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2016 Republican Party Primary: Why the “dark side” continues to win and win big!

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Going by recent, and the totality of the month of August polls, one thing is absolutely clear, Donald Trump is the front runner for the Republican Party; while Hillary Clinton, with a few stumbling steps on the way, is probably the front-runner for the Democratic Party. WhileSenator Bernie Sanders is gradually catching up to Secretary Clinton in the Democratic Party primary, the former front runner for the Republican Party, Jeb Bush, is being drown out, like many other Republican aspirants, by the bold message on anti-immigration, which some…

Bernie! Bernie!! And Bernie Sanders!!!!

Keywords or Terms: Bernie Sander’s Campaign Performance; National Nurses United; City of Oakland, National Nurses United; Black Life Matters; City of Seattle; City of Los Angeles Arena; DNC, Blood Bath; 2016 White House; Corporate America; Fruits of Economic Recovery; Campaign Promises and Messages; Governor(s) Jeb Bush, Martin O’Malley, Lincoln Chaffee; Chris Christie; Social Security; Medicare; Seabrook, New Hampshire; Secretary Hillary Clinton; Presidential Aspirant Likeability Barometer; Keystone Xl Pipeline; TransCanada
Senator Bernie Sander’s performance on the campaign trail can no longer be ignored. I love the idea of having Former US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, as the next President of the United States. However, the huge number of people and supporters gravitating and gyrating towards Bernie Sander’s candidacy all over the federation is making me and other astute political hedge makers take a second look. When you are pulling over capacity room and stadiums of…

Difficulty Avoiding a Sideshow in Republican Party Campaigns for the White House?

Keywords or Terms: Disdain for women; Disdain for spending too much money on women’s health; Sexist Comments; Megyn Kelly; Rosie O’Donnell; Donald Trump; FOX News Organized Republican Party Debate; Conservative Republicans;; Erick Erickson; Sideshows; Civility and Respect; Barnum Effect; Women’s health; Planned Parenthood; Religious and Social Beliefs; Female voting group; Male dominated America; Presidential Campaigns; House and Senate Primaries
There is always a sideshow in every general election cycle in America. Think of it this way: Going by the early polling results, Real Estate Mogul Donald Trump is one of the most promising aspirants in the 2016 Republican Primary Campaign. This past week at the FOX News organized debate for the GOP aspirants, the leading candidate by polls, came off as not only assertive of his disdain for women and probably a much aggressive bully on the podium, he characterized the nature of questions from Megyn Kelly, one of the FOX News hosts,…

2016 GOP Aspirant’s First Debate: Sharing American Destinies with FOX-News’s Chosen 10!

Keywords or Terms: Fox-New’s Chosen 10: (Jeb Bush, Scot Walker, Chris Christie, John Kasich, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Ben Carson); Republican Party Flag Bearer;  National Security Agency; Civil liberties; Immigration Issues; Budget issues; Abortion Issues; Secretary Clinton; Democratic Philosophy and Principle; FOX’s Hosts, Megyn Kelly; and Rosie O’Donnell
At the FOX News organized debate last night for GOP aspirants seeking the White House, great minds were asking where the National Security Agency went wrong regarding surveillance. Rand Paul and Chris Christie were at each other’s throat for a while. Senator Paul was on the side of citizens’ privacy, while Governor Christie was on the side of due diligence, not so much against NSA tactics of listening and collecting data on possible terrorist contacts, in and out of America, but hardly in support of complete protection of citizen’s right to privacy when it comes to national security. Was either o…

Rethinking FOX News Choice of Republican Aspirants to participate in Party’s first 2016 contest debate

Keywords or Text: Republican Party Debate; FOX News; Five National Polls; Gate Keeper; Influential Player; Multiple Polster and pollings; Effective Criteria of Choice Candidates; Skeptics; Supporters; Jeb Bush; Scott Walker; Donald Trump; Chris Christie; Rick Perry; Newt Gingrich; Mitt Romney; Illinois and Florida; Los Angeles Times; hyperbolic assessment; Debate’s Singular Performance; and Electronic Media Kingmaker
That Republican Presidential Aspirants’ debate scheduled for Thursday, August 6th, 2015 is already considered and perceived as a restrictive process. The organizer, FOX-News, may find itself in deep trouble concerning issues of fairness, representation and creditability. Only ten candidates will be chosen and qualified to appear in the debate, including Governor Jeb Bush, Governor Scott Walker and Real Estate Mogul, Donald Trump. According to the debate organizer, participants in the debate are chosen based on five most recent nationally trending opinion polls, conducted b…