Monday, April 20, 2009

Commitment, Incentives and Public bill on the Environment

The discussion leading up to HB 1819 and SB 5735 was dominated by two behavioral modification incentives: making those who pollute pay for clean ups; maintaining a sustainable environment through cleaner habitats. There is however a challenge in both realms. Pollution abatement incentives can only carry us so far, people must be willing to buy into the notion of maintaining a clean environment. Having clean water and air in the Puget Sound must be accepted as a pennant for greater things in the State. Considering that many of the businesses in the Puget Sound region lie along the water ways, if these businesses do not buy into these behavioral changing incentives, the goal of maintaining a sustainable environment may become an endless challenge. Where polluters choose to accept that payment to pollute is one of the costs of doing business, it is rather difficult to encourage positive behavior that will achieve a sustainable environment. However, when they perceive themselves as part of the solution to a sustainable environment, the goal becomes achievable in lesser time and with greater commitment.
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