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U.S. Supreme Court Historic Health Care Ruling: Implication for the General Elections

Keywords and Terms: Affordable Care Act; Chief Justice Roberts; 5-4 Vote Spread; United States Congress; Commerce Clause; Congress’s Power to Tax; CNN; FOXNEWS; Rush-to-Judgement; A Good Day for Democrats and America.
Exasperating! That’s what some Republicans call it. Too Exasperating! All manner of Republicans were frustrated when they heard that the United States Supreme Court upheld the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act in its entirety in a 5-4 Vote spread. In an unimaginable and unthinkable way, Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the liberal wing of the court, agreeing that the United States Congress acted within its powers to raise and collect tax. And since the core mandate in the law, requiring Americans to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty could be construed as effectively a tax, the United States Congress is within its power to pass this law in 2010. The surprise for many critics of the law came from the fact that the law was not distinctively separated …

Power of the Presidency, U.S. Immigration Plan, and the Politics of harvesting Latino and or Hispanic Votes!

Keywords or Terms: President Obama; DREAM ACT; Executive Order; Halting Deportation; Illegal immigrants; Amnesty; Path to Citizenship; Gov. Mitt Romney, Green Card; Advanced Degree Holders; Military Service; Constitutional Authority.
Change: the nation found itself with the greatest revolutionary change regarding how America treats its immigrants or addresses the issue of undocumented immigrants. At stake was the issue of continued existence of close to twelve million undocumented immigrants in the United States. To bring about the promised change, President Obama did what he felt is possible in the absence of congressional support for an immigration reform bill. What President Obama did for undocumented immigrants, some of whom are disproportionately classified as Latinos and or Hispanics are as follows: 1) Halt future deportations of undocumented immigrants under the age of thirty who can arguably show they arrived in the United States before their 16th birthdays; 2) Allow for work a…

Romney’s Goal as a President: Get rid of fire fighters, policemen and teachers!

Keywords or Terms: Public Safety Officers and First Responders; Monetary and Keynesian Economics theories; Government Expenditures or Programs; Stakeholders; Profits vs. Non-Profit; Trust and Commitment; Illusion and Doubts.
What’s not to like about a Presidential Candidate who wants to get rid of fire fighters, policemen and teachers? That’s quintessential Republican! (I can hear you laughing aloud). The presumptive Republican Party flag bearer has been quoted as saying, getting rid of first responders, public safety and or last point of defense professionals, fire fighters, policemen and teachers in Wisconsin, is a positive change. To quote him appropriately: "[Obama] wants to hire more government workers. He says we need more firemen, more policeman, more teachers. Did he not get the message of Wisconsin? The American people did. It's time for us to cut back on government and help the American people." To the presumptive Republican Party Nominee, what the nation needs …

Governor Romney, like his Republican Tea Party Membership, wants to take back his country!

Keywords or Terms: Defensive Argument; Public and Private Economic Sectors; Racist and Unconscionable Comments and leadership; Civility; American Politics; Bureau of Labor Statistics; All Men are created equal; Rights of every men or women are threatened, when the rights of one is abridged; Presidential candidate's responsibility; and, Free and Fair Election.
The Obama’s Campaign team’s central challenge, in addition to reelecting their candidate into White House oval office, includes fighting back criticisms when their candidate makes an oral or vocal slip. It is tempting to believe that their candidate is above board, that his comment was literary taken out of context; however, there are some slips that put a candidate on the spot, one that makes it seem he hardly has the grasps of what was going on with the American Economy. A subsequent clarification of what is now considered a slip may have helped put in perspective what the President meant to say; however, one slip like this …

The Moral of Rising Unemployment: Why Presumptive Republican Nominee may not ride the latest data for too long?

Keywords or Terms: Unemployment Problem; Wall Street funk; Bureau of Labor Statistics; United States Congress; Moral latitude; Republican Party and Nominee; President Obama and Administration; History; Anthropologist; Positive, Believable, Open minded, Responsive, Integrative; and Forms of Government
The greatest challenge for the Obama’s Administration has been keeping down the unemployment rate. Unemployment data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the month of May, 2012 hardly vindicate current public policies designed to address this cyclical problem of our economic system. The United States Congress, which has failed to accede to President Obama’s proposals for a jobs bill, hardly has the moral authority or latitude to pronounce that, the Obama’s Administration has not been doing much to fight the uncanny problem.  Although Republican members of congress may want to ride this complex problem since it plays very well to the advantage of their party’s flag bearer, failure…