Sunday, May 17, 2009

Philosophizing About the Environment

The traditional approach to evaluating the impact of air pollution is taking a new dimension especially with the issue of environmental pollution and the notion that pollution from excessive consumption of natural resources is necessarily bad for the air we breath, water we drink and the environment we live in. If we are to insist on the notion that pollution is bad for the environment, we must infer consequentially that to pollute, is to be anti the environment; and hence, the total equilibrium of man to nature. There is however a school of thought, based on scientific findings and intellectual research: that man can co-exist in equilibrium with nature, if only he is more conscious of how he uses resources relative to other plant and animal specie. Co-existence is a term used here to recognize that man is not the only specie inhabiting this earth; and to a greater extent, man of all specie has the opportunity and ability to reflect on his action. Man has the privilege of instituting corrective action, that may lead to equilibrium between man and nature. For us to live in relative equilibrium with other specie of the world, it is essential that we become careful of how we use our natural resources. We must accept that our uncautionable use of some natures' endowment is driving the planet into a corner. Even if we doubt it very much, there are clearer indicators that the world is not as green as before and that man is the greatest culprit in the pollution of the environment. We must now strive to restrict excessive exploitation of resources, an issue that is leading to environmental pollution and destabilizing the harmonious existence of all organism. For man to exist in equilibrium with other organism of the earth, man must now take the initiative to control his uses and consumption of natural resources. We must now promote stability in resource use in all of our endeavors.

The second insight to environmental stability, is the recognition that many well developed aspects of our enterprises or economy, has created extensively huge wealth. This allows us to integrate capital with physical assets on one hand, and scientific knowledge and technological innovation on the other, to bring about solution to the current disequilibrium in the environment. We can create enforcible standards that proffer solution to climate change and the air and water pollution problems. We can invest in enterprises that will create wealth from stabilizing the environment and create green jobs. The determination of risks associated with environmental pollution, while may not be totally eliminated, can be accounted for in the way we manage resource use. This will in turn yield that desired results that we are seeking: equilibrium in resource use and the stability of the environment. If only we can sum up the courage to do the right thing.
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