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Rethinking Social Security and Health Care for the elderly in light of the falling home values across the federation

Keywords or Terms: Elderly; Property and home values; Recessionary Economy; Paul Ryan's Plan; New York District of Buffallo;

For the elderly, the announcement that home values have fallen for the eighth straight month in a row, may just be too much. With many of the retired elderly having their purported wealth tied up in their assessed home value, nothing is more daunting than the current news. About two years ago, the Center for Economic and Policy Research, a Washington advocacy group, projected the average net worth of the bottom 20 percent household headed by the elderly in the age group, 55 to 64 years, fell from $8,300 in 2004 to between $1,200 and a negative $2,600. Many in this group, who have most of their assessed net worth tied up in their home value, would consider the downward trending assessment of home values, more than bad news.

The majority of Americans in the age group of 55 to 64 years and probably over, who have thought of themselves as somewhat financially s…

Courting our Vets on Memorial Day!

Keywords or Terms: Memorial Day; Old Glory; Star Spangle Banner; Military Personnel; Democracy; Heroes; Civil War; Foreign Wars; Freedom; Sacrifices; Veterans; National Cemeteries; Arlington Cemetery; and America.

Memorial Day sharpens our awareness that freedom is not free! For those living in the illusion that America is great because of her political system or arrangement, and not because of our strong and dedicated military personnel, maybe its time to think again. No one is lampooning the fact that we practice and maintain the greatest democracy that the earth has ever known; that is indisputable; however, we are only able to do this and many other great things, because many men and women are able to give of themselves, without caring the cost. Today is a day to remember their huge and more than enough sacrifice.

People who count the dead from foreign wars appreciate the sacrifices that our great heroes have made so that you and myself can have a refuge, a home to go to; a refug…

From Free Market to Negotiated Pricing: why pharmaceutical industry is convoluted in the rising health care cost?

Keywords or Terms: Drugs; Vancocin; Dificid; Free Market Pricing; Market Analysts; Patient Pricing; Disparate Pricing and Drug Costs; Pharmaceutical Industry; Health Care Cost

The last national debate on health care reform opened up the intricate nature of lobbying by the pharmaceutical industry of congress. Lawmakers, many of whom will deny that lobbying from the pharmaceutical industry meant anything at their consideration of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, may want to rethink again after reading this blog. In the midst of the heated debate was the controversial giving in of about 80 billion dollars in negotiations by the pharmaceutical industry. Many of us wondered at that time, why the pharmaceutical industry was in the midst of negotiated privileges for their industry. Now we know why, after reading the New York Times treatise: 1) For First Time, UNICEF Reveals Differences in Prices it Pays Drug Companies for Vaccines (May 27, 2011 publication); 2) F.D.A. Approves…

The Clash of Political Preferences for ideal Republican Nominee for 2012 National Presidential Election?

Keyword or Terms: Conservatism; Republicanism; 2012 GOP Candidates; Medicare; Balancing Budget; Herman Cain; Newt Gingrich; Gary Johnson; Fred Karger; Tom Miller; Ron Paul; Tim Pawlenty; Mitt Romney; Rick Santorum; Mitch Daniels; Sarah Palin; Money; Age; Intervention in Libya; Homosexuality; Single Parenthood

Republicans have bigger fish to fry than assaulting the Patient Protection and affordable Care Act of 2010, for now. Far from the chastened hall of congress is the emerging field of Republican candidates for next year elections. The sparing candidates from the Party are making many conservative Republicans wonder, where the wise men or women are. Governor Mitch Daniels, one of their favorite candidates, at least in some Republican quarters, has just turned down the opportunity to run for the coveted White House oval office. The former Governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty, is all too eager to tell the public that he is ready to tell us the truth in governance, like we’ve never hear…

Down to the wire: When Patented Blockbuster Drugs go generic!

Keywords or Terms: Patented Drugs; Lipitor, Zyprexa, Levaquin, Concerta, Protonix, Plavix; Seroquel; Singulair; Actos; Enbrel; Pfizer; Eli Lily; and, Johnson & Johnson

Despite the fact that some popular patented drugs are about to expire this year, giving room for generic drugs multiplication of famous brands like Lipitor from Pfizer, Zyprexa from Eli Lily, Levaquin from Johnson and Johnson, many of these manufactures would like to hold an edge in the market for these products. A couple of these brands are already household names and command enough users to keep on raking in billions. Many of their manufacturers generally have this inkling or tacit dream of extending their patent over their inventions. There are other famous drugs that have sold billions of dollars in the open market and the thought of these drugs going for cheaper prices, or their manufacturers losing their tight grip on pricing, are just too discomforting for many pioneer drug manufacturers.

