Monday, May 4, 2009

Cleaning up Washington Rivers and Estuaries in the Coming Decade

Investing in storm water runoff clean up is already steering some uneasiness among petroleum and oil producing firms, if not revolt. Socially responsive critics who are very concerned about the environment, are looking not only on moving bills through the Washington State House and Senate to help change the current state of unending pollution by some of these industries, but others that may also be contributing to industrial waste dislodge to Washington State Rivers.
The options contained in the clean water act do not seem palatable to the petroleum and oil executives. Frankly, as one of the executives puts it, this is just another additional cost of doing business that will be passed on to consumers/taxpayers. Did I hear another sales tax? You never can tell. However, I hope leaders of these industries, who are looking at the option of defraying the liability for paying into the clean-up fund to the consumers, appreciate the fact that, many if not all Washington Tax payers, are already suffering from use and sales tax fatigue! Here is a summary of impending sales tax and use bill before the Governor of the State for signature: 2SSB 5433. When signed into law, a county or legislative district can impose sales and use tax to fund among other things, mental health treatment and public safety. The only exception under this bill, is that money raised in it dispensation can not supplement operating expenditure for the calendar year in which a ballot measure is passed. Sad also is the fact that a levy lid lift on the imposed taxes can last for consecutive six years. Talk about a back breaker?

With this issue in mind, one can readily see why taxpayers were not forthcoming in supporting assumption of liability with respect to the cleaning-up of storm-water runoff pollution in Washington Rivers.
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