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Tragedy in Colorado and Psychosis: Why the gun lobby groups in congress must rethink the rights under second amendment?

Keywords or Terms: Tragedy; Psychosis; Gun lobby; Aurora, Colorado; Theater Nine; James Holmes; Second Amendment Rights
Imagine taking your family to a neighborhood movie theater to relax and get away from the stress of living; or, just to enjoy the first outing of probably a huge blockbuster movie. Now, imagine also that just as you were attempting to relax into the movie, a deranged madman, who was part of audience, threw canister(s) into the theater floor and with riffles and handguns, began to shoot into the air and audience. The movie screen was still running and everyone in the audience was probably getting into the excitement of the movie and because this movie was advertized as a unique drama or sequel, you probably was thinking the whole life drama from the madman was part of the entertainment; only to realize that this wasn’t what you thought it was, as you find yourself in a stampede and pandemonium. The impulse first would be to save the life of your family and entourage. Y…

Becoming the Republican Party Flag Bearer: What Mitt Romney must know about his Taxation Information?

Keywords or Terms: Mitt Romney; Politicians; Tax Obligations; Internal Revenue Service; Accountants; Lawyers; Tax Cuts; Social Security Payments; National Public Radio; Wars; Heroes; Off-shore Accounts; and Trusts
Despite all the calls from well meaning Republicans close to Mitt Romney’s campaign team and the somewhat scanty calls from Democrats for the presumptive Republican nominee to release his taxation obligation or information for more than the one year he has made available, the millionaire investment broker and stalwart patron of the Mormon faith, has refused to release these information. The politician seems to believe that his taxation information is no one’s business; or that, the information is likely to put him at a disadvantage if the public becomes aware of this information with respect to his ambition for the White House.
You wonder why the rich and privileged among us, always acquire wealth and attempt to shield the size of that wealth, or information regarding how the…

Why Mitt Romney’s Dissociation from Bain Capital is not gaining traction with American Voters?

Keywords or Terms: Mark Twain; “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so”; Bain Capital; 2012 General Elections; Governor Romney; Obama’s Campaign Team; Honesty; Truthfulness; Office of the Presidency; Brokerage Firm, CEO; President; Board Member.

Mark Twain once said: “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so” Though Mitt Romney probably physically left Bain Capital in 1999 as reported or as he wants voters to swallow; however, his name, executive privileges and tag completely remained with the brokerage firm. Filing records with the Security Exchange Commission indicated that Governor Romney was the CEO, President and Board member of Bain Capital up to 2002. Now, Mitt Romney may be claiming to be out of Bain Capital physically, but spiritually and in completeness, he was still at the brokerage firm till 2002; as he still attended Board meeting(s) and had input…

Foreign Bank Account(s) and Non-Transparency: the case against Mitt Romney's run for the White House!

Keywords or Terms: Disloyalty; Denials: Tax Returns; Foreign Bank Account(s); Transparency; Mitt Romney; Wealth; US Treasury; Mormon Faith; Governor Chris Christie; Governor Mitt Romney; American Voter; Enigma; Aloof; and Mysterious
In a mystifying conflagration of events - perhaps even a turning point in contest for the White House in 2012 - is the realization that the presumptive Republican Nominee for the November contest, owned, operated, entrusted or deeded more than one foreign bank account to a trust, a person or persons, as the case maybe. With Governor Mitt Romney, one hand is taking from America's Commerce; the other is shielding huge investments from the tax man, by holding offshore account(s). The conflagration of events this week has led to the call for Mitt Romney to be transparent regarding offshore finances; regarding what he stands for, including his loyalty to this nation; his tax returns and now, multiple military deferments.

This is the first time in the history …

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA: Are the Rich Republicans clamouring to undermine this democracy again?

Keywords or Terms: America’s Independence Celebration; 236th Year Happy Birthday; Uncle Sam; President Obama; President Lincoln; Gettysburg Address; Rupert Murdoch; Jack Welch, Governor Mitt Romney; Race for the White House

In case you haven’t heard, America is two hundred and thirty six today! There are those who still argue that the appropriate celebration should have been July 2nd; however, all of us are excited for Uncle Sam as he blows his 236th Candle, while we all celebrate from sea to shinning sea. If there is anything that the nearly two hundred and fortieth year of this democracy has taught us, is that there is always going to be an economic boom followed by a depression or subsequent recession before there comes a recovery and a boom. It isn’t that this experience is painstaking for millions who suffer during a down turn in the economy; rather, it is the fact that many political aspirants who have sought to sit over Uncle Sam’s throne, or presented themselves as the messiah …