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Clash of Political Ideologies: Why Bain Capital Matters?

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What is the state of campaign for the 2012 general elections? During the Republican Primary, Mitt Romney, the presumptive nominee of the Grand Old Party portrayed himself as the inevitable nominee; and, intuitively believed that he could run an ‘Etch-A-Sketch’ campaign to get himself into the White House as Mr. President. During the Republican primary, each Republican aspirant offered his own perception of what the 2012 campaign is supposed to be or is all about; and genuinely believed that each offered the best alternative to the present occupant of the White House oval office. The end of the Republican Party primary revealed that at least, none of the alternative aspirant, is better positioned to compete against Pr…

JP Morgan-Chase Failure, Glass Steagall, Dodd-Frank and Financial Reform: The risk of underestimating investment banking losses!

Keywords or Terms: Investment Trading; Glass-Steagall Act; 2008 Recession; 1929 Depression; Wall Street; Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Law; Bankers; Insurance Brokerages; Trading in Derivatives; Volker Rule; JP Morgan Chase Bank; Jamie Dimon; Tempest in a tea cup; Two Billion Dollars; Politicizing Banking Reform; and Presidential Politics
During the past week, the nation has learnt of the huge loss by the Wall-Street biggest bank, JP Morgan-Chase. Many Americans wondered if banks learnt anything from the 2008 melt down of the nation's financial sector due to poor decisions and judgment regarding derivatives.
The ripple effect of trading in derivatives and the consequential impact of poor banking decisions at the nation’s biggest Wall-Street Bank are continuing to evolve; and, many Americans are wondering if it made sense to have jettisoned Glass Steagall Act. What is the Glass-Steagall Act? Glass-Steagall Act separated investment and commercial banking activities consequent to the 192…

Republican High School Bully for the Oval Office: You Get What You Vote For?

Keywords or Terms: Bullying; Uncivil Behavior; Youthful Pranks; Assault; Child Psychologists; Presidential Election Contest; Presumptive Republican Nominee; Morning Shows the Day; Predicting Presidential Performance; Inclusive Society and leadership; Civil Society; and Washington Post.

Bullying of any kind in the public space has been a national problem. There are even states and county governments that have put out laws and edicts to counter the problem of bullying. Bullying in Grades K-12 have sometimes been a challenge for Schools' Administrators. As trite as this problem has been, it may become a more pronounced consideration in this year's general election considering the attention this problem has been receiving by parents and voters. Yesterday, the Washington Post put out a story after interviewing very close classmates of Mitt Romney, the Presumptive Republican Party nominee, for bullying pranks in the prestigious Michigan high school that the candidate had attended. If…

Did Mitt Romney Lie to a Cleveland Television Station Yesterday?

You be the Judge:

Mitt Romney is distorting history, again! Talking to a Cleveland Television station yesterday, he attempted to take credit for the re-organization of the auto industry. He is claiming as in the nature of the Swift Vote Veteran on John Kerry, that he deserves a lot of credit for the comeback of the auto industry.
Please tell Mr. Romney, he is a liar; he wanted the auto industry to go burst! He even wrote an opinion page to that effect in a New York Times Opinion Page on November 18, 2008**. There is nothing as managed bankruptcy; bankruptcy is bankruptcy, Mr. Magic underpants! President Obama believed in the America’s Auto industry and put his money where his mouth is! Thanks President Obama, for having the back of the auto industry. This general election is not going to be won by distortion of history. Mr. Mitt Romney has just justified Mr. Newt Gingrich's assessment of him during the Republican Nomination Process!

The making of another run for the White house by Barack Obama: Inertia and Momentum!

Keywords or Terms: Democratic Nominee;  Courage to Challenge; Campaign Strategy; President Obama; Achievements; The Economy; Adaptability; Inertia; Momentum; Winning the Future; Bedeviling the Campaign Process; and Winning one for the underprivileged, the poor, the elderly and the middle class.
More than four years ago, President Barack Obama launched his first campaign for the White House; and, won the keys to the Oval Office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. With nothing but one very familiar message, HOPE, President Obama campaigned across the country and overseas to become the first African American to inherit the office in over two centuries. By his rise to the highest office, the land of freedom and liberty lived up to its creed: “We hold this true to be self-evident that all men are created equal”. Many Americans were overtly impressed and some skeptics were somehow overwhelmed by the love and support for a rainbow like coalition of people in support of a young sweet looking, close t…