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Women Health and the politics of repealing the Patient’s Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

Keywords and Terms: Public policy; Politics; Health Care; PPACA; State and federal budgets; Deficit Spending; Republicans; Women Health

It is always a daunting task to comment on a public policy that has implication for the health of a huge sector of our population. The debate over the relevance of the Patient’s Protection and Affordable Care Act in a time of austerity is deeply felt, intellectually and emotionally. The daunting task of explaining to skeptics that the 111th Congress meant well when it passed and the President signed into law the Patient’s Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) comes out of the risk of losing out on a subject that has beleaguered the nation for decades: health care reform. The effects of the failure of the American health care system before the advent of PPACA, are demonstrated by tragic reports in daily news that women health suffers just as much as children's, and any machination that will adversely impact the quality of care women receive in…

Women Health Concerns: pondering on attacks on the Patient’s Protection and Affordable Care Act in 112th Congress?

Keywords or Terms: Women Health; Union Bursting; State Budgets; Repeal of PPACA; Consumer Protection; Ombudsmen Offices

It is often attacks from States Houses like those in Wisconsin, New Jersey and Ohio that often bring about unintended changes. Hard times often have an unintended consequence. The brazen affront on Public Employees Union in some State Houses is not just incidental. The Republican governors spear heading the affront on Public Employees Unions in Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersey, and probably other states, are probably working toward a goal grandiose than just fixing State budgets or deficit. Imagine that after the Wisconsin Public Employee Unions have accommodated rollbacks in their wages, benefits and costs of living adjustments, Wisconsin Governor Walker still wants to decapitate the Public Employee Union(s) in that State.

What is now known or what will remain circumstantial, is the suspicion that the Republicans in State Executive Offices and lawmakers at Capitol Hill …

Miracle or Miracle: when BP oil spill chief reshapes the payment rule?

Keywords or Terms: Gulf Coast Claims Facility; Claims Report; Change; Plan Payment; Feinberg; BP

Since April 20, 2010, when BP oil spill became the talk of town, many people have wondered whether there is ever going to be justice with respect to how compensation are to be made to affected parties from the disaster. Local authorities and citizens of the Gulf Coast felt like captives when the disaster turned into a nightmare as many people lost their jobs, businesses and incomes. Around August 2010, the federal government entered a negotiated plan with BP to dole out 20 billion dollars as down payment for the size of disaster and compensation to affected entities, persons, businesses and states, in the impact area of the disaster, and people had a sigh of relief.

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) was inaugurated as the official body for delivering filed claims against the oil discharges from the Deep-water Horizon well; a well belonging to British Petroleum. However, things have no…

Women Rights in Health Care Reform: the unfinished business of civil right?

Keywords or Terms: Women Rights; Abortion; Opposing Viewpoints; Funding Health Care

You’ll imagine that the debate over a woman’s right to her body has been settled in the badly fought civil right litigation on abortion in the fifties and sixties. Many of the recent issues that have arisen over whether the Affordable Health Care Reform Law provides for funding of abortion were debated in the passing of the 2010 Affordable Health Care Reform Law. While there is no disputation over whether federal funds could be used for abortion, since existing federal laws have vehemently said No, women now worry that the new movement in congress over what are in the health care reform law, may deprive them of legitimate abortion. The issue: can a woman seek the termination of a pregnancy under a privately funded insurance policy within the health care reform provision of the Affordable Health Care Reform Law? The new grandstanding regarding defunding or underfunding health care for women whose health…

Of UFOs, Democracy and Political instability in Egypt!

Keywords or Terms: Democracy; Political Freedom; political Instability; UFOs; Egypt; Mubarak

A number of recent events in the Middle Eastern political terrain highlight the old cliché: If you build it, they’ll come. That cliché has been our maître as a nation in foreign policy and spread of freedom across the globe. We have worked hard to spread these words around the world: Democracy is superior to any system or form of government. When the Uprising in Egypt began about two weeks ago, the suspected lukewarm attitude of our government probably was misinterpreted by Egyptian Democratic Groups: America is hardly serious about supporting Democracy in the Middle East. We know that there are many despots in the Middle East, but we are not ready to contend their authority; we are not ready to rock the boat as long as our country or a close friend is benefitting from the despotisms!

The Egyptian uprising is a sign of emerging success of our campaign for Democracy over the world; yet, we ar…

Repealing the Health Care Reform Law in the House: A Strategic Republican Mistake?

On a vote of 51 to 47, Senate Democrats put the final nail in the Republican’s Coffin of wanting to repeal the Affordable Health Care Reform Law. When House Republicans bound together to advance their desire to repeal the Affordable Health Care Law last month, all of them thought their party was up to something; or, so it seemed. Many Democrats worked so hard in the house to convince their counterparts that the fight was not worth the effort, but the Republicans refused and imagined it will be possible to overturn the mammoth effort of Democrats and their leader, that had delivered the most progressive reform to the American Health Care System in half a Century.

In a unanimous opposition to the repeal, all the fifty Democrats and one independent present at the voting tonight affirmed their party’s conviction and commitment to a reformed system, that will not deny health insurance to children with leukemia and multiple sclerosis, because they have pre-existing condition. If Republicans…