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Insanity in the Market Place: How our Delusion over Second Amendment Rights is Killing our Future!

Keywords or Terms: Second Amendment Rights; Malady; Insanity; Mental illness; Sandy Hook; Our children; Elementary School; Adam Lanza; Nancy Lanza; Future of America, President Obama, Newport High School

I am going to get flak for this one; but I am truly prepared to deal with whatever comes my way. I have been away from blogging over three weeks because I lost a very beloved mother last month in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Ms. Wanda Jones (1929 - 2012) was a saint with ivory and velvety voice; a mother of very few words, but candid and helpful advice. A rose among thorns; cherished, caring and compassionate classroom teacher, who would not have believed the mayhem that took place in Sandy Hook, Connecticut this past week.
Her former elementary school students, children and I loved her so much; but the good Lord loved her better, so she went home to be with him/her. When she left, she said some few words that kept me away from blogging for a while: she says I should reflect over what is tr…

A Pro and Cons Debate of Extending the Bush Tax-Era Relief for the Middle Class: Why Congress must Act Now!

BP Oil Spill: Retribution for the Lost Souls, Public and Environmental Health Issues?

Keywords or terms: BP Settlement; US Department of Justice; clean water Act; Macondo Well; Public Health; Civil and criminal Penalties; Deep water Horizon Rig; 12 Felonies; and, Workplace Safety.
On April 20, 2010, BP committed eleven felonies by failing to handle the pressure test readings on Deep Water Horizon Oil Rig, before the blowout. The catastrophic consequence of this failure led to the deaths of Karl Kleppinger, Stephen Curtis , Shane Roshto, Dale Burkeen, Dewey Revette, Jason Anderson, Donald Clark, Gordon Jones, Blair Manuel, Alan Weise and Roy Kemp. Today, excluding the financial repercussions of this failure under parts of the Clean Water Act, 33 U.S.C. §1251 et seq. (1972), the executives at the multinational energy corporation, accepted responsibility for the failure of the blow out to the tune of four and a half billion dollars; and, pled guilty to eleven felonies for being negligent in the deaths of eleven workers. The company was also found to have obstructed Congres…

2012 National Election Results and the Celebration of our Veterans, on their Day!

Keywords or Terms: Veteran’s day; Appreciations; Thank You; Women Power; Paris, France; Saigon, Vietnam; Crazy Stuff; Karl Rove; and, Republican loonies and Wackos.

Since November 6, 2012, most Regional or National debates have centered on why Republicans lost their fight for the White House. Some of the debates have taken the form of recrimination, denial, discontent, disillusionment, acceptance; and, probably rebirth. The debates have obscured what truly happened on that election night. The Democrats won, they won real BIG; and moderation, modernity and common sense prevailed. President Obama’s Campaign team trashed the Opponent’s hands down, winning 332 Electoral College Votes as against 206 for Republicans. A twenty-first century campaign outfit outclassed and out maneuvered the 20th century campaign strategy. Oops!
Few Republicans have started appreciating; you may not depend on the spin room or your own media outlet as the most objective source of your performance; and you may not…

Obama’s Victory in 2012 National Elections: the way forward on Unemployment, Immigration and other National Issues?

Keywords and Terms: President Obama Election Night’s Speech; 303 -206 Electoral College Votes Spread; Obama’s Victory, Romney’s loss; 2012 National Elections; Voting Machines and Long Lines; Unemployment Problem; Minority Votes and the Republican Party.
Several months ago, some say couple of years, the unemployment problem had become a bane of contention for the political candidates seeking to be President-Elect of the United States of America in 2012. Voters noticed some great explanations from the sitting President why unemployment problem had not receded fast enough; and, the candidate with the business experience from the alternative party was being seriously considered by some Americans as probably the person to lead America out of its woe(s). All the more surprising, then, that President Obama is returned as the best person to lead the country out of this long standing pain or wilderness for more than 15 million unemployed Americans. Some political pundits say the reason for this…