Friday, May 8, 2009

Why did E2SSB 5735 Die in the Washington Senate?

You wonder why bills fail on the last day of the house’s or senate’s session. This is one area that many interested folks on bills ponder over when it comes to ensuring that our legislatures bid our calls. The failure of the Climate bill (E2SSB) on the last day of the Washington State Senate Session, a bill designed to help reduce pollution from the state’s one coal plant and expand transportation, continues to be nagging for many people. As you can imagine, both sides of the aisle probably did their best to advance their positions regarding the bill. However, when elected officers use their office to maneuver the system, you cannot but wonder. Did Noble men and women in Washington State Senate circumvent the system to ensure that their position is never known, or to kill the spirits of a lot of hopefuls? Your guess is as good as mine.

As you can imagine, the death of the Climate bill in the Senate inspired spirited conversations at many dinner tables. As my daughter puts it succinctly, maybe we did not challenge the senators enough to ‘force’ them to tell us why they did not put the E2SSB to vote. My position though is that many an issue begs solution. However, when we deliberately ignore an issue as big as environmental pollution for any reason or sake, we have actually done an injustice to the problem. No one likes to be ignored, especially when it comes to carbon dioxide or monoxide poisoning!
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