A new generation of Environmental Capitalist?

It is very possible that the nagging problem of decades of pollution and annihilation of Washington State waterways will bring a new generation of innovators and thinkers into our mist. Innovators who can harness the natural resources around us to generate wealth without polluting our waterways. Thinkers who understand why we cannot accept the idea of having 150,000 pounds of untreated toxins migrating into the Puget Sound daily. Policymakers who appreciate the essence of listening to innovators and thinkers; and, patiently walking through the maze of politics in fashioning responsive environmental laws. I am not talking about opportunists, but dynamic capitalists who will like to harness their knowledge to change our economy in such a way that we can make profit while at the same time preserve our waterways. Innovative Washingtonians who will like to confront the problems of overstrained storm water system. Thinkers who treasure the vitality and natural beauty of clean waterways and less polluted ocean floors. Men and women who will make Washington Rivers and Estuaries safe while turning the engine of capitalism in full speed!
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