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Minority Republicans, Carlo Fiorina and Ben Carson, declaring candidacy for 2016 White House Race: where did the Republican majority failed to communicate the Mundane?

Keywords or terms: Carol Fiorina; Ben Carson;  Minority Republicans; State of Texas; Paranoia; Presidential Campaign;  Republican Party; Extremism; Racism and narrowed vision of the extreme right; White Anglo-Saxon Male Privileges and the Republican Party; National American Free Trade Agreement; Immigration Reform and Control Act; Stumbling blocks; and American Political Development
The instrument of collective authority and accountability are often essential to a thriving democracy. If residents of the State of Texas believe that routine military exercise and training are precursors to declaration of martial laws and takeover of the State of Texas by the Federal Government, then we need to redefine collective authority and accountability in the context of our democracy to all Americans, no matter where they reside in the union. Further, if the narrow vision of the extreme right have exposed more Americans to doubt the authenticity and purpose of routine military administrative actions…

The Myth about Bernie Sanders’ Versus Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Candidacies: Listening across Ideologies?

Keywords and Terms: Candidate Bernie Sanders; Candidate Hillary Clinton; Elizabeth Warren; Martin O’Malley; Presidential Campaigns; Leftist ideology; Progressive Values; Trans-Pacific Trade Pact; Overhauling Tax Rules and Regulations; Climate Change Issues; Social Security Expansion; Citizen United; Older population and working poor; party-level campaigns; Intra-Party Competition; Wage-Disparity; China; Mexico; and, America’s Economic Security For those who likened Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ announcement of his 2016 run for the White House as a volcanic eruption within the Democratic Party or among progressives, it may be time to think again. For progressives, it is more like a call to listen across ideological lines regarding economic and social issues that continue to divide us. The issues of income inequality, racial opportunity inequality, climate change, over-burdening taxation regulations, expansive and expanding gaps in socio-economic indicators, that continue to befoul the…