Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tragedy in Colorado and Psychosis: Why the gun lobby groups in congress must rethink the rights under second amendment?

Keywords or Terms: Tragedy; Psychosis; Gun lobby; Aurora, Colorado; Theater Nine; James Holmes; Second Amendment Rights

Imagine taking your family to a neighborhood movie theater to relax and get away from the stress of living; or, just to enjoy the first outing of probably a huge blockbuster movie. Now, imagine also that just as you were attempting to relax into the movie, a deranged madman, who was part of audience, threw canister(s) into the theater floor and with riffles and handguns, began to shoot into the air and audience. The movie screen was still running and everyone in the audience was probably getting into the excitement of the movie and because this movie was advertized as a unique drama or sequel, you probably was thinking the whole life drama from the madman was part of the entertainment; only to realize that this wasn’t what you thought it was, as you find yourself in a stampede and pandemonium. The impulse first would be to save the life of your family and entourage. You get into the survival mode and as you attempt to get away from the gunman, you start to imagine, why? What is this for? Can a man not get away from it all; yes, the hassle and bustle of life, with some movie time, without facing danger in a place probably considered as a safe heaven by some people, in this crowded and busy world? That is the short piece of what happened in Century 16, theater nine, Aurora, Colorado, in early hours of yesterday.

The audience came close to death and saw children as young as six, fall victim of a dastardly act as they shouted for the safety and comfort of their parents. You saw neighbors in the theater dripping in a pool of blood as metal shrapnel from the gun shots ripped into their heads, back, side, abdomen and more. The shock was probably overwhelming and the experience, one for a life time. What happened would have been just as mesmerizing as well as disbelieving. The experience would have brought to your consciousness how temporal life on earth is; how what you consider very important in life is really not much of a thing. You start to see the wisdom in that older woman’s comment in the neighborhood grocery or drug store, who said, do not sweat the small stuffs of life. Here today, gone tomorrow, those are the times or seasons of life!

There is the possibility of you imagining that this whole experience could not be real; however, it is real, complement of James Holmes, a probably mentally deranged Ph.D. student in Neurosciences, whose parents’ neighbors insist, was close to a perfect American kid, who grow up in a middle income decent family. A college graduate from California, Riverside, whose University Chancellor says, is as good as they come in brilliance, who is more than average in intelligence, who went skateboarding, swimming, camping and all the good stuff that are often considered part of growing up in an American suburb; including being a summer camp counselor!

What is going on here? This cannot be; this type of student or child is not expected to turn out to be this; this is not the type of person, a person with this close to perfect family background and intelligence is not expected to be a mass murderer. This is not a man who let out gunshots into the crowd in the neighborhood movie theater, without care, without a word, shooting randomly at people attempting to get out through the exit door. This is not the same psychotic man who let out a lot of rounds, let off a little while, and went at it again, killing both innocent men, women and children. This must be a dream!

Many people in the pandemonium, who began as the villain on the screen was being introduced to the batman and the audience, were experiencing life changing experience without knowing it. Many of the children in the audience would have been freighted to death, wondering, mom what is going on? This very undeserving crowd was being introduced to the failure in the system to prevent guns from getting in the hands of troubled minds. This very unassuming crowd were being introduced to the wroth that the National Raffle Association continues to deny with one mystifying sentence: guns don’t kill people, people use guns to kill people! The few Colorado-ans, who were unfortunate to be part of the audience in that movie theater on July 19-20, 2012, hardly could believe this was happening again, after the not so distant experience of Columbine High School.

Unfortunately, all their fears were real; all their assumptions were being disproved, all their expectations of a quiet relaxing summer evening in a movie house were being put to test by a man who was completely out of his mind; who went berserk in less than a twinkle of the eye, attacking people with assault riffles in probably a place, a theater, which everyone of us associate with some comfort and time to let off steam. This is more than a wildest dream, this was a nightmare better left in the past; this was a catastrophe that brings you back to a land of the uncomfortable, unfathomable and surreal. This is a disaster that not very many people would like to experience, a disaster that makes you wonder, when is America going to address its guns go airy problems? When is America going to remind those who are so gong-ho on the second amendment rights, they would hardly listen to arguments regarding why we, as a nation, must do more to control those millions of guns that get into our streets from illicit sales, from the gun shows, from careless gun owners, who hardly appreciate, how dangerous and lethal, a gun can be when it gets to the hands of the not so lucid

Psychosis involves more than delusions and paranoia as exemplified by Mr. James Holmes behavior in Century Aurora Theater 9 that early hours of Friday. If Mr. Holmes colored his hair pink or red as reported, believing he was an altar ego of a fictional character, and went on a rampage killing innocent people, you wonder why the system had failed us. Why no one, prior to this mayhem, had diagnosed this sick mind and given him the necessary treatment? Why no one had been careful enough not to sell assault riffles and ammunition to this crazy and deranged individual? Why the second amendment rights of Mr. Holmes stops where the right to peace, life and liberty of those he mowed down in the theater, began. This is not a legal debate; it is a common sense debate to protect lives and liberty in the public space. If someone had not find it just too easy to purchase guns and ammunition in less than orthodox way, we will not be scrambling to find out the family and relations of those right now in the morgue, because Mr. Holmes is unable to differentiate between illusion and reality, for about ten minutes or so, in that awful midnight hour at the Aurora theater.

