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AMERICA'S HEALTH CARE REFORM III: Second Reaffirmation of OBAMACARE by the US Supreme Court

Keywords or Terms: Consistency; Chief Justice John Roberts; Federal Tax subsidies; Affordable Care Act; US Supreme Court; President Barack Obama; Online Market Place; ‘Scotuscare’;Six Million Americans; Political and legal attacks; US Congress; 2016 Presidential Primaries and Election; and American Voters.
The US Supreme Court is gradually changing from the perceived polarized house of justice since the sitting of Chief Justice Roberts at the pinnacle of the judicial arm of United States Government. But it has also had underlying consistency in ruling regarding OBAMACARE. In a ruling very much like its earlier support for the law in 2012, Chief Justice John Roberts, a conservative appointee of a former Republican President, wrote in a 6-3 ruling that US Congress clearly intended for tax subsidies to be available to all Americans, low, high or moderate income, seeking private health insurance on the federal or state exchanges. Crystallizing his decision in one and more sentences, he wri…

Southern Confederate Flag: the Case for Racial Harmony and Permanent Peace in the Homeland?

Keywords or Terms: Racial Harmony; Confederate Flag; Generational Divide; American Civil War (1861-1865); Innocent Blood of Citizens; African Episcopal Methodist Church, Charleston, South Carolina; Southern Governors; Amazon.Com; and, Wall-Mart; eBay
The next phase of America’s development and advancement has very little to do with the expansion of World Wide Web or Internet commerce, or space exploration. Neither does it have to do with a legislatively productive and stable US Congress; although that would be helpful. Further, the next phase of the development and advancement has much less to do with newer markets’ penetration in Asia, Africa or Europe; and or, combating international terrorism; although those would be helpful in advancing America’s hegemony and softening the burden of the huge national deficit.
The next phase – ensuring that all races of citizens in the democracy are welcomed and feel part of the holistic experiment – calls for retirement of not only the confederate f…

Of Gun Violence and the Cloudy Future of the Second Amendment Right?

Keywords or Terms: Tragedy of Gun Violence; US Congress; Vice President Joe Biden; President Barack Obama; Second Amendment Right; Charleston, South Carolina; Primitivism of the conquered; Unwholesome failure of civic sense; Sandy Hook Elementary; Emanuel African Methodist Episcopalian Church; and, Old Wide West
Second Amendment Right in America and the ever so repeated gun violence in the public space, remind us today, again, of carnage in South Carolina, Connecticut, Colorado, Wisconsin, Arizona, Virgina and endless other States and places, where blood of the innocent have been shed for no reason. From Charleston, South Carolina; New Town, Connecticut; Aurora, Colorado; Oak Creek, Wisconsin; Tucson, Arizona, Blacksburg, Virginia; to many other places that I’ll rather just not mention, before I quit writing and start to cry; before I begin to question the essence of government and politics if they cannot attend to the repeated wounds of a nation; before I start to wonder where are the…

Of Donald Trump, Jeff Bush and the Rest: Are Ten Republicans enough for the 2016 Contest?

Keywords or Terms: Republican and Democratic Aspirants; White House Oval Office; Rich and Famous; US Presidency; Aristocratic or Imperial Presidency; American Voters; Political Dynasties; Spousal or Family Lineage Presidencies; Global World Trade Imbalances; Plurality of Opportunities; Mutual Restraints; and, Reciprocal Concession.
The unquestionable dilution of the number of Republicans seeking the 2016 nomination will profoundly change give another week. The number of announcements of candidacies in the past few months for the 2016 contest has offered new political characterization or meaning for those running for the White House’s oval office. “They’re Impressive, they’ve got a lot of youth, they’ve got a lot of energy, they’ve got some significant diversity and they’re no dummies”, if you ask President Bill Clinton?
As other Republicans in the pipeline indicate their intensions or ambitions, American voters are confronted and confounded with the divergence of views and reasons for …

Presidential Ambition of Senator Lindsey Olin Graham Revisited, Retold

Keywords or Terms; Presidential Campaign; Politics and Politicians; Immigration; Social Security; Tax Reform; Hawkish Conservative Republican; Central, South Carolina; Islam; American Muslims; 9/11; Domestic and International Terrorism; Lindsay Graham; Rand Paul; American Patriot Act; Waterboarding; Preventive Strikes; National Security Policy; and Religious Bigotry and Alienation
Of all the announcements this week of a run for the White House in 2016, none is as predictive and fascinating as that of South Carolinian Senator Lindsey Olin Graham, whom we had earlier predicted at the end of January, will be throwing his hat into the race, soon. The Hawkish Conservative Republican finally made his announcement this week, revving like the fume from an exhaust pipe and the aggression of a lion on Monday with the words: “I want to be president to meet our problems head on.” What are these problems you might ask? The Republican Senator, who made his announcement in his hometown, Central, Sout…

Conservative Evangelic Religious resurgence in American Presidential Campaign: What Reverend Huckabee 2016 launching bid means?

Keywords or terms: Reverend Huckabee; Jerry Farwell; City of Hope, Arkansas; Evangelical Religious Conservatives; Presidential Campaign;  Republican Party; Extremism; Religious Right; Stumbling blocks; Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender - LGBT; Caitlyn Jenner; Neo-Conservative Religious Groups; and, Alienating Voters.
Seldom in recent presidential campaigns has the attention of the public been drawn to the impact of Evangelical Religious Conservatives on American politics; or precisely, on the possible flag-bearer for a major political party? Not since the 1984 Jerry Farwell’s, founder of Liberty University, an Evangelical Southern Baptist televangelist conservative commentator, who vehemently denounced LGBT lifestyle, castigating it as a way to an apocalypse. Jerry Farwell, like Reverend Huckabee, hold very contrarian view of LGBT lifestyle to the extent that you come to believe it was and is, personal for both. How Reverend Jerry Farwell or Mike Huckabee would react to our new…