Friday, May 15, 2009

Staying Engaged with Capitalism and the Green Economy.

We come to the readers of this blog today with a sense of commitment to Capitalism and a Green Economy. In these times when it seems everyone you know is suffering from some form of financial handicap or job loss, we want to stay engaged with the American Public who love and cherish this land. We want to share our commitment and dedication to a Green Economy for America, despite the fact that our most cherished and proudest of all industry, the automobile industry, is facing its greatest challenge at anytime in the history of this American Enterprise. Our commitment in this realm of duty to some is heresy, because they cannot envisage profit making from automobile building enterprises without pollution or damage to the environment. Our purpose is to reassure these people that we are as committed to the notion of: In God we trust, all and everyone, must pay in Dollars! We have reflected on many of our business and human practices, even with the declining automobile industry, and we are not ashamed to say: Yes, we can! We can make profit and still keep our rivers, air and water clean. We can revolutionize the way our businesses produce products and services to that extent that we practically decrease carbon emission to zero. Yes, this is our land and your land, the land of the Stars and Stripes.

Our plan is to set new higher standards for the whole American Economy. We want to inject more environmentally conscious business leaders to the corporate rooms across the nation. We want to bring the concept of holistic and reflective learning to enterprise management. We want to run enterprises that consider pollution of our environment too costly a venture. Yes, with the automobile industry too. America economy today needs business leaders who are averse to support any instrumentation or technological adoption that increases emission of damaging and destructive gases to the environment. We want to use ethical thoughts and a sense of epistemological consciousness to shape the way America’s Automobile Industry and Americans move forward in a global economy. We value fresh ideas about how we interact with our environment, a sense of renewal that comes from reflection about how we have done business in the last 200 years. We are not socialist, but chronic capitalist with a vengeance for protecting the beautiful America that the good Lord has given his chosen people. Yes, chosen people. We are Americans, the greatest generation of all times, living and protecting our land and waters with our blood and sweat from sea to shining sea!
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