If the system had not been so permissive for all to obtain a gun, some mothers wouldn’t be so grief stricken that they can hardly say a word regarding this unfortunate event in Aurora, Colorado. If the big gun rights lobby in congress hasn't been so overwhelmed with corporate contributions to the extent that our lawmakers have either sold their souls to the devil or denied common sense debate on guns' ownership, we would not be here, over twenty four hours, unable to put a name to some of the deceased in the morgue. If the system had firmed up the way guns are purchased, with stricter background checks and probably, medical records follow-ups inquires, we will all not be so saddened and confused, why a single individual had senselessly killed children in a place probably considered safe for most to go watch a movie in Aurora, Colorado on July 19-20, 2012.

Now, for those who often cry out that someone is going to take their guns away, maybe they should put themselves in the shoes of the grief-stricken family, who are seeking to make sense of this tragedy, who are saying why us, who are imagining what might have been, who are saying: Lord, Have Mercy! They may all want to hold on to their guns, they may all want to talk about how sacrosanct their rights to bear arms is; however, is it not about time, we truly sit down and say: this gun ownership thing is not working for all of us?

I can understand why folks on farms and small communities like to own guns; I can appreciate why sportsmen want good gauge riffles to go hunt animals during hunting seasons; I can even condescend to a widow who lives alone in rather unsafe and hostile neighborhoods holding on to one .22 caliber Smith Wesson to ward away bad characters; however, I cannot understand why we allow guns and ammunition to fall into the wrong hands, where they can do evil to all of us and our psychic at one moment’s blow.

On that unfortunate midnight hour that will go into infamy in the annals of history, especially for residents of Aurora, Colorado, as the dark knight rises again on screen and probably figuratively in reality, may we all remember why treatment of psychotic disorders on time is essential, why we must not continue to delude ourselves that everyone must have the right to bear arms, even absent felons. There are some of us, no pun intended, who are crazy, just too crazy to be allowed to be close to a gun.

For those families who have lost someone, may the succor of almighty God, relief you of the pains and sorrow of death at this time. May the words of comfort in the holy books, hold you tight, may the memory of your loved ones, be never left to waste, or their love diminished. The nation remembers and prays for you, we may never understand what you are going through at this time, but we know, the Lord Loves you and he will preserve and protect the memories of your loved ones. May their humble souls rest in peace!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Becoming the Republican Party Flag Bearer: What Mitt Romney must know about his Taxation Information?

Keywords or Terms: Mitt Romney; Politicians; Tax Obligations; Internal Revenue Service; Accountants; Lawyers; Tax Cuts; Social Security Payments; National Public Radio; Wars; Heroes; Off-shore Accounts; and Trusts

Despite all the calls from well meaning Republicans close to Mitt Romney’s campaign team and the somewhat scanty calls from Democrats for the presumptive Republican nominee to release his taxation obligation or information for more than the one year he has made available, the millionaire investment broker and stalwart patron of the Mormon faith, has refused to release these information. The politician seems to believe that his taxation information is no one’s business; or that, the information is likely to put him at a disadvantage if the public becomes aware of this information with respect to his ambition for the White House.

You wonder why the rich and privileged among us, always acquire wealth and attempt to shield the size of that wealth, or information regarding how they amassed the wealth from the tax man and probably the public. This narrow, myopic way of looking at taxation obligation is one reason why many Americans are calling for the review and replacement of current tax code. America’s taxation system has not only failed the nation, it has turned Americans into crooks, ready to shield whatever information that would put them at a disadvantage from the Internal Revenue Service. To the average American, the taxation system is fraught with problems. Many Americans who could actually be paying into the nation’s kitty, or who could see their taxation obligation as a question of patriotism, perceive the system as unfair to them or their ambition. Rather than seeing their tax obligation as a necessity to meet current national expenditure obligation, or a way to pay their fair share of the national revenue or tax obligation, they often seek the protection of accountants and lawyers to cover up or take advantage of whatever loop holes are found in our laws. They seek not only to hide taxation obligation information from the tax man; they exploit our laws to prevent them from paying their fair share in taxes.

I’ve never met a rich politician who voluntarily wants to pay his complete tax obligation. Mitt Romney is not an exception and this is why his refusal to release his 2011 tax papers, or more than one year’s tax record, is hardly a surprise. There was a time in this country, just before the second world war, when Americans not only volunteered their hard earned money to buy war bonds on top of paying their yearly taxes on time and deferring consumption of luxury items so that old glory may shine as it does on many porches; now, we have top politicians attempting to hide information on their tax obligations. There was a time in this country, when well meaning patriotic Americans left very lucrative jobs in the private sector to work or serve in government jobs, so that the weak, the oppressed, and the captives in places as Europe, Asia and Africa, may find their voices and dignities within their borders. Such patriotism are probably absent today or long gone from many politicians; especially among some extreme right wing Republicans, seeking to rule over us as President or lawmakers. How do you explain this?

