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Keywords or Terms: Civil Decorum; Political Issues; Democratic Party; Republican Party; Black Lives Matter; Bernie Sanders; Hillary Rodham Clinton; American Justice System; Climate Change; American Capitalism; Gun Violence; Debt-Free Higher Education; Changing Campaign Financial Rules; Raising the Federal Minimum Wage; Progressive Solutions

To adapt to a more civil decorum in discussing political issues in presidential debates, the Republican Party – along with the far right elements of their party, the tea party faction – will need to do some radical thinking regarding the approaches and methods of addressing pressing issues in the American narrative experience; including discussions of personal experiences, using publicity stunts, or resorting to bravado in explaining away domestic and or foreign issues, that affect the lives of Americans. Imagine Bernie Sander’s response to the question: whether Black Lives Matter? The erstwhile Senator from the State of Vermont succinctly said: “Th…

Hillary is roaring back from Republican Email Machination Scandal: What the polls are not saying?

Keywords or Terms: Former US Secretary of State; Presidential campaign trail; Republican House Speaker; Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-CA);NBC/Wall Street Journal polls; National Rifle Association; Curbing Gun Violence; Restoring Trust in Political System; Increasing support for Undergraduate Education and financing; Benghazi Embassy Killing;Restore economic growth with rising wages for Americans; and,

The former US Secretary of State has had her bad and good days on the 2016 Presidential Campaign Trail. However, her assertiveness, like I am the most transparent candidate in US History, is speaking well in the polls, better than when the email machination or scandal festered from the other aisle of US Congress. The fact that the front runner for prospective Republican House Speaker, since the stepping down of John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), claimed in a statement that his cohort’s machination on the purported email scandal led to the declining presidential campaign poll number of t…