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Frost and Fraud have always fouled ends: when Romney releases 2011 Tax Filing on a Friday Evening?

Keyword or Terms: Romney’s 2011 tax filing; AARP; Paul Ryan; White House; Mitt Romney’s Campaign Team; Foreign Investments; Cayman Island; Bermuda; Swiss Bank Accounts; Trustworthiness; Tastelessness; Lies and Scandal; 47%; American Voters.
How can a presidential candidate slipping in the polls dunce his chances further? This question wouldn’t have been puzzling or arising, but for what has been going on this week regarding Mother Jones released tapes in which Mitt Romney was denigrating 47% of American voters as losers! A huge number of Republicans could have still been supporting Mitt Romney’s candidacy, but again, for the release of his 2011 tax filing on the heels of a disastrous and calamitous week for the campaign team. Talk about compounding an already murky Republican campaign?
Mitt Romney’s 2011 tax filing has not only compounded the support equation, it continues to erode trust. Incidentally, some Republicans are finding his candidacy as worrisome, even among the loyal and ded…

Political Demagogue II: the disorderly language and face of a Mormon Millionaire with foot in the mouth!

September 11: Building Community Engagement in the Security of America?

Assisting America’s Economic Rebound: an essay in support of Obama’s second term and an impingement of the racist undertone of the 2012 general elections

Keywords or Terms: Republican Convention; Democrats Convention; Governor Mitt Romney; President Barack Obama; America’s Economy; General Elections; Party’s Platform; Promises, Propaganda and Second Chance.
It will not take long before November 6, 2012 is here, politicians, Republicans and Democrats, will continue to become antsy about their chances. But the promise of each Party’s flag bearer and competitiveness of each party’s platform before voters may quickly evaporate if the debates between the two candidates for the office of Presidency points to an alternative universe: it is better to give the incumbent a second chance. Republicans and their flag bearer, Governor Mitt Romney, may be averse to this argument; however, many voters who have been looking at the unemployment and job market, may actually be seeing the silver lining at the end of the rainbow regarding the whole American economy. Will the American Voters give the incumbent of the White House a second Chance? This questio…

The Case for Obama’s Second term: President Clinton’s Speech before the 2012 Democratic Party Convention?

Keywords or Terms: President Clinton; Elizabeth Warren; President Obama, Professor Douglas J Amy; Speeches; Fact Checks and truth-meter; Republican Party Nightmare
Where would you like me to begin? Is it from Elizabeth Warren's classic comment that nearly brought the house down at the Democratic convention: “Mitt Romney’s the guy who said corporations are people?  No, Governor Romney, corporations are not people.  People have hearts, they have kids, they get jobs, they get sick, they cry, they dance.  They live, they love, and they die.” Or, the quintessential Clinton ripping into Republican’s mantra of I’ve taken mine, you are all on your own?  In one of the polemic speeches made at an American convention, President Clinton’s speech redefined what it means to live in a democracy and backed the Republicans and their extremist groups to the wall regarding their castigation of President Barack Obama on his handling of the American Economy.
There are two deductive sentences from Presid…