The answer lies in part, with the difficulty that is perceived around the tax code and what essentially constitutes one’s obligation to our nation and neighbors. While conceptually, many well meaning Americans like Warren Buffet and others like him, put the country first and are willing to pay more of their wealth in taxes to save old glory in time of need, there are others like Mitt Romney, whose first agenda, is to ensure that not a nickel more will they pay to the nation’s treasury than required by law. The ‘me-me’ first and the rest could go to hell culture, has so much percolated to the depth of their being, it has drawn them to ephemeral lingo of ‘no more new taxes’. Their lingo, or prejudice, has so much blinded their sense of nationhood and patriotism; they have turned down common sense reasoning regarding national political issues. Their choice is to sing loudly about why they are no longer willing to pay more in taxes and why the nation should cut her coat according to her size. The mantra of this group, many who has hijacked the Republican Party, though their leaders continue to deny it, is to push more off the welfare roll, allow more to die on the streets out of homelessness and lack of health care insurance, and protect their own kitty bank. They will rather undercut social security payments to widows, orphans and the elderly, than welcome a fair pay in taxes. This is what Mitt Romney embodies and effectively will represent in the coming general election. Whether people in this group deserve to rule over us as president and or political leaders, is better left to voters to determine in November.

There are two things that I know, I would never do: vote for any American, who does not put the interest of this nation first in his consideration for any office; or offer my vote to a party that is probably full of politicians who consider our tax obligation a game. Neither will I warm up to a party or group of persons who hardly seeks negotiations and compromises in their deliberation of national issues. This is a nation, where we send nineteen year olds out of the safety and comfort of their homes and bosoms of their nurturing mothers to die for our freedom; this is a nation, where in the past decade, we have been bringing home caskets of loyal, dutiful and forbearing Americans, who have never considered their personal interest first, before volunteering to go to war and die for us. It is also a nation, where a few rich ones, are busy working, day and night, to take advantage of the tax code, get military deferments for their children, and prevent making good on their tax obligation at all costs, just because they can do so. What type of politician seeks to defer his tax obligation(s), while the nation is spending about 10 million dollars a minute to fight wars initiated by men in the category of his wealth?

Today, the National Public Radio in Seattle announced that another American hero died in Afghanistan over the weekend, just 25 years old, leaving behind a wife and two children, one of them, an infant boy. Then I asked myself, is it the same nation, where Mitt Romney, with a silver spoon in his mouth by virtue of birth, was able to get a deferment, so he can go to a junket in France for his religion? A nation where the presumptive Republican flag bearer is refusing to pay his tax on time, or is withholding information regarding his tax obligation, while the nation is bleeding millions for Republican induced wars?  Talk about class warfare: why should any Joe Six Packs or Wendy Wine Cooler and their children of voting age choose to vote for Governor Mitt Romney in November? First, his children are never going to wear this nation’s military uniform just like their father. Second, he is not willing to subscribe to a health care system whose foundation was largely built on what he implemented in the State of Massachusetts, while a governor. Third, he is full of so many inconsistencies in his utterances; you wonder where he really stands on any issue of relevance in the nations politics. Whenever you hear that anyone, be it a politician or ordinary taxpayer, is shielding information from the IRS or deferring payments of his obligation because of any reason, less judicious, you must be circumspect of the individual’s character and intentions. If that individual is a millionaire politician, who has an ambition to become the President of this nation, who is constantly clamoring to cut taxes, while refusing to meet his own current tax obligation, you must ask yourself, what are his intentions and what is in it for him?

To push your thinking, Republicans and their 2012 flag bearer are so much concerned about the nation’s deficit, however, they are unwilling to pay more in taxes; rather, they would cut taxes, so we can continue to dig a hole for ourselves as a nation. The tax laws and codes are known to be deficient; and for several years, the Republicans have not made the re-write of our tax codes a priority, except paying it a lip service. In the past decade, we have accumulated huge debts by going to two wars without a plan to pay for the wars in the first place. Yet, the mission of the Republican’s flag bearer for the 2012 general elections is to reduce or eliminate taxes; money that the nation needs to pay down debts. Mitt Romney is leading the band wagon of those who have refused to pay their taxes on time or withholding information on what their tax obligation is. Rudimentary Economics tells me, when you keep spending money on wars, withholding your taxes or cutting taxes for the rich and powerful, you are not contributing money to the treasury. Without money in United States Treasury, we are more likely to default in our debts or go bankrupt; and or, get foreclosed by our creditors. If those who can afford to pay taxes are refusing to pay them on time or hiding their money in foreign off-shore accounts, how is the nation going to meet its short-term or long-term financial obligations.

