Saturday, April 11, 2009

That Environment Budget! April 10, 2009 Blog

Mr. & Mrs. Olympia, Washington Legislature:
There are two basic arguments against cutting Washington State Environmental Protection Budget. First, it has not worked in the past, second, it is not going to work today or tomorrow. We all know what happens when essential services are cut because of budget decapitation: People and the environment become decapitated! We are told by our legislature in HB 1614 and SB 5518 that a cut in environmental budget can help balance past excesses in other areas of the state's budget The case cannot be far from the truth. Most recently, the rationale has been expanded into the state's health care insurance for the underprivileged. Like in the past, we already know what is going to happen to children from low income households, when affordable health care insurance is unavailable to them. Just like the children of the poor who are going to suffer tremendously in the coming years, our environment will suffer likewise. Mr. & Mrs. Legislature, here is a reminder just before you come to our homes to seek your bi-yearly support or votes: We expect our government to ensure that the water we drink is safe and the air we breathe is clean. Anything less is a compromise: Please, don't cut the environmental protection budget!
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