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Giving Thanks

Everyone Carries his own burden, but there are many who still bend over to give a helping hand;
To all helpers, we give thanks;

There are those who feed from the trough of politics, and each tries to catch others unaware of the tariffs;
To all taxpayers, they give thanks;

S/He who talks much about foolish things also crave much;
To all who give them audience, we give thanks;

For those who bear the burden of taxation and tariffs;
Let them know that the weight of governance rests on their shoulders and the state is forever thankful.
To these, let us be grateful.

Medical Loss Ratio and the Promise of Republicans to kill the Affordable Health Care Reform Law

The new health care reform law failed to receive the blessing of Republicans at its passage. If the issue of the medical loss ratio is now being debated, it is probably in hindsight for the Republicans who abstained from contributing any vote after the initial open floor congressional debate. The denial of commitment of the Republicans to the law is well known. The enormous potential payoff of the law for consumers is what is being challenged, if Republicans are able to repeal the law. History has shown that it takes more than verbal bravado to derail a good and well-intentioned law. Lawmakers who voted to pass the Health Care Reform Law and who are still in congress owe themselves the latitude to continue to stand tall for their beliefs. Democrats owe the nation an obligation to twat any effort of the Republicans to repeal or upstage well-intentioned provisions in the law.

Beginning in January 2011, insurance companies will be required to spend 80 to 85 percent of their premiums on h…

Congressional Hearing on Climate Change: Do we now have to negotiate with Republican majority come January?

The argument against climate change is hardly convincing: Republicans want us to believe that it makes little difference and are working hard to bring before congress men who will take up their position or do their dirty job. As congress goes into hearing this week, there are evidence that information to be shared with committees will only bolster the argument that there is nothing like climate change; and, if there is, the cost to change direction is too high at this time for the nation. Talks of the health of the economy being impacted by solutions to correct climate change influences are disconcerting as some well known politicians are advancing the argument: do no harm in a period of economic slump!

Climate change is real and there is preponderance of scientific evidence to prove that, even though there is this acrimony regarding tainted data from University of East Anglia, England. Ocean seafarer will inform you of the dwindling marine fisheries and other ocean resources due to c…

Unmasking the lies in Republican's Promise to repeal the health care reform law?

Republicans are in the majority in congress come January 2011 and are determined to repeal the Affordable Health Care Reform Law of 2010. The tea party faction of the Republicans party has played a critical role in allowing Republicans to gain more representatives in the house of congress. In 1994, a similar wave of unconscious determination to shift the power structure from Democrats to Republicans took place. If I can recall, it was a similar mid-term congressional election results in favor of Republicans that embolden the party stalwarts to foster their crescendo of the contract with America.

After a short romance with victory, the Republican majority found out that it was easier said than done, when it comes to legislating with purported mandate. New congressmen eventually find out that, all the assumption about how Washington works and how best to wield power, get tempered by the reality of the arrangement in congressional committees and the influence of lobbyists. So, while the…

Making the Health Care Reform Legislation Work for all of us!

When you look at the best health care legislation passed in this country in the last half a century, you're probably looking at the result of hours of hard work and debate from the two aisle of congress. Never mind the bandwagon of 'born-again' Republicans bent on undoing the Affordable Health Care Legislation of 2010. The process of developing and passing the legislation went through groundwork and feedback by both Republicans and Democrats in the past congressional sessions; even though Republicans will continue to complain they were completely shut-out in the deliberations. The fact that Republicans abstained from supporting the health care reform legislation in the current congressional session has very little to do with the quality of the provisions of the legislation.

One of the real reasons why Republicans are at war with the legislation has very little to do with the cost, although Republicans want the whole nation to believe so. If you ask me, it has to do with p…