So, the American voters must ask why can’t we pay more in taxes in the short-run and cut down our spending. Why can’t the rich among us, who can afford to pay their taxes, pay it on time, so we can estimate how much more we will need to pay down our nation’s debts? Yes, our tax codes may be out of whack, but the rich who are withholding information on their tax obligation, who are refusing to pay on time, who are siphoning their money away in secrete off-shore bank accounts, are hardly of any help here Think about it: The Republican Governor who wants to become our President is blatantly refusing to pay his taxes on time and withholding information regarding his current tax obligation to Uncle Sam! This hardly seems patriotic; and, it will be insensible to vote for this person. If the entire behavior of the presumptive Republican flag bearer is similar or can be construed as tax-dodging, the voters must be circumspect in casting their votes, when it is decision time! There is hardly any other way to define Mitt Romney’s choice to file his tax late or refuse to release more than one year’s tax obligations. The truth is: Americans like an upfront, upright and honest person as their leader, even if the truth hurts, especially on information about their tax obligations.

For now, keen observers of the American political system will like to remind the presumptive Republican flag bearer, the longer he continues to withhold information regarding his 2011 tax obligation, the more Americans will be interested in its content and the more they will be suspicious of the content when finally released. This is the reality that he will have to face when time comes. He has built so much interest in the content that undoubtedly, his 2011 tax filling will receive the attention of many forensic tax accountants, especially, with the acrimony around his release of tax information; and, the fact that he probably holds foreign off-shore accounts, in a binding trust and more!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Why Mitt Romney’s Dissociation from Bain Capital is not gaining traction with American Voters?

Keywords or Terms: Mark Twain; “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so”; Bain Capital; 2012 General Elections; Governor Romney; Obama’s Campaign Team; Honesty; Truthfulness; Office of the Presidency; Brokerage Firm, CEO; President; Board Member.

Mark Twain once said: “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so” Though Mitt Romney probably physically left Bain Capital in 1999 as reported or as he wants voters to swallow; however, his name, executive privileges and tag completely remained with the brokerage firm. Filing records with the Security Exchange Commission indicated that Governor Romney was the CEO, President and Board member of Bain Capital up to 2002. Now, Mitt Romney may be claiming to be out of Bain Capital physically, but spiritually and in completeness, he was still at the brokerage firm till 2002; as he still attended Board meeting(s) and had inputs in the running of the firm, even if some of his inputs were after the fact. Mitt Romney got compensated yearly with One hundred thousand dollars, and probably more, for his association and services to Bain Capital, after 1999. Turning around to deny the association seems to be the case alluded to by Mark Twain: “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

Republican supporters of Mitt Romney for the 2012 general election may be advancing some plausible reasons why his name appeared as the CEO, President and Board member on SEC filings three years after his physical exit from Bain Capital; however, critics of his ambition for the White House, were putting holes and dents in his assertions of dissociation from Bain Capital in his hastily arranged television interviews yesterday. Mitt Romney responses to the television interviews showed he had a lot to hide as he continued to distance himself from the brokerage firm he once started. What many viewers saw from his responses, at least from three of the interviews on the networks, is that, Governor Romney attempted to sweep under the carpet known facts on record, that he might be physically away from Bain Capital in 1999, but he was still part and parcel of the executive team of the firm till 2002. This is where the confusion is coming from and everyone is saying: “Governor Romney, it ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

Obtrusively, it isn’t the fact that Governor Romney continued to receive compensation from the brokerage firm after he said he physically left the reign of the organization in 1999 that continues to be unconvincing; it is the fact that he attempted to turn the table around against the Obama Campaign team by asking for an apology, that makes him look more deceptive. For starters: Why did he not address truly and completely the concerns of many over this thorny issue? Why was he defensive in his response to this same issue while running for the Massachusetts US Senate Seat about a decade ago? Why did SEC filing from Bain Capital for 2000, 2001 and 2002, retained his name in official capacity, in three executive positions, when he insists he was physically dissociated from the day to day investment decisions of the firm? There are just more questions than answers for Governor Romney regarding the political canon ball. Why did he not address this thorny issue completely, during the Republican Primary? Why does it seem he was running away from being explicit in his response to the news media? His close to five interviews with the television networks and cable television services hardly provided the needed traction to convince independent observers of his innocence or truthfulness. As far as many Americans know: Mitt Romney was Bain Capital and Bain Capital is Mitt Romney, no matter how he attempts to re-write the facts or dissociate himself from the brokerage firm. Thus, Governor Romney: “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

In business operations, as Romney’s Harvard’s MBA/JD curriculum appropriately defines, the functions and responsibilities of a firm’s CEO, President and or Board Member is explicitly defined, documented and notarized for public business records. Part of the reasons for this has to do with executive salary, compensation, privileges and as they say: where the bucks stops! Reclaiming or disclaiming any of those functions and responsibilities; or dissociation relatively to each executive positions, impacts one’s classification, status and cadre within the organization. To remain as the CEO, President or Board member of a firm is always appropriately defined not only for business purposes and reasons, but also, for issues of accountability and obligation to the organization relative to each position. The expectations, responsibility and compensation for any individual for all, or any of the positions that Governor Romney is said to have been with Bain Capital between 1999 – 2002, is hardly an omission or oversight, for it took three good years to take his name off the books as someone not in that capacity with Bain Capital.

