Tuesday, April 21, 2009


For those of us who would like the clean water bill to pass, it is rather essential that opponents appreciate our desire for a collaborative solution to the problem of stormwater pollution in the Puget Sound. For businesses that are weary of our efforts, we encourage them to take heart and commit to a bill that will not only clean our storm water runoffs, but encourage the oil industry to become responsible corporate citizens. Paying to mitigate harm from oil and grease pollution in stormwater runoffs is as important as investing in the future of our children and communities. The oil and petroleum industry that are called to set aside money to help improve water quality in the Puget Sound, must see House Bill 1614 as a joint effort by the public and the corporations to keep our water safe and environment clean. Residents of the Puget Sound do not have to suffer for the action of industrial pollutants in an ever challenging environment of economic stress. We do not have to be afraid of the water we consume while at the same time dealing with the fears of the recession. We are much as interested in the oil and petroleum industry making profit as we are interested in children of the petroleum industry corporate executives having clean and safe water to drink in their homes. Asking businesses to pay for cleaning up the stormwater runoff is an opportunity to help these businesses turn back the hand of the clock regarding the damage to our waters and environment due to their production activities. We will all like to promote good behaviors among our citizens, asking those who create a mess to clean up after them is not asking for too much. Let us see this effort as a team effort to save ourselves, our corporations and our future.
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