Take for example…

Saints and Sinners: A Reflection on potential Republican candidates for the 2012 Presidential Election?

Keywords or Terms: Mike Huckabee; Donald Trump; 2012 Elections; Health Care Reform Law;and GOP Nomination

The title of today’s blog draws attention to what would be considered insignificant discussion in certain quarters; however, the first implication to be drawn from recent announcements by Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump, both initially speculated potential Republican candidates for nomination for 2012 general presidential election, is that both saints and sinners aspire for that enviable office. While the 44th Governor of the State of Arkansas musters other obligations than contesting against the 44th President of the United States of America in the coming 2012 election, the Real Estate Property Licensing guru probably shied away from the contest, out of the fear of scrutiny.

Like the good book said: it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. Very few rich men would stand up to Internal Revenue Services’ scru…

When Oil Men Go to Capitol Hill: the reluctant neighbor?

Keywords or Terms: Oil Industry; Huge Quarterly Profits; Subsidies; Federal Budget and Deficits; Uncle Sam; Chevron; Shell; British Petroleum; Max Baucus; Mary Landrieu; Mark Begich; Joe Barton; Capitol Hill; and, Gulf Coast

Might oil companies arise to help fill the gap in the Federal Budget? Will the oil industry lend a hand in time of austerity? Most Americans will dismiss this as utterly improbable or nonsense. Oil Companies with their mega million dollar profits are hardly a brother’s keeper when it comes to sharing their largesse. No surprise therefore when the oil companies’ executives were asked to justify the tax breaks to their industry in light of the reported huge profits in the industry and the nation’s pressing need to fill the huge hole in the federal budget and expanding nation’s deficits, they replied: for our industry to sustain viability of its enterprise for many years to come, we need to make investments; and, denying us tax incentives and deductions will be misin…

Escalating Laws on Abortion in State capitols: the invisible hand of the Republican Strategy on Women Health

Keywords or Terms: Republican Party; State Capitols; Planned Parenthood; Anti-Abortion Groups; Pro-Choice Groups; Religious Undertone; Sexual Bigotry or Sexism

The current effort by the Republican Party to fight any fund going into Planned Parenthood is obviously related to their avowed attempt to chip away on the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. The nature of the bills passed so far in States Assemblies of Oklahoma, Arizona, Indiana, Texas and Kansas, among others, point finger at a cautious effort to disrupt reproductive services rendered by Planned Parenthood to low income women.

Last month, Oklahoma Republican Governor Mary Falling signed a pair of laws, intended to restrict abortion. The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act bans abortions after the twentieth week of pregnancy. The second bill prohibits health insurance plans in Oklahoma, under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, from offering elective abortions. In March, Arizo…

Raging Mississippi River: transforming the lives of the living and consoling the bereaved?

Keywords or Terms: Mississippi Floods; Life and Living; Deaths and Bereavement; Starting Over; Vacations; Passion for Life; John Mansfield; Henri Bergson

One of my children once asked me why people die young. I replied: the good ones among them never die; they just move to another stage where the audience is more appreciative and the melodious music they are playing, more appealing. Grief and losses come in different forms and often, set the stage for other challenges and triumphs. Watching people loose all they have in life from the floods in Tennessee and Mississippi, make you appreciate some little pleasures of life; and, imagine what a sad time those who are in the midst of the current floods are going through.

Watching family members tell you, they not only lost their homes to the floods, they also lost one of their children, brothers, sisters, aunts or uncles, make you somewhat loss for words; occasionally disoriented, confused and a little dumb founded, to an extent that you fi…

Unemployment figures: the Yo-yo nature of the monthly reports on employment trend in America?

Keywords or Terms: Employment and Unemployment in America; Recession; Jobs Creation; Congressional Politics; Business Performance; Planned Parenthood; PPACA; Taxation; Revenue Collection; Lawmakers: Republican, Democrats and Independents

The current state of employment in America is patchy. Although a vast majority of companies and businesses are hiring, the threshold of employment has not been impressive enough to make a dent in the nation’s 10 – 16 % unemployment rate. This is probably why many in the unemployment lines cannot see the value of railing that the economy is improving or, not in a deplorable recession; and that, the unstable monthly unemployment reports are not showing the total picture of the performance of the economy.

Current House of Representatives negotiations over Federal budget, 2011 and 2012, shifted gear into consideration of social issues, excluding the dysfunctional America’s unemployment rate. Republican majority in the House of Representatives have concent…