Except Governor Romney wants us to impinge his corporation’s reputation during those times or years he was said to be on record as President, Chief Executive Officer and Board member in filings with the Security and Exchange Commission. Based on what Bain Capital filed with the Security and Exchange Commission, Governor Romney occupied those three executive positions and had responsibilities and functions attached to those positions as represented before the Commission. For all these facts, Governor Mitt Romney’s summation before the press rendezvous this outgoing week is suspect, as Bain Capital reported in its 2000 to 2001 SEC filings that he was part and parcel of the Corporation as CEO, President and Board Member. For all practical purpose and as far as the SEC is concerned, Governor Romney remains the CEO and President of Bain Capital from 1999 – 2002. Thus, Mr. CEO and President of Bain Capital from 1999 – 2002, you are part of the brokerage firm, even when you want us to believe otherwise. Interestingly, we notice, you were compensated with a six figure salary in addition to your stock options and profits from the firm. These are the reasons why we are reiterating: “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

We believe that as an astute and diligent Harvard JD/MBA, Governor Romney subscribes to the fact that it is illegal or close to felonious, if as a Board member of a corporation, he allowed his name to be substituted for another person who served in the capacity of the President, CEO and Board member of Bain Capital, before the Security and Exchange Commission. It is probably challenging to compensate an individual to the tune of $100, 000, if that individual has served no purpose for the corporation; and, distanced himself from the complete operation of the corporation as indicated by Governor Romney. However, miracles do happen and we are all interested in seeing Governor Romney help us through this maze. Worse more, it is hard to believe that a corporation, portraying itself as one that works to make other corporations more efficient, by disbanding those corporations and selling them in pieces, while off-shoring the jobs of those who loose their positions due to the reorganization for reason of “inefficiency” could fail itself thrice. Could that same organization have the name of someone far away from that corporation, as the CEO, President and Board member for three consecutive years in a row, 2000, 2001, and 2002? These are the reasons and question frustrating and confusing the public regarding Governor Romney’s assertion of his relationship with the investment brokerage firm between 1999 to 2002; and reasons, why they continue to repeat: “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

Honesty and forthrightness, in and out of business, are behaviors to emulate, especially for politicians seeking the highest political office in the land. Both gives the public the reassurance that those who occupy the office of the Presidency are above board and would hardly do things that are underhanded and probably crooked when they get into the office. It is even good to know that the United States Treasury is in good hands, when we elect a person or business man who believes in American Banks and would hardly save his money in offshore banks; or, allow his name to be used in misrepresentation of statement of material facts. The pressure of wanting to win election may make a politician lie or misrepresent material facts; however, no one at this time is alleging that for governor Mitt Romney. Without information contrary to what the SEC has as public record filing from Bain Capital for the year 2000, 2001 and 2002, one must ignore information provided over the week by Governor Romney in the press interviews on television, as those information were not given under oath. However, we know that all public business records filed with the Security and Exchange Commission are complete, signed and submitted under oath and the penalty of perjury; we therefore discountenance Mitt Romney’s attempt to re-write material fact. Now Governor Romney are we, you and American voters, on the same page on this; or, must we continue to insist: “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”


"Ultimately Mr. Romney, I think, is going to have to answer those questions, uh, because if he aspires to being president one of the things you learn is, you are ultimately responsible for the conduct of your operations, but again that's probably a question that he's going to have to answer and I think that's a legitimate part of the campaign" – The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Foreign Bank Account(s) and Non-Transparency: the case against Mitt Romney's run for the White House!

Keywords or Terms: Disloyalty; Denials: Tax Returns; Foreign Bank Account(s); Transparency; Mitt Romney; Wealth; US Treasury; Mormon Faith; Governor Chris Christie; Governor Mitt Romney; American Voter; Enigma; Aloof; and Mysterious

In a mystifying conflagration of events - perhaps even a turning point in contest for the White House in 2012 - is the realization that the presumptive Republican Nominee for the November contest, owned, operated, entrusted or deeded more than one foreign bank account to a trust, a person or persons, as the case maybe. With Governor Mitt Romney, one hand is taking from America's Commerce; the other is shielding huge investments from the tax man, by holding offshore account(s). The conflagration of events this week has led to the call for Mitt Romney to be transparent regarding offshore finances; regarding what he stands for, including his loyalty to this nation; his tax returns and now, multiple military deferments.

This is the first time in the history of the United States, that a presumptive nominee of a major political party for the office of the Presidency, owned, operated entrusted or deeded more than one foreign bank account. Even the Rockefellers, as rich as their estate was, never held, operated or entrusted more than one foreign bank account, while seeking the highest office in the land. One of the former Republican aspirants, during the Republican primaries alluded to this very unusual and probably unpatriotic act from an American seeking to occupy the White House oval office. Some current Republican Senators see nothing exceptional about this more than devious behavior in Mitt Romney; however, many other Americans are interested and wondering if the nation is about to elect a man who has long divested from America, defrayed money that could have done good for many, if deposited in a private American Bank Account, to foreign bank(s), while claiming he hardly has a knowledge of their whereabouts. Regardless of how some Republicans perceive this less than worthy behavior of someone seeking to be our President, there are countries across the globe, whose democracy is not as stalwart as ours, where an aspirant for a political office as lowly as that of the mayor of a city, gets automatically disqualified for holding a foreign bank account.

