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Aspirant Donald Trump and an American War Hero: Troubled Coexistence in the Republican Party of 2015?

Keywords or Terms: GOP Chairman Reince Preiebus; Aspirant Donald Trump; Senator John McCain; War Hero; USA Today/University Poll; Far-Right Wing Republicans; Tea Party; Republican Field of Aspirants; Veterans; Families of POWs; Disparaging, Slanderous, and Out of place comment; Compromise, civility, courteousness and appreciations; Vietnam Era Military Pilot; Southeast Asian War; Afghanistan and Iraq wars; Second World War; P5+1+EU countries; Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Agreement; US Congress; Israeli and Bibi Netanyahu; and, American Blood.
What establishment Republicans have promised has not yet happened. What the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party predicted about seven years ago has actually come to pass. Donald Trump, the hero of the Republican Party’s rank and file has not only bested more than fourteen Republican hopefuls for the 2016 nomination, he topped the early polls conducted by USA Today/Suffolk University this past week; and has been growing in support since…

The Nuclear Deal with Iran and 2016 Presidential Campaign: Investing in America’s National Interest without apologies to any other nation?

Keywords or Terms: Negotiated Nuclear Deal; P5+1+EU; Multilateral versus Bilateral Agreement Deal; Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action; US, Britain, Germany, France, Russian and China; President Barack Obama; Supervised Inspections of Nuclear sites and research labs; Iranian Nuclear Research; International Nuclear Status Monitoring and Sanctions; International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); Generalized views of Negotiation’s Provisions; State of Israel; Interest-threat mismatch; USA; Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu; 2016 Presidential Hopefuls; Republicans; Holding brief for an imagined impending nuclear catastrophe; Making enforcement of the provisions in the deal a priority to ensure success: Preventing Iran from Obtaining Nuclear Weapons.
Investing in America’s National Interest is nothing to be apologetic about; or, criticized just to satisfy the ambitions of an ally or supposed, friendly nation. Why bother or lose some sleep over a negotiated Nuclear Deal with Iran, which the only Jewis…

THE CONFEDERATE FLAG FALLS: the death of hate and the triumph of the human spirit!

Keywords or Terms: Hate, Confederate Flag; SC Representative Jenny Horne; Jefferson Davis; American Civil War; Emanuel African Methodist Episcopalian Church; Tea Party; US Congressional Republicans; OBAMACARE; Moms Demand Action;  Gun Violence; and, Hate Groups
One of the most important questions our descendants would ask in the near future is why did it take us this long to retire a symbol of hate? Why did it take the whole nation this long to stop hating? Hate kills, it destroys, and it embowers and creates unwelcome frictions that are better left out of everyone’s life. In the days and weeks following the slaying of nine American citizens in their place of worship, debate circulated around South Carolina and the nation about the need to retire the Confederate flag from the seat of power in some southern states. Proponents and opponents staged their arguments for and against, and for a while, it seemed the opponents were going to win out, until came a fiery speech from a State Republ…

July 4th, 2015: Rethinking the Primary Elections and Caucuses on the way to the 2016 Nomination Process

Keywords or Terms: America’s Independence Day; Republican and Democratic Party Aspirants; Political Speeches; British Colonialists; Old Glory, red, white and blue; Early Primary States: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida; RCP Poles’ Averages; Hillary Rodham Clinton; Jeb Bush; Scott Walker; Switching Loyalties; Authenticity and Genuineness of Interests; Bernie Sanders, Millenniums; Republican Party stewardship of the White House; America’s Economy and Recession
The cornerstone of our freedom - America’s Primary Elections and Caucuses – are on their way on this Independence Day. The custom of celebration, fireworks, parades, carnivals, family reunion, fair, picnics, alliances, neighborhood and family barbecues, and the ever so familiar political speeches from all manner of politicians are also concurrently taking place from coast to coast on this Independence Day. The fact that Presidential campaigns are going on hand in hand with the celebration of our two hundredth and thi…

Diversity, Inclusiveness, Tolerance and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of the State of Indiana: Is Jim Crow still alive and well in the 21st Century?

Keywords or Terms: Religious Freedom Restoration Act; Indiana; Governor Mike Pence; LGBT Community; Cultural Diversity and Inclusiveness; Asians, Blacks, Jews, and Mexicans; Pastor martin Niemoller; Civil Rights Law; Fortune 500 CEOs; US Supreme Court Marriage Equality Ruling;Republican Senator Rick Santorum; and, Governor Mike Pence
The resurgence of intolerance in the State of Indiana is probably commuted this week in the signing of the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act by Mike Pence, 47th and second term governor of the State of Indiana. The limping triumphs of the civil rights era and endurance of remarkable achievements in race, religion, and national origin relations in the nation notwithstanding, the State Assembly of Indiana, in its infinite wisdom, saw it fit to protect the rights of some while rejecting those of others, by aligning with the right of refusal of service to anyone who necessarily, do not look like, love like, think like, or cherish mainstream values of heter…