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Branding and Rebranding a Presidential Candidate: the case of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Keywords or Terms: Branding; re-branding; Hillary Clinton; US Secretary of State; White House; Promoting existing awareness; Psyche of voters; Benghazi case; Nationalistic Argument; Executive Emails; Congressional Republicans; Domestic and Global Security; American Exceptionalism; Exercising Political Powers; Monday-morning quarterbacking; and, seven-steps of rebranding campaign message
Yes, Hillary Rodham Clinton is running for the US presidency. This is all so good for the generation of baby boomers, especially the fifty and sixty- something females, who experienced the era of burn the bra; and, have fervently looked forward to a day when an American female will occupy the White House’s oval office. It is not that Hillary’s second try at the race will prove any more infallible than her first; however, her probable chance this time around, while so promising, may still depend on the outcome of voters' perception of  disturbing accusations from the Republican Party: 1) the Benghazi…

Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton: “I’m running for President”

Keywords and Terms: Candidate Hillary Clinton; Presidential Campaigns; US Senate; Democratic Aspirant; Everyday American Champion; Senator Jim Webb; Governor Martin O’Malley; Senator Bernard Sanders; Champion for Everyday American; 36,000 retweet/half-hour; Iowa; New Hampshire; Nevada; South Carolina; Robby Mook; John D. Podesta; Male-Female Pay differential; Foreign Wars; Dodd-Franks; Dissembling Campaign Regime; Common Core Curriculum; With those four words, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the only first lady ever elected to US Senate, announced this morning that she is running to become the next President of the United States. If any of the following possible Democratic contenders is listening, former Senator Jim Webb of Virginia,former Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland, and Senator Bernard Sanders, an independent from Vermont who could run as a Democrat, the die has been cast; and without an iota of doubt, we all know, Hillary is the candidate to beat in 2016. Forget the email scandal, igno…

Republican Contenders in 2016 White House Race: A strategy to win the hearts and souls of Voters!

Keywords or Terms: Republican Contenders; Rand Paul; John McCain; Jeb Bush; Marco Rubio; Scott Walker; Carly Fiorina; Rick Perry; Religious Freedom; Sexual Equality; Safety and Security of our Nation; Israel; Iran; Jordan; Saudi Arabia; Nuclear Weapons; Middle East; Hillary Clinton; and the New World Order
Yesterday, two Republican heavy weights declared their ambition to run for the White House or re-election to the US Senate. The strikingly heavy handed libertarian, Rand Paul, will like to become a US President and John McCain will like to be re-elected to a sixth term in US Senate. Both Republican candidates and a few more, are flawed for several reasons, among which is probably their role in signing a treacherous letter to Iranian leaders, enunciated by Tom Cotton, the senator holding brief for the State of Israel, if you ask, when it comes to stopping Iran from having nuclear capabilities. You've heard Jeb Bush, another Republican contender and probably the leading Republican …