The general election is different from a party primary. A revived interest in Romney’s foreign account(s) comes out of the feigning of ignorance regarding his monies, investments and taxes. Many Americans who are looking at the viability of his candidacy are asking themselves the following questions and more: Are we ready to vote into office an American who has shown element of disloyalty to the whole nation with respect to his finances or not? Is America ready to overlook element of disloyalty and possible mistrust from an individual that may have been attempting to shield his wealth from the American taxation system as the keeper of America’s Treasury? Are we about to give the keys to the nation’s kitty bank to someone who probably once held his wealth from taxation, or as he puts it, into a trust that he hardly knows anything about? 

This is a pivotal moment to test the oath of loyalty to the red, white and blue, of any candidate seeking to sit on Uncle Sam's throne? If as a successful American Businessman, you can contemplate depositing some of your wealth into a foreign bank account, what moral latitude would you have to constrain or hold accountable, other Americans who choose to follow same path; or end up as members of your cabinet? If your idea of patriotism is playing games with the taxation system how can you expect your staff to be accountable? When you put your money in foreign accounts, you are effectually undercutting your conviction in the American banking industry, the nation, and probably, America’s future. When you attempt or actually shield your investments from taxation and put your money in overseas banks, that money is not creating wealth in America and is not supporting jobs’ creation. When your money is in an overseas account, you are hardly contributing to the country; and, cannot truthfully explain how you would stay engaged in people’s concerns while in office. When you put your money in overseas accounts, you are saying, I am willing to surrender my financial freedom and liberty to a foreign sovereign; and if that is not unpatriotic, what is?

While Mitt Romney proclaims in his page that the strength of our country derives from a pioneering spirit of innovation and creativity which many who come to our shores admire and have sought, is his deposit of money in off-shore account(s), saying or indicating otherwise? Is there truly another country where your investment(s) can obtain a higher return than in America? There are documented evidence across the globe that European, Asian and African investors often choose America as the best place to invest for the greatest returns on your investments. Imagine, with our economy in recession, billions are still coming from overseas to invest in our government bonds. Can a presidential candidate, who does not believe in what America’s Banking Industry has to offer his savings, uphold the oath of honesty and loyalty to the highest office in the land? Is deposition of your money in off-shore accounts not a betrayal of American Banking Industry trusts at least; and at most, our national allegiance? Are skeptical Americans about the Mormon faith not now justified to be circumspect about Mitt Romney’s candidacy for the Presidency? Here is a candidate already denounced or deamonize in some quarters as a cult member, now showing how disloyal his investments have been to the land of red, white and blue!

If Governor Mitt Romney truly believes in prosperity and strength for America, he must be bold enough to invest in America; he must be loyal enough to save his money in America’s Banks and not overseas. If he is truly concerned about the millions of jobs lost in America, lose of homes and personal bankruptcy in America, he must have thought well, by reinvesting his money in America. To attempt to explain away your disloyalty rather than apologizing for what is truly unacceptable, is very beneath the office of the Presidency. This is why Mitt Romney does not deserve to win the Presidency. To amicably put it in the words of Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey: You cannot win the Presidency when voters see you as an enigma, aloof and probably mysterious. It isn’t just that Mitt Romney remains aloof, it is the fact that information surfacing about his personal life and finances, are hardly enticing enough for people to want to follow him. Many mainstream Republicans see him as second best and zillions of Evangelical Christians will hardly vote for him as a Mormon. These are realistic facts that no political strategist can absolve for Mitt Romney in his quest for the White House Oval Office.

Why would a candidate for the office of Presidency unwilling to release his 2011 tax returns, if over Ninety percent of Americans have filed their taxes for 2011?  On what moral ground must an American vote for Mitt Romney, if he is not transparent enough with his taxes; and, meeting the deadlines as required by the law of the land. If all Mitt Romney wants to do is to undo whatever President Obama has done for this nation in the past three and a half years, including passing the heath care reform law, financial reform law and the student loan reform law, then he is someone to watch by all patriotic and loyal Americans. In an economy short of money, Mitt Romney would like the nation to go back to a student loan system that is wasteful, unpleasant and inappropriate! 

Why must any American voter commit to a presidential candidate who claims ignorance of his exact foreign investments, yet claiming to know that all his financial managers are adhering to applicable laws? If he does not know where all those investments and foreign bank accounts domicile, how does he know his finances are not dysfunctional and inappropriately placed? For all other Americans care, Mitt Romney’s foreign investments could be in another Al-Qaida machination or cell, since Mitt Romney hardly knows where his money lives. There is plenty of room for misunderstanding, whether that’s poor etiquette or lackadaisical attitude on the part of Mitt Romney no one knows; however, he is leaving the voters to wonder about his level of ignoramus and disloyalty regarding his wealth and where they are invested, except he will like to clarify his answers better. These are the reasons why American voters must abandon Mitt Romney in November. These are the reasons, why I submit to any American Voter: holding foreign bank accounts and denying the obvious are genuine reasons against Mitt Romney's candidacy for the White House Oval Office!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA: Are the Rich Republicans clamouring to undermine this democracy again?

