Wednesday, May 20, 2009

US Environmental Protection Agency Global Warming Conference in Seattle: the journey toward a zero carbon-emission economy.

As human activities increases in a carbon-based economy, there is a general likelihood of higher emission levels of carbon waste. Chemical and Petroleum plants have been known to emit higher levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases while processing their products. Being a carbon-dependent economy, it has been difficult to fight off many of the carbon waste emitting firms through regulations and enforcement of standards, because of the wealth and political influence of these firms. Today, the greenhouse effect of the higher emission levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other cell damaging gases have been well documented. Scientific studies have shown that when human and wildlife are exposed to high levels of carbon-based gases, there are the possibilities of damages to their physiology. Epidemiologic and comparative clinical studies conducted on impact of poisonous gas by many research labs, including the carbon-based gases, have provided clear evidence of detrimental health effect of excessive exposure. What we should do about these problems and how we must go about resolving them are probably two of the reasons why the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is having a conference in Seattle, Washington on tackling global warming pollution.

Additionally, what the EPA is doing in Seattle today, is exploring public opinion regarding the experiences of people, industries and community leaders regarding the effect of the greenhouse gases and global warming. I applaud the US Environmental Protection Agency for this initiative and foresight. I also want to bring to their attention the importance of working with many of the stakeholders, professionals, scientists, politicians and industrial executives, who have first hand knowledge of how the wastes are produced and what is the better strategy to follow in bringing about effective compliance with the zero-carbon emission strategy. The EPA’s drive to find solution to global warming issues and the relative impact of the global warming on human and plant lives will do all of us a lot of good if we work together as a community and nation with a purpose.
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