Friday, April 17, 2009

Climatic Warming, Air Pollution & the Heat Wave

I am shifting my priority from discussion of investments in storm water infrastructure and toxic prevention as contained in (HB1614; SB 5518) to legislation to implement real limits on global warming pollution. Legislature’s effort in HB 1819 and SB 5735 is expected to put caps on global pollution. This is a laudable effort that may help correct climatic warming. Air pollution and heat wave associated with industrial pollution is estimated to be causing about 800 to 1000 deaths in a year. When polluters are made to pay for their harm to the environment, they are more likely to be cautious in how they operate. When polluters are made to pay for pollution permits, they are more likely to see the cost of their actions and like in the old saying: when you hit them where it hurts, they will change. Never believe the Nay-Sayers: the concept is a win-win situation, even in these turbulent economic times. When the governor signs the bill to law, we will be able to create green jobs while at the same time curb man-made pollution. With this bill, we will be able to cut down on level of carbon-dioxide and other green house polluting gases.
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