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Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States – A Reflection on a National Dream denied?

Keywords or Terms: Electoral College; 2016 Election Results; White House; Melting Pot; Declaration of Independence; Right of the Disenfranchised; Muslims; Mexican; Wall Building; Renegotiating NAFTA; Empowerment of Disparate Groups; Consent of the Governed; Foundation Principle of Organized Powers; Anti-tyranny, Anti-repeated injuries and usurpation, Anti-harassment, Anti-cruelty, Anti-taxation without representation,  Anti-absolute governance; Civil Rights; Beauty of America’s Democracy; Ronald Reagan; Howard Dean
Every four years American citizens and voters flood the voting booths to fulfill the constitutional requirement to elect a president who will govern them. The choice of who ends up being the President of the United States of America in a spate of aspirants is reposed in an electoral college. In this respect, the Electoral College serves not only as a proxy of the American voters, but the voice of the people, following a detailed election proceeding that yields the ultimate o…

THIRD AND FINAL 2016 PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE IN LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: Gambling with the future of America?

Keywords or Terms: Third Presidential Debate; University of Nevada, Las Vegas Nevada. Donald Trump; Republican Party Standard Bearer; Hillary Clinton; Democratic Party Standard Bearer; NBC-TV Saturday Night Life; Alec Baldwin; Kate McKinnon;bad hombres; Social Security Benefits; Beijing; New York; Arkansas; African-America; Miss Universe; De-legitimized Election Results; Party Unity; US Congress; US Speaker of the House; Epilogue
The most talked about encounter today, is the third presidential debate between Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party and Donald Trump of the Republican Party. It was only ten days ago when the nation was exposed to what looked like debate venue stalking of the Democratic Party Standard Bearer by the Republican Party Standard Bearer; and, we all now know what the NBC Saturday Night Life’s skit and dramatization, as appropriately portrayed by Long Island Native and Comedian Alec Baldwin, deduced from that or got us cracked-ribbed? The vanquished in the second…

SECOND 2016 PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE: A New Development in possible Use of Presidential Power?

Keywords or Terms: 2016 White House Race; Second Presidential Debate; US Senate; Washington University, St. Louis; Hillary Clinton; Donald Trump; TRAS POLITICA PRINCIPLE; American Constitution; Buddying Tyrant; disillusionment; Presidential Powers; Vladimir Putin; Kim Jong-un; NBC-Wall Street Journal Polls;Donald Trump’s 2016; Mitch Romney’s 2012; and John McCain’s 2008
A great deal has been written and said about presidential debates and campaigns in 2016. With a new development coming from the Republican candidate’s intention to prosecute his rival in the 2016 White House race, if he ever wins the November general elections, one must now expect some degree of substantial disagreements regarding where the current debate for the White House is taking the country; and, the possible implication of such a proposal. Americans can all agree that unlike what obtains in some other countries or parts of the world, where there are poor checks and balances in the arms of government, or poorly ar…