose Garden; Benghazi attack of the US embassy; Women in Binders; Romney’s admonishment or Embarrassment; Obama’s Triumph; and, 2012 National Elections
Richard Holbrooke, a former US Ambassador to the United Nations, wrote a piece in the Foreign Affairs journal of October 2008 regarding the daunting task ahead for the Next President; surmising: “The Next President will inherit a more difficult set of international challenges than any predecessor since World War II, a reactive and passive presidency will not succeed, nor will one in which a president promises solution but does not deliver, .. to restore United States to its proper world leadership role, two areas of weakness must be repaired: the domestic economy and the United States’ reputation in the world.” No one would question that both challenges cited by Mr. Holbrooke became front and center in the second debate for the National Elec…

Political Demagogue III: Autopsy of the First Presidential Debate for 2012