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Gingrich, Santorum and Paul seem beat up in the Florida Primary: Is Candidate Romney the Answer to Republican Party Search?

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The Republican candidacy of Newt Gingrich is getting a reality check today in Florida. There was a time, after the South Carolina primaries results, when the candidacy of the former speaker of the US House of Representatives seemed probably inevitable. Today however, if the polls from political gurus watching the Florida primaries are anything to go by, Candidate Gingrich may not be the favorite candidate to carry the Republican flag come November 6, 2012. Many National Republican leaders may not want to offer their personal opinions regarding the forthcoming results from Florida, as has been insinuated by Bob Dole; however, there are some relief contemplated by some that candidate Gingrich is loosing to candidate Mitt Romney in Florida…

Republican Candidate Gingrich wants to take us to the Moon!

Keywords:  Space Odyssey; Moon Trip; Political Gimmickry; Florida Primary; Dreams and Promises; Vote Harvesting; and Republican Candidates
Five weeks ago, Republican candidate Gingrich was about left dead on the road to nomination for the Republican flag bearer for the November 2012 contest. Then came South Carolina and the venomous politician came alive whipping all other Republican candidates to a stupor. With a more than an ambitious momentum, candidate Gingrich proceeded to Florida attempting to take the establishment candidate, Mitt Romney, to task. Gingrich's ticket was going to be the one to beat according to his campaign staff; then, came yesterday in Jacksonville, Florida, when Candidate Gingrich made probably the most fatal comment or advancement. Gingrich proposed for America to go back to the moon! This proposal could have endeared Gingrich to the thousands of Southern Floridians who lost their jobs from the slow pace of activities at the Kennedy Space Center; however, …

A Personal Reflection on the 2012 State of the Union Address

Was the President of the United States of America ever more inclusive? Is the President ever not more preemptive of what is to come? Was the President ever not more Presidential? For whatever changes that may come, Obama proved himself to be very executive and firmly decisive to make change a reality in this speech. Historically, many state of the union addresses are a collection of achievements and projections; however, Obama introduced something yesterday, a promotion of the manufacturing industry, an industry, that we have a comparative advantage over many countries. The sliding scale of manufacturing industry in this nation is now being challenged and Obama has shown to be a huge drum major for espousing the benefits of manufacturing in the growth of America's Economy. The blog today, reflects on the content of the state of the union address. 
Before our reflection, here is the full text of the President's Speech:
January 25, 2012 -- 
THE PRESIDENT: Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice Pres…