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Rick Santorum’s Strong hold in the South: What does this mean for Mitt Romney’s campaign for the Republican Nomination?

Keywords or Terms: Deep South; Etch-A-Sketch; Evangelical Christians; Republican Alabama; Mississippi; Louisiana, Maryland; District of Columbia; Mormonism; and, Options before the Convention Now, Republican Rick Santorum needn’t have to incentive voters in Louisiana that much; his message of social conservativeness, already resonates with many in the Bible belt. The Deep South love pro-life message and many of these residents, find it just too difficult to accommodate any man with a Mormon religious background. Religion has a special place in the life of southern residents; and any doubt about that was probably laid to rest with victories and voting culture in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Were Mitt Romney igniting the message of job creation in Louisiana, Republican voters residing in a state with unemployment two digits below the national average, weren’t going to be listening or buying. Their minds were made up knowing what kind of campaign Mitt Romney was leading and how the…

Romney's Victory in Illinois and the Future of Republican Nomination Process

Keywords or Terms: Mitt Romney; Rick Santorum; Newt Gingrich; 1144 Delegates; Republican Convention; Inconsistencies and Flip-flopping; PAC's, Motivating Factors; Tea Party; Republican Party; Reagan; and November 6th Contest.

For Republican Candidate Mitt Romney, three straight wins against his competitors, is a sure guarantee that his candidacy is speed bound for the November contest. The wins in Puerto Rico territory and Illinois State for Mitt Romney have been rather convincing to skeptics in the Republican Party. However, among his fellow aspirants, especially Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, the fight for the nomination is not over; and, the next contests, in Maryland, Wisconsin, Washington DC, Louisiana and Pennsylvania are the impending crossroad for all Republican candidates.

In a contest of distributed delegates based on vote count, claims for superior performance based on acquired number of delegates do not justify a call for other contestants to drop out of the race. Mitt…

War on Women: Republican Aspirant Mitt Romney wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood!

Keywords or Terms: War against women; Reproductive and Health Rights; Planned Parenthood; Mitt Romney; Republican Party; Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act; Violence Against Women Act; Rick Santorum; Newt Gingrich

Republican war against women is heating up and it is not getting funny anymore. Here are some fascinating examples of how Republicans are taking the fight to women: 1) Mitt Romney, likely Republican flag bearer for the upcoming 2012 general elections, wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood, not withstanding that the organization is a private non-profit entity; 2) Arizona State and Republican Governor want women to justify use of birth control pills for purpose of health care; and 3) Pennsylvania Republican Governor wants women to watch the fetus in their uterus prior to any procedures. These current examples serve as fringe examples of what Republicans are unto regarding women health.
If you are a woman who is very interested in your reproductive health and other hea…

Santorum tops Republican Aspirants in Alabama and Mississippi: Why a candidate's campaign message matters?

Keywords or Terms: Rick Santorum; Alabama and Mississippi Primaries; American Samoan and Hawaii Caucuses; Newt Gingrich; Mitt Romney; Southern Republican Voters; and, Alternative Strategy to win Conservative Republican Votes in the South
Today’s primaries and caucuses  in Alabama, Mississippi, American Samoa and Hawaii may serve as a wake up call to Mitt Romney; or a reaffirmation of the true and tested: A North-Eastern ‘Not-So-Conservative’ Republican can hardly do well with the blue color southern white voters. As such, Santorum’s message of social conservativeness is perhaps more attuned to this group; and probably resonates better. The disaffection for Mitt Romney’s brand of conservatism serves as a challenge for his campaign managers and political advisers or undertakers; and, will remain as such, except the team(s) is able to salvage Romney's brand in the South.
For now, not only do Santorum’s successes in Alabama and Mississippi primaries highlight the suspected missive by po…

Women Health and the Republican Attempt to Undermine PPACA: Implications for the 2012 Presidential Election

Energizing the Base: When President Obama holds a Press Conference while Republican Aspirants duke it out in Ten States?

Keywords or Terms: POTUS; Press Conference; Republican Primaries and Caucuses; Mitt Romney; Rick Santorum; Newt Gingrich; Ron Paul; Delegates; Political contributions and Money; Political Strategy; Iran; CNN; Alaska; Massachusetts, North Dakota; Ohio, Virginia; Vermont, Oklahoma, Georgia; Tennessee; and Idaho
Volumes have been written about Republican Primaries and Caucuses since November 2011. Discussions regarding strategies, failures and triumphs of many of the Republican aspirants have been exciting, dull and sometimes, downright discouraging and exasperating. Truthfully, some of the contests in already decided states indicate that the battle for the Republican nomination is not as clear cut as many political gurus had predicted at the beginning of the contest. The overwhelming perception that the current slate of Republican candidates has not given many Republicans the needed excitement in their nomination process, has made some voters, even ardent supporters of conservative Repub…