Keywords or Terms: America’s Independence Celebration; 236th Year Happy Birthday; Uncle Sam; President Obama; President Lincoln; Gettysburg Address; Rupert Murdoch; Jack Welch, Governor Mitt Romney; Race for the White House

In case you haven’t heard, America is two hundred and thirty six today! There are those who still argue that the appropriate celebration should have been July 2nd; however, all of us are excited for Uncle Sam as he blows his 236th Candle, while we all celebrate from sea to shinning sea. If there is anything that the nearly two hundred and fortieth year of this democracy has taught us, is that there is always going to be an economic boom followed by a depression or subsequent recession before there comes a recovery and a boom. It isn’t that this experience is painstaking for millions who suffer during a down turn in the economy; rather, it is the fact that many political aspirants who have sought to sit over Uncle Sam’s throne, or presented themselves as the messiah during our recessions or depressions, have exploited the dynamics in government, businesses and consumers.

The associated crisis during our down turns has often presented an opportunity for political aspirants to present the voters with misinformation in form of campaign advertisements in order to gain support for their ambition(s). The booms and bursts dynamics of our economy are often intricate and many long standing politicians believe the voters are ignorant of these dynamics. Attempt to misrepresent the facts surrounding our alternating recessions and booms, is so appealing to many of these politicians, that each begins to believe many of the lies in their campaign advertisements. For example, Governor Romney’s campaign does not have a winning strategy; yet it is all about denying health insurance to millions of Americans and protecting the health care freeloaders. His campaign is about protecting the wealthy at the expense of millions; it is about fanning obstructionism to all progressive ideas and initiatives. Republicans will like to assume that voters are gullible and will accept whatever is put forth by their party. The gory strategy of the Republicans is: once you can tell the lies as often as you can, the voters will start to believe them as TRUTH! If one challenges Republicans as being devious, tendency is for them to be dismissive; often indicating that the voter or public hardly understands what the problem is.

But, it isn’t the denials from the politicians that is often annoying; it is the fact that these lies are bolstered by many in private businesses who have taken advantage of many loop-holes in the present arrangement in government, businesses and consumers; especially, our taxation codes. Two days ago, it was reported that two business moguls, Rupert Murdoch and Jack Welch, supporters of Mitt Romney’s candidacy for the White House, are clamoring for the presumptive Republican nominee to dump his campaign staff. Their twittering preconception is that unless Mitt Romney does this, the current status-quo of the Presidential campaign puts the Republican nominee at a disadvantage to the present occupant of the White House's oval office. 

There are probably million of reasons why these industry titans want Mitt Romney to change his campaign organization; however, what is apparent to many American voters is that: these two moguls are known for very many deceptive practices in whatever industry they have led, in order to get ahead. For example, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation has been caught in many devious practices in business and government, including bribing government officials in Britain and probably, Australia. There are credible information to show that Murdoch’s investments are not often in the interest of his adopted nation or investment heaven. A dossier of events surrounding the British phone scandals that nearly brought the current Prime Minister of Britain down is just one example of how devious one of these Romney’s supporter has been. How about John Welsh? Well, probably not as devious as Rupert Murdoch; however, if we begin to ask genuine questions, not clown questions, regarding his governance of General Electric and or other corporations he is serving on the Board, one will surely find some reasons to believe that his intentions are not completely in the interest of the nation's taxation code.

Rather than being deluded with the support of Rupert Murdoch and John Walsh for Mitt Romney’s campaign for the White House, all voters must ask the great question: what do these multinational corporation moguls stand to gain, if Mitt Romney ever wins the fall elections? The American economy is on a life support; the European Economy is hostage to many defaulting or about to default European Countries; and, the choices open for the rest of the world’s economy, except for the Asian’s giants, is probably limited unless America’s economy heals; and, heals quickly! There is the notion that when America’s Economy gets a cold; the rest of the world’s economies get pneumonia. There is hardly any fantasy, those huge investors, Rupert Murdock, John Welsh, Woody Johnson (New York Jets Owner) and Randy Falco (CEO Univision), are holding a back door meeting, or will be holding future back door meetings, that are hardly in the interest of all Americans. This land is our land, the poor and the rich; attempt therefore to make decisions regarding its organization or re-organization of government, businesses and consumers, must be made by us all. There is no room for another monopoly of our government by a few ruthless capitalists; whose only ambition is to amass wealth, often at the expense of the rest of us.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act, many of the rich and powerful have become nervous; they have become uncomfortable regarding this ruling; and, many of their Republican legislative stewards in congress, have vowed and re-affirm their conviction to repeal the health care reform law. Is there any reason for this? This is a law that is acclaimed to add about thirty million Americans to the health insurance roll. Is there anything wrong with having health insurance for the poor and under privileged? This point was brought home to me when I read that, elks like the Rupert Murdoch and John Walsh are seeking to get the presumptive Republican Nominee, Mitt Romney, to dump his campaign team. 

