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Keywords or Terms: Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act; OBAMACARE; US Court of Appeals, Washington DC; Richmond Virginia; Contradictory Rulings; Litigations and Suits; Americans For Prosperity; Heritage Foundation.
Probably no law in the history of US health policy has undergone more scrutiny than OBAMACARE. Part of the reasons for this has to do with politics; and, maybe on the substance or foundation of the reform: allowing federal funds to be used as subsidy for the millions of Americans without health care insurance.
What OBAMACARE afforded, first in US History, are opportunities for direct subsidy for the purchase of health insurance policy from state exchanges. The number of US citizens without health insurance had risen in the past few decades, so too had the number of emergency room visitation – something advocates of health care reform reminded congress during the long debate over the passing of the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act.
Much of the current outrage…

An Open letter to Climate Change Skeptics in Congress: Resolving a long gridlock?

Keywords of Terms: US Congress; Attitudinal change; Bi-Partisanship; Stalled Climate Change Bill; Advocacy Groups; Congressional Hearings and Testimonies; New Beginnings
How can Congress know whether or not we have issues with climate change? How can congress weigh scientific against non-scientific information on climate change when several bills are sitting on congressional docket without attention? How were water quality issues impacting fish kills in many watershed traced to phosphate discharges from several point and non-point sources, if setback regulations on water waste systems were not in place; regulations, traceable to the act of congress? How can congress identify the specific risk factors of climate change if it refuses to open communication to body of proofs? How can Americans have the information on the risk factors specific to climate change; and probably quality of life that will reduce medical costs? How can advocacy groups tender their justification for policy enactme…

Can America fix its cyclical Unemployment Problem: Revisiting an old debate?

Keywords and Terms: Unemployment Compensation; Cyclical; Relational; Disillusionment; Stigma Disenfranchisement, Congress, Free-Market Enterprise, Corporate America; Re-engineering; Mental Health Raved Homes; Coding and Algorithm; Machine Power;Globalization; Off-shoring; Change
I am confused; not so much about what is broken in American Politics; but, about what is fixable but which congress has paid little attention. The phenomenal perennial unemployment problem that characterize the free market economy continues to ravage many American homes. The recurrent nature of unemployment in the free market economy has made some economists diagnose this problem as endemic of capitalism; and somewhat, relational. To the untrained mind, the question is: what does cyclical or relational mean? In a lay man’s mind, cyclical means occurs every now and then or ever so often; some say every ten years, others claim five years. Relational, in the construct of an economist: unemployment and inflation ar…