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To Err is Human, to Forgive is Divine: Neither is the policy of Extremism in Politics!

Keywords or Terms: Right winger; Phil Kerpen; House Budget Committee Ranking Republican Paul Ryan (WI); President Obama; Job’s Plan; House Republicans; Housing refinance; Student loans refinance; Relief for the masses; EPA; recalcitrance Culture in Congress; Warren Buffet; and, We can't Wait!
You have read or heard a variation of the title of the blog tonight somewhere. Why are you reading this here?  Well, the reasons are two-folds: 1) Among some criticisms that you have heard of Mr. Obama's Presidency, nothing is as disheartening as the ones offered by extreme groups in our society, especially some of them that fault Obama's Administration for all the economic and war mess that the nation has found itself; 2) An Except by Phil Kerpen, "The Congress Optional President" and "Obama's Rule By Executive Fiat Mocks the Constitution", which appeared in Washington Post of October 25, 2011, lambasting Obama for being anti or over the constitution in his exe…

Social and Income Inequality: Does Occupy the Wall Street Group(s) stand a chance?

PPACA: Long-Term Insurance for the Disabled and Accident Victims Dropped After Nineteen Months!

Keyword or Terms: PPACA; Class Act; Long-Terms Health Insurance; Cutting Costs; Quality of Care; Early or Midstream Change; Kathleen Sebelius; Edward Kennedy; Government Subsidy; Insurance Premiums; U.S. Department of Health; Inflation; Federal Reserve Bank Chief; Bureau of Economic Statistics; What; Where; When; Why; and How.
The uncertainty in the number of injured or disable persons signing up for insurance and or, the potential huge costs involved in providing long-term care insurance for the disabled are calling to question the viability of a portion of the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act. In the face of projected rising costs of support for Community Living Assistance Services and Support (Class) Program, under the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act, U.S. Secretary of Health, Katheleen Sebelius, pronounces a dead future for the provision. The resulting impact of reforming health insurance rather than health care has been blamed as one of the reasons for this …

Social Inequality II: Why Occupy Wall Street Crowd Seems to be getting Confrontational?

Keywords or Terms: Republican Whitehouse; Democratic Whitehouse; Wall Street Bail Out; Political Stooges; Corporate Executives; Unemployment; Deficit Hulk; Job's Bill; Legislative honor; and, Getting America back to Work.

From the start of this recession - which coincided with the rise of unemployment and huge housing foreclosures, trading on Wall Street was clocking 10,000 points daily - the relationship between the Republican Whitehouse and businesses, especially the financial sector, was super cordial as one of the Wall Street men headed the United States Treasury. The Business's interest was more than protected and when the economy was about to go into a tail spin, bills were drafted with implicit blessings of the Republican Whitehouse to bail out the financial sector. The Bush Whitehouse did not encounter denials by Democrats, nor did the bills held ransom by Republicans as the Senate did to the Democrat’s Whitehouse bill to create jobs, yesterday. The vote was 50-49, with…

STEVE JOBS (1955 – 2011): Creating a New World at Apple after a Legend?

Keywords or Terms: Obituary; Steve Jobs; Apple; Strategic Leadership; iMac; iPad; iPad2; iPod, iphone; iPhone4; Macbook air; iTune; and, more

As the dust settles over the news of the demise of one of the most influential CEOs in Silicon Valley and probably the best genius and resourceful inventor since Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, the topmost question on everyone’s mind at Apple is: how are we going to replace our charismatic and visionary leader? Steve Jobs changed the way so many of us live right now and probably led a tight shift at Apple that resulted in over 300 patents, iMac; iPad; iPad2; iPod, iPhone; iPhone4; Macbook air; iTune music store and more. Like Steve Jobs once said, death is probably the greatest invention of nature, because it ensures renewal, renewal of life and beginning anew of a future that is yet unknown, but one that is out there to be found by a persistent and creative mind. The compelling message of the man, who believes that the world made it easier for App…

Constitutional Clash over PPACA: Beware of preconceived notion?

Keywords or Terms: US Supreme Court; Docket Number; Constitutionality; PPACA;  US Department of Justice; Virginia; Florida; NFIB; Liberty University; Katherine Hayes; Sara Rosenbaum
The nation’s highest court of law will be reconvening this week and it is expected that ruling over the issue of the constitutionality of the health care reform law may end up on its docket. Records show there are other cases, about forty-nine on the US Supreme’s Court docket in the current session; but not the constitutionality clash over the PPACA. Legal experts insist though that the high court will not shy away from hearing this case in the current session, as several rulings from other districts and appeal courts have created close to a pandemonium over the issue of the constitutionality of the law. Thus, we must anticipate arguments from attorneys on both sides of the case before the nine-member judgeship court in this session. The blog today contemplates the real and the preconceived notion of the co…