Thursday, May 21, 2009

Making a good argument for Global Warming: What the marketers already know!

Although the US Environmental Protection Agency have taken the lead to open up debates on global warming at two big cities across the country, the challenge of selling this idea to skeptics is still an uphill battle. Across the country, many city councils have voted in support of policy changes to recognize the possible impact of global warming on the atmospheric conditions in their cities, and some of them have been able to convince their state legislatures to find answers to this problem at the State level. The bodies of research evidence at many Universities and private research institutes across the world have provided us with volume of knowledge showing that global warming is not only affecting the world’s weather condition and activities on all continents, but also the health of humans and animals. Skeptics however still maintain that the idea of global warming having impact on human activities and health is a fluke. They challenge protagonists of the idea of global warming, to provide concrete evidence that is not doubtful as to the direct impact of global warming on their own lives. Here comes the challenge, how do you market an idea to a group that remains skeptical of known facts buttressed by scientific knowledge and observation.

Many academics, just like marketers, often know that it is very difficult to sell a new idea, a new research finding, a new product, or a very controversial observation to varied audiences. And with this comes what the advertizing executives have completely pinned down: You need to market your idea or product with the fervor of total commitment and unwavering consistency. That is the only way to win a war of ideas. Anything less, is often short of success. Ask Procter and Gamble, search Microsoft, talk to, beat it out of Boeing, all these companies will tell you, you have to market your ideas, no matter how good your ideas are, if not well marketed, you will be disappointed and your stakeholders will remain unsatisfied. Instead of debates, town-hall type of smooching about global warming, the US Environmental Protection Agency must be getting the marketing of global warming impact on climate, human and animal life on a road show and media blitz and advertisements all over the nation. Yes, doing it in the first two cities is a good idea, but a better one, is to get the professionals to do the marketing with concrete knowledge and scientific findings packaged to address the concerns of the skeptics. We can do it, if we convinced the former Soviet Union with their oligarchy and tight fisted iron-strong men to break down their dilapidated political structure of communism, we sure can convince our friends and neighbors, to see what is rather obvious: Our weather is gone erratic and we need to know why!

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