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In case you missed it: State of the Union Address and Progressives!

"Social Progress makes the well-being of all more and more the business of each; it binds all closer and closer together in bonds from which none can escape" -- Henry George.

This is really red meat for Progressives! President Obama's Second State of the Union Address is peppered with the type of lingo liberals like to open champagne(s) to! Full of collective substance and probably a repeat of many of his past proposals, with a torch of some new ideas. The speech is impressive, considering how calm and collected the President was in his delivery. The Oratory superb and the emotions close to the end of the speech when he made a case for a vote on assault weapon ban, vivid or livid, make your choice!

However, if you are conservative, if you are the Tea Party type, this one will probably run you off the wall. I enjoyed every bit of it; not because I completely agree with everything in the speech, but because I know the President has a conviction and he has stood by it: "…