Is there something to it, why these moguls are interested in Romney junking his campaign troops? Does the assertion by Romney’s Press secretary insisting that the candidate has confidence in his campaign team mean anything? Well, there is hardly a smoke without fire! These huge capitalists may be worried about the surge in polls of the recent occupant of the White House. They may be worried about what plans they have in store for America that the voters may find out sooner than later. American voters must be concerned about their economic freedom, their liberties and their privacy. American voters must be worried that with low citizen participation in the organization of this democracy, some rich few may hijack the essence of how this democracy is conceived to work by our forefathers. Whenever a few oligarchs get together to discuss how they would rather like a Presidential campaign to be organized or succumb to twittering about other possible options for their candidate to prevail, it is time for the average American to watch out!

That dream of our fore-fathers: we hold this true to be self-evident that all men are created equal; and the promise from President Obama that, if the nation can just hold tight for more time, that our economy will soon bounce back, may just be in jeopardy. There are already suspicions that the financial sector is full of all types and forms of collusion, information withholding and more, that are grinding the system and making the system function inefficiently; hence the under-performing economy. All these businesses are ran by men of huge financial wealth, who are deciding to come together to ensure their candidate of choice wins. If capitalistic oligarchs are more concerned about how another millionaire is arranging his campaign for the White House and casting aspersion on the administration of a President who puts the interest of the middle income earners and the poor, upfront in administrative agenda, then many Americans must be concerned about their economic and political freedom. The odds that the rich would be looking out for the poor, is fleeting; and, the trickle down economics concept being peddled by the presumptive Republican nominee is a rouse; and, will hardly work in the interest of many Americans.

The same economic predicament that the nation is in, were caused by back door collusion and dealings of the rich to give each other an edge and tax cuts which have ballooned our debts. It is not that Democrats are necessarily innocent of deficit spending while occupying the White House; however, they have taken care of more Americans during their administrations, than the Republicans. Huge spending on wars that leads to depressions and post-war traumatic experiences for our nation and many of our heroes, are not necessarily how we all want our taxes spent. With a few more months to the fall election, the rich are concerned about their candidate loosing the debate and campaign for the White House; they are worried that they would not be able to get the huge jumbo war jets, planes, ships, tankers, ammunition and war uniforms contracts, if President Obama remains in office. American voters must understand this; and appreciate what herculean force we are against and why we must continue to give support to the man who has our interest at heart, President Obama!

Calling an American President Socialist is nothing new! Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was called a socialist by Republicans while he fought to implement social welfare programs during the 1930's depression, including food stamps, unemployment insurance, early child care support, housing assistance and direct cash assistance, all programs that have kept millions of Americans away from poverty. Same goes for Lyndon B. Johnson in his quest to eliminate poverty and racial injustice under his Great Society initiative. The Medicare initiative under the Social Security Act of 1965 was termed a socialized medicine by the same Republicans. Today, Medicare Benefits has sustained many of our elderly who would have gone under poverty without this program. Americans are not surprised that President Obama is called a Socialist in his quest to pass and implement the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Law. The fact that this law is going to benefit over thirty million Americans without Health Care Insurance is not lost.

It is important to appreciate that anytime a Democratic President has sought to implement social welfare program(s) that will benefit many more Americans, including the poor, Republicans have often resorted to name calling. Incidentally, many Americans can read within the line: if the program is not going to benefit the few ‘one percenter’, the program is a socialistic idea. However, if the program is going to benefit the richest few among us, it is free enterprise! The objective of this Democracy as construed by our fore-father 236 years ago, is not to limit freedom to a few privileged ones, but to provide freedom (economics, political, social and more) for the greatest number of people, for the greatest number of time or years that they roam this land of the free, brave and star and spangle banner!

If the celebration of our Independence today means anything, it is the fact, we operate a government of the people, by the people and for the people. It is hardly a government of the few and privileged! As we celebrate our independence, we must recall the embodiments of President Lincoln's Gettysburg speech: Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation, so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate, we can not consecrate, we can not hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

The reality of that speech still resonates today, as we attempt to build a more just and equal society; as we strive to embark on another social welfare milestone, where a man’s or woman’s access to better health care is not judged by the wealth of his heritage or those acquired by him or her in the process of commerce. Let us therefore be compassionate and forbearing to our neighbors for it is the right thing to do. Spend some time with the poor and underprivileged and you’ll find how hard and frustrating it is for them to get something as simple as a dental appointment. Rather than adding more tasks to their to-do list, let us be more compassionate and caring, even if Republicans feel we are out of our minds. Let the rich and privileged hold their back door meetings; whatever is unfair and unjust will be exposed in due season and time! Let's therefore celebrate this 236th independence anniversary remembering those who gave their all, so that this great democracy will never perish!